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TM-MM-You will receive award in future

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                                   ATTENTIVE LIFE-9
 Future tense to whom it belongs?
1.It can be said confirmly that the future is not belonged to the man and belongs to some one. ‘Living presently’ is only belonged to him. Imagination, planning and decision are all about the happenings and actions to be taken in future. The above three is like encroaching and constructing the house in a plot belonged to some other man. There is a heap of gold, diamonds etc and other wealthy materials  before our eyes like in the rooms of mines of Thiruvanandapuram Padmanaba Temple. But the wealthy property is not belonged to man;  When it is belonged to somebody, how you can increase your wealth, comforts, by doing imagination, planning and decision by utilizing other’s property. it (future) is belonged to Almighty.

2. It is not correct to construct a heaven in the place of God by imagination, planning and decision.
Why nothing is happened as per imagination, planning and declision taken after deep thinking?

3. “If a man inflicts sorrow on another in the morning, Sorrow will come to him unbidden in the afternoon.(பிறர்க்குஇன்னா முற்பகல் செய்யின் தமக்குஇன்னா பிற்பகல் தாமே வரும்)”.
-Thavathiru Thiruvalluvar.

“one’s good things and sins, the effect of them are the reason for joy and sorrow in life”. –Kanchi Kamakodi Periavar.

4. “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. It is Newton’s law.
When a ball is thrown on the wall, the returned ball strikes back the man who throws it.

5. I walk on the road. My one of the leg fingers are struck by a stone on the road. So I bend to press the finger affected. On seeing my action of bending, one dog on the road thinking that I bend to take a stone and throw  on it, runs fastly and one crow on a wall thinking as dog thought, flies away. So,  for my bending action, the running action and flying action of the dog and the crow respectively are two opposite actions. Child weeps-reaction-mother feeds it with milk; the grown up child breaks the tonic bottle-reaction-mother genly beats the child; the well grown up boy have beats the boy of neighbouring boy-reaction-both families fight each other which lead them to poice station. The boy studies well-reaction-got first rank in his school; He adopts discipline-reaction-he elevates in life. Thus the child’s acton from its birth until it goes to graveyard at old age is met with equal reaction.   

6. For some actions, reactions like suspension, imprisonment etc will come after sometime. Thus for every action of man, reaction will be registered by God as virtuous thing and sin.  According to the virtuous thing and sin, happiness and sorrow will be coming alternatively.When one news of happiness is received in the morning one news of sorrow will be knocking the door in the evening. The alternative happening of happiness and sorrow coming in this birth according to our past deeds of good thing and bad thing in the previous birth is said to be the fate. One old man at the age of 90 due to the previous enmity, conducts a murder with help of his sons and dies suddenly due to heart attack. For his above action, the reaction can come only in the next birth. This is the fate.

 7. “Why should those who rejoice when Destiny brings good Moan when that same Destiny decrees misfortune? (நன்றாங்கால் நல்லவாக் காண்பவர் அன்றாங்கால் அல்லற் படுவ தெவன்)”-
‘When the people who enjoy the pleasures due to the good things of karma, why did not they enjoy the sorrows due to the sins of karma.

8. “What is there that is mightier than Destiny? For it is there ahead of us even in the plans we devise to overcome it.(ஊழிற் பெருவலி யாவுள மற்றுந்தன் சூழினுந் தான்முந்நுறும்)”- 
‘There is no mightier than destiny. If a way was found to escape from Destiny, the latter will come there and stand before us..’
-                 Thavathiru Thiruvalluvar.

9. God has chosen the future tense as the tense for the implementation of happiness and sorrow of the fate of the previous birth and this birth. The wage for today’s work will be disbursed only in the evening of the day or the completion of work i.e. future. Similarly the action done presently will be rewarded or punished in the future only.

10. For an example, one gets bribe and another misappropriate the office money presently. After some days (future) police come to their houses for enquiry.

