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TM-MMM Elizabeth Taylor famous actress who married 8 times not satisfied in conjugal life!

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                                                    Attentive Life 8

1.If the planning will show a progressive path to a man or not. Man gets experience in three tenses. In them, past tense is no use to him; invalid money; nothing can be purchased from the shop from that money. Present tense alone is useful to act for him; it is the valid money. Even in present tense, his action time alone (the present time of action) is useful to him. That time is the present tense for him. The next second beyond the present tense time is the future tense. That tense also will not be useful for him. So by utilizing the time of present tense available to him, he must earn material, gold, land, woman and other enjoyable things.

2. “The present tense is very important to the man of Gnana. not Tomarrow but ‘Presently’ is the only very important; The  understanding the function of the mind now i.e. Present time brings the fundamental changes. The whole change is very important.
-Mahan J.Krishnamurthy, JK Foundation.

So, planning is the design of future for attaining a target at the present time.

3. Panneerselvam plans for constructing a house within a period of time and inaugurate it for housing his family. But he has met with various hurdles in finance, problem in acquisition of plot, cheating of the contractor of the building, so interruption in construction work leading to heavy loss etc. After meeting with all challenges he completes the house. As the interest of the housing loan from bank and private parties increases unbearable, and so he is not able to repay the loan. Thus he suffers a lot. So nothing has happened as per his planning! Do you know what is the gift got due to his planning!

3A. He gets angry towards the contractor and thinks to revenge him. He afraid of financier and hides himself from them; He hates the world; finally he hates himself; He thinks to live the life in the world is a waste. So the other side of the planning is full of negative incidents followed with negative thoughts. Due to these negative thoughts, he is gripped with stress. The other side of the stress is unhealthy.

4 The businessman whose business is  without gain as per his planning and actually in loss, thinks to destroy the opposite shop owner who runs his business with profit

5. One Industrialist has running many educational institutions. Every year he takes a profit of certain crores as he planned. He further expects more than the profit of the previous year. Another man starts similar institution very near  to the place of his institutions. The first man has got angry towards latter as the planned profit would be lost and so murdered him by the cooligans engaged by the first man.   The expected planned profit has ended with murder.

6. God has limited  the requirement of food, cloth, house for a man. If he eats more, then he would be gripped with diseases. The dress material which is good for his health is according to the atmospheric condition of the area. cotton cloth is best suited for India.

7. The rooms for the family must have good ventilation. For each couple a cot of 6’*4’ with bed, pillow etc. is sufficient. Thus, God has shortened and limited the requirement of a man. Apart from the above requirement, money is required for children education, marriage etc. After allotting fund for the above, 20% saving may be included for the requirement.

8. After meeting the above requirement, if property is accumulated to crores worth, came crores of income, last year 500 crore, this year 1000 crore and next year 5000 crore, all are numerical one. Utility is concerned, there is zero utility for the possessor of the above property when the income transcends the requirement of him. Bill Gates, Microsoft man, one of the richest person in the world has said that money has no utility for him beyond certain limit.

9. can one increase the breath of the cot from 6*4* to 6*8* since the profit of 1000 crores have come last year! If increased as said above, the wife will think “Husband has illegal contact with another woman and so he has increased the breath of the cot and slept with a gap.” Thus she invites depression; the family would lost happiness. Do not save the property earned by illegal means but save the needs for your children.

10. In 16th century, Spain was glorious in Europe.  It had found America and west India islands; Charles I is the king of that mighty country. With the title of 5th Charles he ruled as Holy Rome Emperor.

11. Holy Rome Emperor would be elected by election. For this post, apart from Charles I , England king Hentry VIII and France king Frans us I had also contested. German princes who had the right to vote in the election  had voted in favour of Spain King Charles I after getting a large sum as bribes. He had got heavy loan for the election from the two big banks in Europe. The Empire of Charles I had extended to Europe and beyond Europe.

12. He had to fight many wars continuously without interval for 40 years  and face multifarious problems without rest and peace. So Charles was frustrated and grieved. So he had not wanted to continue as a ruler of the Empire. Hence he had partitioned the kingdom for his son and his younger brother, left the kingdom and joined in a christian mud. In short period, he had died. Why the happiness had become untouchable to a great Emperor who had got planned victories in various wars.   

