Saturday, September 7, 2019


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Repeatedly my friends had told me to take Brandi 1 spoon thrice a day to increase my weight. On 7th  , Feb, 2001, I had taken 1 spoon Brandi thrice after meals. After 30 days, on that day, at 4 pm, I had got severe stomach pain with a feeling of toilet going but no stool would be out.

 I had experienced no such pain so far. The pain was unbearable. I  had thought of going to clinic. But all doctors would come after 6 pm. After some time, thought of newly found mental exercise had come suddenly to my knowledge.  

Immediately I had focused on stomach pain. After one hour the pain was bearable vanishing the feeling of going to toilet. 

At 6 ‘o’clock I had gone to consult a Doctor. I had done the mental exercise during the waiting time. After ½ an hour the stomach pain had been nil. So I had left the clinic without seeing the doctor. 
                                              Healer Aromani. 
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