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TM-MMM-Imagination is a deadly poison’!.

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Twin Medicine-Medicine of Medicinal Meditation Part II-Attentive Life 7.

                             ATTENTIVE LIFE 7

1.Jaisarma was a MLA of Mynapoor Assembly. He had lied on the cot in the Govt. Guest house. His servant Muniram had been massaging his legs. Jaisarma said “Muniram, she is so beauty! I say about Rushma! will she yield to me ? can I go and try today?”   

2. Muniram said after someminutes “No. she would not yield! you have tried many times but nothing is turned out! One time she kept the door and windows open! Another time She had kept the child of the adjacent house with her! Thus she escaped every time by doing something!”After some intervel he said “Sir, don’t angry with me if I told you one thing?

3. Jaisarma showing question mark by looking Muniram in his face said, “you can tell anything and I will not get angry!”

4. “Sir! Pitiable! Leave this woman! There are a lot of submissive women for your purpose available! that lady’s marriage is a love marriage! So there is no connection with her from both parential sides of the couple! Her husband had gone to Dubai for earning leaving her alone here! My friend residing in the street said that as you are frequently visiting her house, the neighbours are murmuring wrongly!” He looked at him.


5. Jaisarma angrily said “Fool! If I pitied upon her, can I get enjoyment! Her husband is not here! then why she does not yield to my desire! I am ready to keep her comfortably with due care! Even I am in bed with my wife, thought of her is running in my mind! Do you know one thing? I am not able to intercourse with my wife! Rushma is dominating me so horribly!”

6. Muniram thought inwardly “If you thought of other women as your wife, then your wife will be other man’s wife!”

7. “What are you thinking!”

8. “Nothing, sir!”   

9. “I decided that Assembly would close next week. I would kidnap her with her child to Dargling Banglow, stay for one week there and quench my desire!” His talk showed the determined decision.

10. Reshbrindha knocked the door of Rushm’s house. After some time the door was opened. On seeing the face of Rushma, she asked “Are you weeping!” Due to the continuous weeping, the face of Rushma was swollen. Both sit in the plastic chairs of the hall.

11. Reshbrindha asked Rushma with sorrow “Did he come yesterday and troyble you? He  did not come yesterday night. But he conveyed one information falling a thunder on my head!”

12. “Who! is his PA Muniram? Such a nice man like Muniram is working under an worst fellow!”

13. “If he had not given information then and there, the MLA would have ruined me by this time!”  

13A. “What was the information?”

14, “After one week, he would kidnap me to Dargiling!”  Muniram suggested me to leave this place immediately! where I would go?” She cried.  

15. Reshbrindha awakened from her chair and consoled her. Mild tears emerged from the eyes of her. 

16. “I should not have gone to his office for giving an application for new ration card! instead should have given to tashildar office!” she murmured “I did mistake! did mistake!” she beat her head with her hands repeatedly. Reshbrinda held the hands of Reshma tightly preventing the beatings.

17.  “Go to the nativeplace where your father and mother resides! 

18. “He and myself are belonged to the same place. Both side of parents were angry with us! The police told us that they could not give protection to them for long time and advised us to go to far off place.  So we came here 500 km away from my place.”

19. Her son came by saying “Mummy! I am hungry!” and unloaded his bag from shoulders.

Reshbrinda departed by saying, “Rushma! My daughter also should have come! Think well! Take decision whether you could go to your native place! I would Come back!”   

20. Jaisarma,MLA, was reading a petion in his office submitted by a person. Muniram was standing by his side. His party members were sitting in the chairs provided very near to him. About 20 persons from public were sitting in the hall opposite to his room for submitting petions to MLA.

21. One person came from MLA room  to the hall and said to a woman “Go inside!” The woman who covered her head fully and partialy her face entered the room. She gave the petion to the MLA. Jaisarma who was writing at that time, saw the woman upright and delighted after seeing the face through the gap of the partially covered face. Within no minute She loudly cried “Go dead! Go dead! Scoundrel!” Her cried noise vibrated in the room and those sitting and watching the show in the room had been freezed.

22. Rushma was going on stabbing Jeyasarma with a knife. Nobody had any thought of preventing her as her action was so forceful with loud noise. Jeyasarma's head was hanging down toward the body which was collapsed. She stopped the stabbing and saw around threatening “Nobody should come near to me! Myself would surrender to the police!”

23. The Inspefctor of the police station got up himself upruptly on seeing a woman entering with a blood soaked knife. On looking at Rushma who stood near the edge of his table “Please put the knife on the table! What happened?

24. “I killed the Lecher MLA! ”

25. “What was the motive to kill him?” 

26. “He was giving me sexual torture frequently! I could not bear them! I killed him with this knife!”

27. Jaysarma, MLA had always given sexual torture to Rushma because the beauty of Rhshma was always in his mind and enjoyed with her by mind. He was tortured by his imagination. So he was not able to do his duties in systametic way to the people of his constituency. His valuable time was wasted due to the frequent visit to the house of her. Hence she was insecurity due to non presence of her husband and her chastity was under threat.

27A. Even during intercourse with his wife, due to living with Rushma by mind, he had become impotent temperorily. He deceived his wife. He was murdered. Rushma was made as murederer. His family and the family of Rushma had become orphan. How many sins and loss to Jeyasarma for just one thought of the beauty of Rushma continuously without breaking ie. if saying in one word which is nothing but imagination.   