13. Elizabeth Taylor was a world over famous actress  ; she had possessed the highly valuable jewels of gold, diamond etc next to the Queen of England; she had Art collections worth of crores of lakhs of Rupees. What she says about his conjugal life? For the first time she had visited the one of the world wonder ‘Tajmahal’. On seeing it, she said wondering with tears in her eyes “To construct such a memorial how much deep he (Shajagan)would  have had loved her (Mumtaj)!

14. Why she had said with tears? About her wedded life she had said as “She had married 8 times; but actually except for short period of time, there was no sexual enjoyment in my married life. What she who was in the first row of richest persons of the world had expected? She had expected good conjugal relation and the enjoyment there on!

15. Each who wants to construct a memorial like ‘Tajmahal’ he shall live ‘Attentive Life’. In such deep measure, it would develop intimacy and love between husband and wife only in Attentive Life.

16. It is the duty of every husband to satisfy his wife in married life. It is the one of the important command of commands of God for a good family life. If he did not do that one, then he would become a foreigner to his wife, be left alone and insulted.

17. One may be attached with goal; may be in high place in the political party; but the basement for each is the  good conjugal relationship between husband and wife.  

18. The information from the news paper was that one leader belonged to a national political party had suicide   himself by immersing in the water of a pond.  He had said in his suicidal note as “I worked hard for the rise of my party, and got many upper posts in my party as reward for my hard work. But I failed to look after my family. Nobody is the cause for my death”

19. For having a normal conjugal relationship between husband and wife, there is no need of crores of rupees and any degree of education. The requirement is the mind without stress; Mind control is necessary for focusing the mind in sexual actions with the wife. In short mental fertility is required; consciousness without diversion of mind is a must. You can obtain the above easily in Attentive Life. Conjugal relation is a Holy relation. God does not accept the rejection of the sexual family life and the life of sanyasam,

20. Martin Luther, a Germaniar had done a revolution in catholic christian religion; he was the cause for the formation of a new sect of christian religion called as ‘Protestant’ Christians. By saying, Sanyasam is against the principle of divinity, he had disown the sanyasam and married a woman.

21. One foreign correspondent had asked Mahan Maharishi Mahesh Yogi as “You travel world over! wherever you go you say ‘the life is enjoyable! if it is so, why you have become sanyasi?” Maharishi said with smiling “When I became as sanyasi, I do not know that life is enjoyable!”

22. The business men, industrialists, agriculturists and all other kind of professional people who plan expecting profits will get disappointment over expectation and derive sufferings mentally leading to the arrival of diseases. Planning has not risen the man; not put him in neutral. In short, planning did not give him life. A society which plan everything and try to do accordingly will be seemed immoral, confusing, corruptible and violence. So do not plan presently for future tense. Present tense is meant for actions/duties pertained to the present time and not for doing planning. After knowing by experience that nothing had moved out as per planning, Swami Vivekanandar had stopped for doing things after planning.  This information is an example for us and so you also stop doing things after planning.   

23. Taking decision after deep thinking
Whether the decision taken after deep thinking would be good one.
When somebody are suffering with problems, others will give advise as “Take good decision to your problems after deep thinking!” Nowadays people find difficult to choose school, degree courses in higher education etc and so are going on thinking and confusing. They gather information for the above from news papers, magazines, relatives and friends. After deep thinking, they take decisions. As per their decisions, they join their children in schools and colleges. Even they are not satisfied; they will get suffer with confusion and have doubt about the school, college and course taken;

24. The children have been admitted some 10, 20 km away from their houses for studying LKG, UKG even there are schools very near to their homes.  When children come home with minor injuries in hands and legs due to punishment, girls with depression due to the sexual tortures of teachers, girls suicide due to the abuse words in front of other classmates, the parents will be in anguish that their decision to join their children in the particular school after deep thinking went wrong.

