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TM-MMM What is disciplining the mind?

What is disciplining the mind?  

Twin Medicine-Medicine of Medicinal Meditation PART II-ATTENTIVE LIFE 10


1.The word 'Attention' is mixing with the routine talk of the people in their life.
On seeing the son who has got less marks in the examination his father scolded “When teacher taught in the class and attention was diverted, how could you get good marks?”

2. When the boy is entering into the house, and falling due to struck of a stone on the path, he has got minor injury with blood oozing out, On seeing this his mother with excitation, running and embracing said “Oh! My chellam! Could you not have come with attention” Then she gives self treatment to his minor wound.

3. While the wife is cutting the vegetables for cooking,by mistake there is a cut in the finger with blood oozing out. On seeing this, her husband said “What darling! You should have cut the vegetables with attention!” He gives self treatment to her wound.

4. When cycling, the boy falls down. On seeing this, an old man lifting the boy and cycle consoled  “Could you not cycling with attention!

5. Two persons on the road talk themselves “As the bus driver had not run the bus with attention, accident had taken place resulting in having injuries for 40 persons!”.

6. The business man is talking with his friend and said “My boy was in charge of my shop during lunch time. Due to lack of attention, he had given one hundred rupees note excess over the correct amount to a customer!

7. For less marks , falling down, cutting the finger, falling down from cycle, bus accident, loss in the business, lack of attention is said to be the reason. 
The people utter the word ‘lack of attention’ in every walk of life. That means that When there is attention in deeds/works boys will get good marks; there will be no accidents; no loss in businesss. But people do not know what is attention and how to focus the mind on deeds/works. To know how to focus on works, one shall take training in Twin Medicine (TM).   

Life Grammar Principles
8. The imagination with extension of thoughts acts in 5 principles

 Life Grammar principle-I

Depending upon the extension of time permitted by  the mind for oscillation, the expectation will get strength.

Life Grammar principle-II

Depending upon the extension of time permitted by the mind to oscillate, disappointment will get strength.

Life Grammar principle-III

Depending upon the extension of time permitted by the mind to oscillate, anger, fear, anxiety, hatred, jealousy, frustration, inferiority complex, mistrust, doubt, cowardice, hysterical nature of theft and genocide, the 'negative qualities will get rise.

Life Grammar principle-IV

Depending upon the extension of time permitted by the mind to oscillate, stress will accumulate in the mind. Consequently body will get weaken; new diseases will appear in the weaken body and existing diseases will show severeness.

Life Grammar principle-V

Depending upon the extension of time permitted by the mind to oscillate, there will be some shortfall in the work done, deed done and profession.

9. The five principles of Life Grammar can be easily tested and found the truth. 20 persons having one disease i.e. diabets or asthma or heart disease may be chosen for the test. They may be separated as two groups of  10 each. The persons of first group may be given training to live in Attentive Life and asked to live in that life for six months. During this period, they must be involved themselves fully with attention to the deeds/works and stop the imagination, planning and taking decisions after deep thinking.  The persons of second group may be asked to live in Imagination Life, the present life they are living now for six months.

10. After the test period, it may be found that the first group persons would show improvement in curing from the disease and less consumption of tablets. They would seem happy; good finishing and preciousness in their finished work; Participating with others in a manner that is exposed to the humanities

11. There would be no change in the second group of persons.

Living presently during the process that occur gives further 3 benefits.

a.                   The quantity of work would be increased to from 13% to 200%.

b.                  The intelligence would be increased in such a way to lead to find new things by discoveries, invention etc.

c.                    There would be no aging. So, apart from living a long life, they would leave the earth only after achieving something.

12. One correspondent asked Ravindranath thahoor “Where could we find God?”  For that Thahoor said “Go to stone cutter! You can find God in him!”

The hard labor load man and cart drawn labor are very near to him. But he had not mentioned them. If so why he had chosen stone cutter to mention. Much attention is necessary only to stone cutting rather than other two works. If attention was diverted from stone cutting, hammer will struck down on the hand and make injury with blood oozing out.

