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Healer: Will the Lord who is in the pillar and the trunk be with man? The Lord is also in man The Lord dwells in the true form of man's breast From there he encourages his growth Let's worship him                         
                       Method of worship
  Please sit down comfortably well. Bend your head to the front slightly! Now gradually close your eyes! Be without thoughts in mind for a few seconds!.... Now start

Focus the mind on the shrinking and enlarging along with the feeling of the tightness of the chest. If your thoughts about your children’s future, your job, friends ect are about interrupting your focus, stop them and keep the focussing the mind on the tightness  continuously. Continue for 20 minutes Then stop the MM, wait for few minutes and then slowly open your eyes.  

Thus do the MM two times of 20 minutes duration in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening respectively every day and while laying in the bed in the night until sleep comes. 

 The worship will give you every thing for your growth. 

                                       Healer Aromani
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