 25. Even in the named popular schools, there are teachers without teaching properly or going to classes regularly. How it is possible? Those teachers who will cut the classes frequently, will do ‘supply&service’ to the headmaster and the correspondence of the school. So the heads of those institution will protect them at any cost for their welfare. This type of indiscipline is everywhere in all organizations. God’s grace is necessary for our children for not coming under the control of such teachers. In yet another type of popular schools, xerox copies of question and answers are given to children to memorize them by writing a number of times. By this teaching method, the creative power of the children is lost.

26. All the parents want their children to become doctors.    But they did not see the other side of the doctors. When I was working as an Asst.Executive Engineer in Tamil Nadu Electricity Board at Manapparai, one wire man had got electric injury in an electrical accident and was admitted in Govt. Hospital. I had gone there to enquire him at 5.30 PM. I had enquired about the body condition of the wire man from the duty doctor. When I had said to doctor that I would leave for my home after completing my enquiry, I could not forget still what he had said to me. “Oh that is good! when it is by 5PM you will throw away files and happily go home. Please see me! work starts for me only after 5PM. I do not like this doctor profession! as soon  as work completed, leave the job immediately and go home happily! that type of job I like!” I think that  he should have studied for doctor due to the compulsion of their parents.

27. As he had joined for doctor course without willingness, he had no job satisfaction in doctor profession. As he had no interest in the profession, he would not take any effort to develop his knowledge in the  doctor profession. So he would not do any achievement or founding of new thing in that profession.

28. Parents did not permit their children to join in their liking courses. They compel them who wish to join in engineering courses, to join in medical courses. The students who wish to study history were compelled to join in engineering courses. Due to non interest in the subject and then in their works after getting jobs, their works might not be to the full satisfaction of their superiors;  they will get bad name from their organizations. Thus they who are capable of achieving things, will be suffered a lot mentally.  

29. On receipt of mark sheet of +2 examination of your son/daughter, go through the marks obtained in chemistry, physics, biology, maths,    ‘Presently live’ is the preaching guidance of Mahans. So, if physics and mathematics were scored high, Engineering is the choice, physics alone high mark or chemistry alone high mark and mathematics, chemistry and biology high mark, he may be joined in BSc physics, BSc chemistry or chemical engineering (if high score of mathematics) and medical course respectively. If poor mark taken in all 4 subjects he may joined in economics or social subject or history. If they were joined as said above, they will achieve things in their respective subjects.

30. The decisions for future programmes taken by the people in business, industries and all other fields of profession go  wrong.

For an example, I want to narrate the news read in the news paper. There was a general election for Assembly to be conducted in 2006. Balan had taken decision before 3 months from the election announcement, after consulting with his family members, relatives and friends to start flux printing work believing that there will be a great demand for big banners for political parties for canvasing; capital can be realized  in short period and thereafter the income coming from shop would be only profit. Thus he had accounted future business by mind and got loan of Rupees of 25 lakhs from bank by mortgaging his all properties. He had received the machinery and installed them. But actually what had happened? Election commission had announced the date of election and the conducts to be followed by political parties. In one of the conducts,  the use of banners was banned. Balan and his family was much worried that how the properties could be redeemed by repaying the bank loan of Rs.25 lakhs.

31. Thus as above said, there are a lot of people who attained the loss in business and closed their industrial units. Even though the decisions taken for the problems of the family, seemed to solve the latter, on the other side they would create new problems.  So the people expect good results for their decisions. If they fail to realise them as expected, they get disappointed. The disappointed people are affected by negative thoughts which lead them to mental worries. Then they wandering between the doctor and medical shop. So please stop the decisions taken after deep thinking!

32. The so far explained as above comes under Imagination Life. In it, all the decisions and actions are taken at the top mind (Atma) whereas they are taken at the deep mind (Paramatma alias God) in Attentive Life. Can anybody say that decisions and actions taken by Almighty would go wrong?

33. The three i.e. Imagination, planning, decision taken after deep thinking force the people to expect and disappoint from the time of existence of human being on the Earth. Due to disappointment, there are  crores of people who embraced with failures and worries! The above three are the pillars of the Imagination life. They are to be blown up by bomb; in that place, we raise the structure for Attentive Life for human resource development and to live a life of peaceful co-existence and spread all over the world.                                  

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