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         If any material of weight says stone is thrown or sent upward, the stone is attracted by the Earth. This phenomenon is known as Newton’s gravitational principle. 

Similarly the thoughts related to ambitions, aims, prayers etc are attracted by Sub- Conscious Mind (SCM) and the same is called as the gravitational principle of Sub-Conscious Mind. 
The thought could be compared with the bubbles of water. The bubbles started at the bottom of the bond would be smaller in size. When they appear at the top surface of the water, they would be larger in size. 

Similarly the thoughts started at the SCM level are in the micro state. During the travel, the same would gradually develop and appear at the top mind a bigger size. The thought would be understood only when they appeared in top mind .

The cotton which has no weight is not attracted by the Earth. So it flies over the air. Similarly all the thoughts are not attracted. The thought which has weight only is attracted by SCM and merges with "IT" for giving effect to the thought .  

The repeated thoughts of aims of Ilayaraja, Bharathiraaja and other eminent persons had weight and become popular.  

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