13. Buddha preaches to see the life with awareness. Mahans Ozo, JK and Maharishi preach to live with awareness.

14. So, there is enjoyable,  mental fertility, good    health for body and mind in the attention or awareness. In short the whole life is in it. Why? God is in it!

15. Ozo says “When going by bus see the scenes with attention! When you see one person see him wholly! If seen the parts of the body then the mind will think of them. When walking give attention to the steps of the legs. The attention or awareness is the way to feel the existance of Almighty, to get his bliss and eternal energy”.

16. Before thousands of year, Tamilan had found the existence of God and left the knowledge to his generation by a proverb  “Work is worship” We give solute to them!

17. After you got up from bed, you go to toilet for letting out faeces. Whenever mind oscillates, please focus the mind on letting out faeces. Faeces would be come out quickly. When taking bath, please focus the mind on applying soap to the body and pouring water on the body and so on for other activities also. The knowledge of God acts on the oscillation of mind. Do not try to stop the oscillation of mind; it could not be possible. But you can stop the extension of thoughts. In oscillation, some thoughts may be enjoyable. Since they are enjoyable, you shall not extend them. Thus we shall give attention through out the day towards our deeds/works. When doing the works as said above, you get two benefits.

A.. The deed/work and the difficult feeling arising out of deed/work are taken down by the top mind. During the travel, the mind shedding out the difficult feeling and the stress accumulated. When the top mind reaches to the deep mind (Subconscious mind), it is empty without difficult feeling and stress and joins with Almighty (yoga). The joined mind with eternal energy comes to top. At this stage, the person will feel full of enthusiasm to do work and unidentified happiness in his heart. The work done gets good finishing.

B. The unwanted things like anger, fear, anxiety, hatred, jealousy, frustration, inferiority complex, mistrust, doubt, cowardice, hysterical nature of theft and genocide, the 'negative qualities are prevented to fill up in the mind. If there are no worries, then the other side of stress is that there is no disease.

18. When there is oscillation of mind, the accumulated stress will exit. So when there is no oscillation of mind, the people will become depressed and walking corpse. Hence the oscillation of mind plays an important role in good health.


19. If the mind is permitted to oscillate continuously, it works in human knowledge; it becomes the path of the man. If the mind is not permitted to oscillate continuously to give attention on deed/work, it works in God’s knowledge and  becomes the path of God.  You would have come to the position of before eating the fruits of the tree giving good and bad things by Adam and Eval in Edan garden. 

20. All kinds of meditation are attempting to unite the top mind and the Subconscious mind.

21. Mahan J.Krishnamurthy the brought up son of  Annipesant Ammaiar who had established Theosophical Society around the world had traveled through out the world and preached ‘living presently’ life.

“The understanding of the whole life by focusing the mind on deed/work is the meditation”- Mahan J.K.

22. “Do not you have the knowledge what type of career to be selected? Do one thing. whatever you are in work/deed, you must involve yourself 100% in that work. If done so, ‘the internal feeling’ will lead you to the correct path .

-Sathguru Jakki Vasuthev (Thanks-Ananthavikatan)

23. “Nowadays in U.S.A much talk and used one is the path shown by the ‘internal feeling’”

-M.S.Uthayamurthy, People Movement Leader.

24. “When your attention wanders, bring it back to the contemplation of your good or goal. Make a habit of this. This is called disciplining the mind.

-Dr.Joseph Murphy, U.S.A. in the book ‘The Power of your Sub conscious mind.

Dr.Joseph Murphy, U.S.A says  “Making the mind to be Attentive or awareness  is said to be mental discipline” Our Mahans says this as ‘Mental fertility’

25. If without Imagination (day dream), planning and decision taken after deep thinking, the progress of life would be slow?

No. Progress would not be slow and would be manifold. Birds do not do seeding and harvest. Do not they live? The said three are functioning by the knowledge of top mind (Human Athma). This danger occurs due to the permision of the mind to oscillate. If prevented the extension of thoughts, the knowledge of God begins to work. God dreams, plans and takes decision for you in few seconds of oscillation and would be implemented in true spirit by Him.  You would get decision to your problems in oscillation of your mind or from your family members, relatives, friends etc. or from when the children are playing or from the talk of two persons walking on the road or from the TV programes.

