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Healer: You just have the itch. Do scratch everything in itchy spot until your desire for scratching is over. Once the scratching is done, your body will have a burning sensation caused by scratching.

Please sit down comfortably well. Bend your head to the front slightly! Now gradually close your eyes! Be without thoughts in mind for a few seconds! 

Then do focus on the burning sensation. If your thoughts about your children’s future, your job, friends ect are about interrupting your focus, stop them and keep the focusing the mind on the burning sensation continuously.

The burning sensation will be gradually going on reducing. Do the same until the burning sensation vanishes. Then a few seconds after stopping the MM-8, slowly open your eyes. The MM for itching may also be done in bed while sleeping.

Itching occurs when waste products of the body such as bad water, mucus and gas are left under the skin without being able to escape. To reduce the stagnation of waste products, one must follow the 11 Nnatural Principles of Aromani.

                                   Healer Aromani
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