Monday, September 2, 2019


Aromani Research Center (Without Medicine) Hospital. 
Special feature: The patient who enters into the hospital, emerges as a Doctor. Cell Nos: 9442035291; 8754880126. 

Pains in the body, sufferings and the uneasiness are felt 

through our feelings in the mind. By taking the pain feeling 

just like the angry feeling to the Sub Conscious Mind (SCM), it 

can be cured. I had first been cured from head ache by the 

Medicine of Medicinal Meditation on 12.12.2000. So I explain 

first how the head ache was cured. 

On that day I was travelling in the office car with severe head 

ache. Then I had slowly closed my eyes without bearing the 

head ache and been focussing on the head ache in my mind without my knowledge. Due to the wavering of the mind, some other thoughts had come. When had a thought that some other thought was in the mind, I had smoothly stopped the thought and started to think the head ache again. 

The process of the above exercise was repeated with a number of times without knowing that I am going to find a new medicine.  When the car’s travelling time of 45 minutes was over, the headache was also cured. At that state I had entered into my house with happiness.

                                                 Healer Aeomani. 
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