26. When I was working as the Executive Engineer in Tuticorin Thermal Power Station, the problem was created for working of the station in my working area due to the plants of the sea. I had got one fine solution for the problem from the TV programe.

27. When the solutions are searched from inside our mind, at sometimes, the answers will be obtained from outside! How it is possible?

28.After the retirement, I had used to sleep for 2 hours after lunch.  I had wanted to reduce my sleeping time from 2 hours to 1 hour. My wife had suggested to use alarm clock for that purpose. I had not wished to accept her suggestion. When there is Sub-conscious mind where the Savior, Servant, Security for me i.e. God resides, why should I seek the help of alarm!

29. I would sleep by thinking in mind that I should get up after 1 hour sleep. I would be awakened exactly after 1 hour sleep. I would go to sleep at 3.15 PM and get up exactly at 4,15 PM. Next day I would get up exactly at 4.15 PM due to the ant went into my ear. I had not the evidence of ant in my bed when I had gone to sleep. One day my wife had knocked the door and awakened me saying that someone had come to see me. At that time I had seen the time and it was 4.15 PM. I had awakened from sleep due to the noise rise by the dogs fight or the fight of the persons. At that time, the watch had shown 4.15 PM. I had wondered many days how the thought in the mind that I should get up at 4.15 PM is fulfilled from the incidents happened outside.

30. God had answered me very soon to my wonder that mind is the extension of this universe. Both are not separate. So thinking a thought in mind activate the happenings from outside. Mahan Ozo says that mind is a little Universe.

31. So you shall give attention to your deed/work throughout the day. When you have no work on hand, please spend time on seeing TV programes, playing, talking with friends, during evening seeing the scene of the birds returning to their nets etc.  

32. When you lie on bed, think of the deed. Lying on the bed is a deed. For an example, you are lying on the bed, uprightly seeing the ceiling. At that time, the bottom of the backside of your body would be under pressure. You should think of the pressure (medicinal meditation-mm) until the sleep comes. In short time, you would fall in sleep. By  this mm, apart from coming sleep early, the spinal card would get strengthened. In later stage there would be no chance of back pain. Similarly if you slept in other positions of your body, the respective pressure may be thought of and sleep come early.   Under any circumstance,  imagination, planning and taking decision after deep thinking would not to be resorted to. You should remove from your life dictionary the words “As no work, just thinking alone”

33. The research finding of the British researcher AP Dijksterhuis a psychologist at the University of Amsterdam, U.K. is supportive to my finding. He says ”Here is a suggestion for the next time you need to make a complicated decision: stop thinking! When you think too much about a problem, leads to poor choices. Difficult decisions are best handled by our unconscious mind. For an example, without much enquiry about design, mileage etc of a car, one buys a car. That car runs a long time without giving problems. Another person after much inquiry about design, mileage  and also from the friends having cars purchases a best new car. But  the car gives frequent problems. Unconscious thinking does not seem to suffer the capacity limit. It has been shown that during unconscious thought large amounts of information can be integrated into evaluative summary judgment”    (Thanks to THE HINDU dated: 18-02-2006.)

You may also change your life to live presently (Attentive Life-AL). When you brought up your children, give training to live AL from childhood. Aim would be given to everybody by God; new thing would be found. They would become hero of the society and fetch a name to their parents. There would be merry life.

34. Apart from curing the diseases and preventing them in future, Twin Medicine paves the way for the change from the present Imagination Life to Attentive Life.; It develops permanent immunity of the body against invasion of diseases. There would be good solutions for the complicated problems. Tension less life, conjugal life among husband and wife, life of the removed negative values, accident free life are the some  of the many benefits of AL. The profession gets exemplary due to the rise of energy from 13% to 200%. Wealth would increase accordingly. The progress in all fields would be guaranteed by bringing you in the circle of protection of God. There is no limit of age to find new thing.

35. When one lives AL, the benefits of it go to not only to him but also to 100 persons of his family members, relatives and friends.   

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