11. In the city, violence breaks out; vehicles not running; roads and streets are without movement of any sort of things; shops are forced to shut down. No movement of people. The violators are only busy with inducement of violence here and there. The police are chasing the unsocial elements from the violence spot. Under the above circumstance, Ramachandran is driving his two wheeler bike fastly to escape from the tight spot.  When he crossed a matriculation school he sees a weeping boy of 5 years old with a school bag on his shoulders. He understood that the van driver must have left the boy hastlly without knowing due to the violence. He takes the boy with him and goes to his house. The violence continues for two days. He keeps the boy with his family for those two days.  Then  he and his wife along with the boy go to the house of the boy and hand over him to their parents.

12. Jegatheesan, the father of the boy was a Managing Director of an organisation and had gone to New Delhi to attend a meeting. On hearing about the violence and missing the boy, Jegatheesan had returned to his home by next flight. He was not able to complaint to the police station in person and complained through phone. When Ramachandran and his wife had gone there along with the boy, the whole family of Jagatheesan was immersed in anguish. After seeing the boy, there is no word to explain the joyfullness of the family.   After one week, Jagatheesan with his wife and boy come to the house of Ramachandran. They present 5 savaran gold chain to the daughter of Ramachandran and clothes to others. Eventhough Ramachandran and his wife refuse to receive the presents, Jagatheesan couple pressed them to accept the presents and leaves the house after expressing thanks. After that, both familes bonded with friendship. Thus the good thing done presently by Ramachandran is rewarded after some days (future) by Jagatheesan after the incident of missing boy happened (past tense)

13. Thus according to the effects of actions of good and bad done ‘presently’, joy and sorrow will be awarded in future  to human beings, God has chosen ‘future’ for the awards of karma. So we should not encroach the future tense by imagination, planning and decision.

14. It has already been registered in the Universe that Thasarathan, the king should die because of the banishment of his beloved son to the forest for 14 years.

15. Dharmar was defeated in gambling; the saris of Panchali was striped by Thutchathanan. On seeing the pitiable position of Panchali, the siblings of Dharmar had got angry towards him for his inability to prevent the humillation happened to her. Dharmar had replied calmly that the scene of humilation of Panchali was in agenda of God. For Gurusethra war, it was the basis.

16. The future programmes according to the karma vinai like fight between husband and wife in a family, the loss in business, happy moments etc. are already registered preciously just like softwere programmes kept in hard disk  

17. Is there any truth for predicting good time and bad time?
There is no truth in it! The Prince Uthaya kumar had loved Manimegalai, the daughter of Mathavi and Kovalan. He was murdered by Kanchanan. Manimegalai had consoled the grieved Queen that the death of Prince was his fate. Out of three truths in legend Silapathikaram, one truth is that fate will play in one’s life.

18. What we sow, we reap the same. we form the fate for ourselves.-Swami Vivekanandar.
Hindu religion consists of three parts: 1. upnitathangal 2. Bramma suthras and 3. Bagavad Gita.
Upnitathangal is one of the section in Vetha. Vetham have two parts as 1. Gnana kandam and 2. Karma kandam.

19. As per karma yogam, the one karma done by one can not be wiped out until it is unfolded and effected on the karma person. When I had done a wrong deed, I have to bear the effect of my deed. There is no power to prevent the karma effect on that person.  

20. But the people see good time for starting their businesses. professions, industries constructing a house, inagurating the constructed house, joining in office, starting work in office, putting his signature in papers in office, going to office from the house etc.  They believe that if some changes were done in the building as per vasthu sasthiram, they will get uplift in life and spends money for the alteration of the building. Thus they think due to ignorance that bad time and some defects in the building are the reasons for their sufferings. The above activities of the people are against the teaching of karma yoga of Hindu religion. Whether is it good for Hindus doing things against their own religion and the people of other religions act against their own riligions.  The amendments to be thought to be done for karma is against Mahan Thiruvalluvar, Silambu Ilangovadihal, poet Poonkanian kuntranar, Manimegalai, Swami Vivekanandar, Kanchi Periyavar etc.

21. Horoscope tells about future; it acts against God. It is an attempt of the man to bring out the future which is kept mystically by God. This attempt will produce serious effect.

