Saturday, February 1, 2020

Everyday is paradise!-TM

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Eating non-homemade food, violating Aromani's 11 Natural Laws, waste due to profession stack waste products in the body. Those wastes create the load in the head. That load is more for those who are suffering from sinusitis. When that load is light, you cannot feel it But your activeness will be less.

Increased levels of waste during the day can lead to increased head load, sudden dizziness, fatigue, mild pain in the body, knee pain etc in the next day morning. Through these diseases, the body sends you information to "beware and correct violations."

Everyone will have a head load. But they don't feel outside. So close your eyes slowly You will feel that load heaviness in your mind. Focus the same by doing medicinal meditation (MM-1). When you do, you can feel the increase in load heaviness. Do that until the load heaviness is completely gone. Thus, if you remove that head load heaviness in the morning, that is your daily paradise!

Follow the 11 natural laws of Aromani to prevent and cure diseases.

                                                    Healer Aromani,
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