Monday, September 2, 2019


  Aromani Research Center (Without Medicine) Hospital. Special feature: The patient who enters into the hospital, emerges as a Doctor. Cell Nos: 9442035291; 8754880126. 

ALMIGHTY  had  created  opportunities and circumstances after the headache was cured without medicine on 12-12-2000  to have had a belief  that  all  other diseases could  also be  cured by without medicine but with mental power by using the medicinal meditation  (MM). 

The diseases so cured by  MM were  wheezing, nasal  block ,hernia  pain ,joint pain, knee pain, constipation, the pain of a tumor in the finger, tooth ache, stomach pain, indigestion, pains of accidents, pains due to biting of insects etc.

                                    Healer Aromani. 
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