22. When a mother was in departure the astrologer says to her “ Please lookafter your boy carefully for 3 months as there is a risk factor for his life in water!”
The mother would be going in confused state whether the risk factor to his son is at sea or river or pond,  in which place and at what date and time. The horoscop man or fortune teller could not predict the above details from the horoscope. There is where God presents. The mother with the insufficient details would murmur with grieve and full of stress in her mind “How I will be going to save my boy for three months from the risk factor!” The benefit from horoscope to the mother is that she receieved unnecessary stress. But The aim of the spiritual is to reduce the stress of the man. The spiritual life is to live life without stress. So horoscope prediction is against spiritual.

23. Horoscope predictor will tell amend for each karma. All amends are just like going to temples and presenting vada malai, litting gee lamp, conducting wedding between two kid banana trunks. By this the horoscope predictor and amend conductor are benefitted.

24. For the committed mistake, there is no amend or execuse as per karma yoga. The heap of good things must be raised over the heap of bad things which is the only amend for the done karma.

25. How to rise the heap of the good things. You maintain your body and mind in good health; help others for their good health; love others; do thanam; do no harm to others by thought, word and deed. In short lead the life in virtuous path. This is the way to compensate for our sins.   

26. In ancient time, when the horoscope was first known and in practice. there could not be no amend. In the biography of Vivekanandar, he has said that the sastra says that in all kinds of worship,  idol worship is in the lowest rank. Amend to sins is the insertion in horoscope in latter days in order to fix the people for idol worship. Various religious rituals have come into practice due to the practice of horoscope. So, joy and sorrow to human beings are belonged to the ‘future’. It is belonged to God and not to man.  Present tense is only belonged to man.

27. Day dream, planning and decision to which future actions to be planned in mind. But future incidents are the creation of God depending upon the fate. Hence those are kept in mysty. When violation of this, as the buildings constructed in Govt. puram pokku land were demolished, the actions carried out by imagination, planning and decisions in God’s purampokku land (future) would be demolished as no fruitful, going as per planning, and become wrong repectively. In short the intelligence functioning in top mind from where the knowledge of man expands shall not be utilized.

28. That intelligence is used for doing imagination, planning, taking decisions, learning, storing information and remembering past incidents and known people.

29. The experienced knowledge is the knowledge of deep mind or subconcious mind. Up to the age of 14 i.e. until not  immersed in imagination, the actions of the children are for seeking the experience from the things seen, touching and hearing.  So we say “Child and God are same”. Even though the knowledge from education is good, multinational companies and big firms in India give practical training to the newly recruited graduates for obtaining practical experience. Those who start business and industry without sufficient experience will meet with loss.

30. Therefore the knowledgeable persons would give training for their sons by keeping them along with them and then handover the businesses to them. Some knowledgeable persons would send their sons to the firms of their friends for getting training. Thiruvalluvar says in his verse “Verse 373- However subtle the texts studied, The native knowing destined one prevails (நுண்ணிய நூற்பல கற்பினும் மற்றுந்தன் உண்மை அறிவே மிகும்.”) Thiruvalluvar in the above kural points out that the knowledge of experience is the real knowledge. The less educated persons like late karma veerar Kamarajar and puratchi thalaivar M.G.R had ruled Tamil Nadu and found new things. The knowledge in deep mind is of God.

31. God orders to Atham“You may eat the fruits of all the trees in edan garden. But you shall not eat the fruits of the tree giving knowledge of good and bad things in the middle. When you eat them, you will die on the same day” After ordering He goes.  

32. The trick snake said to Eval “When you eat this, your eyes will be opened and on that day you will be like Thevars. God will know this”.

33. At that time, after finding that the fruit is good for eating, joy for seeing  and inducing to refine the knowledge, she eats the fruit and gives it to her husband. This is the story of the Bible.

34. God had said  that they should eat the fruits of the trees giving benefits only. That is that God wished Adam and Eval for using the knowledge of Him only. Because  when they are using the God’s knowledge only, the benefits to them will continue and they will  not know bad things followed with sufferings.

35. The snake induced them to eat the fruits of the tree giving the knowledge of good and bad things in the middle of the garden. That means that it induces them to stop using the knowledge of God and to use the knowledge of man.

