Saturday, January 25, 2020

Can you save yourself from sex crimes?-TM

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Can not. In today's fantasy life, cinema, TV, Facebook, 

Twitter, Whats up are all there to encourage you to 

commit such crimes. You  cannot prevent thoughts or 

construct bank for wild flood. Likewise, the impulse of 

the sexual sensation is rapid for both sexes.

Without that speed, life on Earth could not survive
When both sexes are aroused, they need drainage to overcome that feeling. But laws have been enacted for sex crimes to safeguard social welfare.

It is possible. you need to do something. Morning, evening and night, worshiping the True God by doing medicinal meditation focusing the mind on the chest should have been doing. With that experience, you may change to Attentive Life (AL).

AL can, in fact, make arrangements to drain your sexual feelings. Situations where sexual offenses are not committed will be created.

Please follow the 11 Natural Principles of Aromani for good health.

              Healer Aromani
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