Wednesday, July 10, 2019


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Healer: Please sit down comfortably well. Bend your head to the front slightly! Now gradually close your eyes! Be without thoughts in mind for a few seconds!.... Now start

Do you feel the pain of toe nail! If yes, then start the Medicinal Meditation (MM-9) by focusing your mind on the pain If your thoughts about your children’s future, your job, friends ect are about interrupting your focus, stop them and keep the focusing the mind on the pain continuously. 

The pain will gradually be reducing; do the MM until the complete reduction of pain. Then stop the MM, wait for few seconds and then  slowly open your eyes.

Some people get pain only when they walk; Not painful when not done. Those who have pain while walking, sit, close the eyes, press the toe nail on the floor to produce the pain and then focus the mind on the pain.

For curing from and preventing the diseases, please follow 11 Natural Principles of Aromani.

                           Healer Aromani
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