28. As mentioned above, crores of incident of corruption, cheating, fraud, robbery,  sexual torture, rape, traffecting, theft, suicide, murder etc. are happening daily in the world and the consequences are the sufferings for human being. For all those things, the only reason is that people are leading the Life of Imagination instead of Attentive Life. There is no exception for those who are in religeous duties like pastors, swamies of the Hindu riligion and other religion heads who were reported to be involved with sexual abuses of children and sexual tortures to women respectively. PopAndavar the religious head of Roman Catholic Churches had expressed his anguish over the sexual abuses of children by few pastors and requested bardon on behalf of them during his tour in Australia.

29. The reason for starting second world war and killings of the people of seven crores and twenty lakhs in it is the only word ‘imagination’. Musolini, the Dictator of Italy had imagined for the Italy as expanded ancient Rome of Ceasor emperor. The consequence was that he had joined with Hitlor, the Dictator of Germany.

29A. The Chiefs of Japan army had imagined by expanding the ruling of Japan to Korea and China for conquiring the wealth of mines of them. By joining with Axis countries, Japan had derieved the name  as the first country attacked by atom bomb.

30. After the first world war was over, Adolf Hitlor, the wounding soldier in the war who was in the army hospital was cried for the defeat of Germany. He had got very much angry towards Jews as he thought that they were the sole reason for the defeat of his country in the war. Whenever he thought of them, his angry had raised manyfold. The cosequence was that 55 lakhs of jews including children and women were made to die by starvation and other worst ways in hollow camps.

31. How imagination works in mind?

All negative instincts of anger, jealousy, hatred, fear, anxiety, guile, intolerance, pirate character, a lechermurderous quality, etc. and positive instincts like
peace, love, patience, restraint, equity, compassion, honesty etc. have been buried deep in the mind.The top mind after going into the deep takes the required instinct from  one of the above two sections , according to the incident happened,  brings to the top and uses.

32. From the time of existence of human being, people are ‘living imagination life’. As per Bible, God sends Adam and his wife Eval out of Edan Garden since they changed their life pattern from Attentive life to Imagination life. As people had been living in Imagination life from the existance, the negative instincts had been taken out from subconscious mind and had root in between subconscious mind and upper part of the mind.  So people are affected spontaneously by negative instincts at the time of occurrence of incidents.

33. What is imagination?

When the automatically generated thoughts are permitted to extend for producing the thoughts of giving happiness/sorrow and immersed with them is said to be imagination.

34. Nobody will imagine as if to help others by money or any other means.  Whether Maruthanayagam who is sitting before a table in a hotel will imagine how to uplift the poor man (poorly dressed and unsaved face) who is sitting opposite to him. No. instead he will get up, go to another table and sit without bearing the appearance of the poor man. So the love, kindness etc will not come to the top mind so easily. From this one can understand that only negative instincts  come to the top mind frequently and rule us.

35. Ananthan thinks about the teasing of his sister in public place by Kaliyappan. He imagines the awkward position of his sister at the time of incident consequent of which the feeling of angry spreads throughout his body.  

36. Ganesh had test result of his ailment on his hand   and sat with anguish in his mind along with others to see the Doctor. In his mind thought was going on as “There is no appetite feeling; Doctor has doubt that the disease of him may be cancer; that is why he has recommended ‘biopsy’ test.!” On thinking it, fear infected to Ganesh.  

37. As explained above, humanbeing gets experience from the negative instincts. Sexual feeling is the most important from all other feelings. It is the necessary required feeling for our life. Almighty generates all the beings of the world by this feeling. When this feeling is utilized in correct place and time, the owner of the feeling will derive a lot of benefits out of it and vice versa. The human race suffers a lot with this feeling. Big Emperors had become nothing when this feeling was utilized in a wrong way.

38. Majolsingh (40) sees Varunmira of 19 years old college girl first time. He is attracted by her beauty, structure of her body etc. As soon as his attraction towards the girl generated by his imagination, it (attracion) travels from top mind into deep, dig the sexual feeling embeded in the deep mind and brings it at certain level above deep mind. From the date of seen the Varunmaira, he thinks of her beautiful face and her figure frequently. Whenever he thinks her, the thought travels downwards, lifts the sexual feeling from the shifted place and puts the same to another place below the top mind.    

39. Due to the continuous imagination of Majolsingh, the top mind  goes into deep, takes the sexual feeling,  and travels towards top mind along with the latter.  Time moves. According to this, the sexual feeling of Majolsingh is brought up to the various locations of the top mind. When he takes a decision of enjoying her at any cost, top mind brings the sexual feeling to the tip of the top mind just as the computer puts the file in the desktop when it was opened. At this stage, he will be like a tiger waiting for its prey. Under the above situation, he ruins her by raping when she comes alone.

40. Similar to the above, due to the previous enmity, Perumalsamy thinks past event again and again. The top mind of Perumalsamy the feelings of anger and hatefulness brings them to the tip of it. On any one day if the incident of small fight happened, Perumalsamy would become a murderer by murdering Kathirvelu.

41. So, the man who lives in imagination is a half man. He would believe that the eternal energy for his comes from outside. He is not going to utilize that energy fully. He would believe much the sasthras which are of no use for his life and would lead him to superstition. He would draw the sufferings for himself by himself.  The man who lives Attentive Life is the full man. He would feel that eternal energy comes from within himself. He would understand clearly that that energy flows benefiting him in all aspects of his life. He would never bother about sasthras and hence come across with superstition. He would never enter into anguish. He would live with mental peace and harmony with the world   

42. ‘Imagination is a deadly poison’!. You daily drink it! Throw it away, In a new vessel, fill up with Amirtham alias Attention (Awareness). Drink it! Fly with enjoyment! Achieve many things in life!   

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