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Stomach pain-cause-treatment.-TM

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When you eat too much, the excess food is converted into waste and stored. In the early stages, the stomach  feels uneasiness  and it sends information as, “Beware! Eat to the correct quantity”.

It intermittently causes loose motion and warns you to eat to the correct quantity. Beyond all this, over time, there is a growing crisis of waste accumulation and stagnation. It is then that the body sends a ‘red alert’ telephone alert to "eat to the correct quantity" through unbearable abdominal pain.

According to Aromani's technique, chew every handful of food 30 times and then swallow; Three belching will come. You have to find out by your experience, which one is the second belching or the third belching indicating the correct quantity to the stomach for you. That is the Aromani technique to find out the correct level of stomach while eating.

For abdominal pain, you can do medicinal meditation (MM) by giving attention to the pain of the stomach by mind. Whenever thoughts come, stop them and bring back the mind to focus the pain. You must carry out walking of half an hour twice a day in the morning and midday and 1/3 of the time in the night after eating.

Adoption of Aromani’s 11 Natural Principles is a must for good health.
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