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The reaction due to the travelling of attracted thought.
The atmosphere circumscribed around the earth is located up to the 16 km above the Earth. When the stone is thrown upward and then descending down word .it has to pass through the air. The air giving way to the stone exerts pressure to the nearby air. So the pressure of the nearby air gets increased. 

Further the rubbing between the stone and the air produces heat. These are the reactions due to the travel of the stone.    

Similarly when the attracted thought is traveling downward towards SCM, there are reactions for the travel. The thought is tearing or passing through the stress in the bottom mind. 

In order to give way for the traveling of the attracted thought, the stress would be leaving out of the mind as stressed thoughts. At the same time due to the rubbing between the attracted thought and stress, heat is produced and spread throughout body. 

When completing the travel there would be no attracted thought and stressed thought. The top mind with no attracted thought and stressed thought merges with at the SCM and joins with IT. 

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