36. Man had enjoyed first by utilizing his knowledge through day dream. Eval had first imagined and enjoyed in thought of the previous night of sexual acts  with her husband after eating the fruit. Her knowledge is come to exist. For the first time she feels the nakedness. To cover her naked body she runs toward a tree and cover her body behind the tree. Atham also throws his body behind the tree to cover his nakedness. Thus they had changed their life from Attentive Life to Imagination Life on the date of eating the fruit of the tree in the middle of the edan garden. From that day onwards they and their heirs are living Imagination Life. Until they were in Attentive Life, they act from the knowledge of God and so do not know pros and cons followed with pleasures and sufferings respectively. They did not feel nakedness eventhough their bodies were not covered with covering material. When they had utilized their knowledge, their eyes were opened. As they felt their nakedness, they ran to hide their nakedness from God.

37. God has said the ‘imagination’ as the fruits of knowing pros and cons. He further says that on the date of eating the fruit, they would die surely. Now people are daily living and dyeing.

38. When man imagines he commits mistakes. As reaction, he suffers and have the senses like anger, fear, anxiety, hostility, hatred etc.    

39. Man should have got desire which is natural and justifiable. Because the desire only compels the man to live in the world. With out desire, the man becomes wood. Hence Mahan Maharishi Mahesh Yogi had not only said but also proved in practice through TM and Siddhi programmes  that a lot of rapid energy is within oneself and the same could be brought out and utilized for the uplift of his life.  Desire should not have become a greed.The imagination of the man has changed him to be a greeder. In view of the above,  be adopt Attentive Life again and get the knowledge of God. We would eat only the fruits of the tree giving the knowledge of good things only and derive many benefits.

40. What is the difference between the knowledge of man and of God? As said in Bible, when we utilize the knowledge of God, we walk in rose spread path  
God brings our lives under his control and saves us fully. When we utilize the knowledge of man, we have to walk in the path of full of thorns giving benefits and harms; we have to face diseases.

41. Whether can we see the symbol which separates the paths of man and God.  It can be found out. The  path of God is that on which the life with attention or awareness to be walked. When we do actions/works with ‘attention’, day dream, planning, decisions taken after deep thinking would disappear consequent of which your sufferings and diseases also disappear.

42. Now the life in vogue is of Imagination Life in which the practice is different. Whe we do action/work, our attention is one third  and two third is our imagination. When we do any action/work repeatedly, our hands, eyes, legs etc accoustomed with work. By utilizing this habit, the mind goes for wavering of thoughts leaving the hands, eyes, legs etc to do the routine work. That is that when doing the work, the mind without giving much attention to the work, involves with imagination of the incidents of joy and sorrow happened in the past, to be happened in the future, future planning and immersing in deep thinking for taking decisions to solve the problems.  

43. Some may think what is going to be the loss for the immersion in imagination. One lady is heating the milk in the gas stove. She permits her mind to waver without giving attention to the milk heating work thinking “Father had passed away so early! when my husband would be reinstated into work as per court order! boy must pass atleast this time!” When she was immersed with the above thoughts, the milk boils and spills over the vessel.

44. When the woman allowed the mind to waver, there are three type of losses. There is a defect in work; not only spilling over the vessel but also reduction in the quantity of milk. Due to the thoughts of past and future tenses she is affected by stress in her mind. The other side of the stress is appearance of diseases. The existing diseases get severence. The thinking of incidence of past tense is like asking things from shop for invalid coins. Future is not belonged to the lady. The presently time of doing work of heating the milk is belonged to her.  

45. Whether is it good for her  doing that which led to loss. What is the amend for that?  The amend is the stopping of the wavering of the mind. The mind shall be involved fully with actions/works through out day eventhough the they are accoustomed one. Without proper training the regulation of mind is not possible. Treatment by the Twin Medicine (TM) for any disease by medicinal meditation (medicinal mental exercise)  is the first programme of the training through which one is able to cotrol his mind as he likes apart from curing from his disease. Then it is easy for him to change from the life of Imagination  to Attentive Life which gives one the100% spiritual power.
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