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TM-Ahalya, a flawless beautiful woman was enjoyed by Indiran in disguise!

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Twin Medicine-Medicine of Medicinal Meditation  Part II-Attentive Life 6

                                  ATTENTIVE LIFE 6. and 6A

1.Cut the root of the Main Source.

If you want to eradicate diseases,  you must Cut the root of the Main Source of the diseases i.e. the  ‘Expectation’ must be cut. After cutting this, ‘Disappointment’ is cut automatically. At this stage, one will get understand the inner meaning of the blessing word of Mahan Osho.'stop   search get  results',.

2. The root of Main Source of ‘Expectation’ starts from a combination of three i.e. Man’s imagination, planning and taking decision after deep  thinking. And If these three are plucked and thrown out with their roots, the root of Expectation will die.   The above three are the streams of human knowledge. If you want to stop the flow of the above three, then you must close the hole of the stream of human intelligence

3. Whether Imagination is  good, or bad?
First we must understand what is Imagination? Production of ideas or thoughts takes place automatically!  Within relations and incidents happening in and around us, relating to the seeing alive beings and unalive materials, instantaneously by jointing last, present and future tenses thoughts are produced. When smelling some flavors, hearing some songs, thoughts are appeared. In these thoughts, some may be necessary, some not necessary; some may give experience and induce the senses (feelings). God has given the power and required energy for the prevention of extension of thoughts to human beings. But without utilizing it, we permit to extend the producing thoughts followed with production of some other various thoughts thereby occupying the mind by the negative qualities such as anger, fear, anxiety, jealousy, hatred, stealing character, drug addiction and drinking behavior, sex violence, murderous character etc. The occupied negative qualities devastate our nerves, muscle, and bone to the worst condition. Our body is forced to the grip of the diseases; slow in progress of life. People are immersed into a lot of sufferings. Those who are not able to face the problems close their accounts in the world. The destructions due to imagination will be more than that of destructions occurred in Sunami. One will die at a time in Sunami whereas in life every day he repeatedly die and come alive.

4. One may wed with a beautiful and good characteristic woman in imagination. He may have Knowledgeable, adventurous, and beautiful male and female kids. He may build a lovely bungalow in the heart of the town and inaugurate the same with lavish expenditure. He may get down happily with his family members from a luxurious car. He may get awards from the President for achievements. Thus many things can be achieved within some seconds in imagination.

5. But what is the actual state? Many years may be taken to build a small house; it may not be possible to build a house. Wedding may take place, but not with dream lady. Children may born, but not as we dreamed. Male and female children may not be born. All children may be male or female. Out of born, one or two kids may be handicapped. Why! The children may not be born. In practical life, it may not be possible to receive awards for achievements even from a District collector.

6. Disasters caused by Imagination.

Story of Viragan

Viragan was suffering a lot due to poverty. He was forced to such a worst condition that there was no way even for his daily bread. So he decided to end his life. He walked to the peak of the hill. Before approaching the peak he saw a cave. He saw a sage inside the cave who  had just finished his penasthabas and got up. The latter saw him.

7. He said “Due to poverty, I am going to the hill to commit suicide”. As he understood that draconian poverty had pushed him to take decision for committing suicide, he was pity over him.  

8. The sage said “You need not to die! Some distance from here from the top of the hill there is one Ala tree. Very near to that tree, there is one karuvela tree. Dig the earth below the tree. There will be two pots of golden coins. Take one out of two pots and enjoy with the life! Good by!” Viragan walked briskly with a happy face towards the top of the hill.

9. As the sage said, after seeing the two pots of gold coins, he shut his eyes with astonishment. Thoughts ran fastly in the mind of Viragan “The sage told me to take one pot of gold coins only! By utilizing one pot, I can purchase one hundred acres of land and one big house! But if I took two pots, further one more hundred acres and five houses for my five children could be purchased!  After opening his eyes, Viragan took the two pots of the gold coins and proceeded towards his house with abundant happiness.

10. The robbers robbed two gold pots from him on his way and went away. Viragan came again to the sage with deep sorrow and told him what had happened. But he had hided from the sage that the robbed gold coin pots were not one. The sage said “Does not matter! take the other one!” Without talking anything, Viragan emerged out from the cave with his head fell down.

11. Due to non stopping of thoughts, Viragan committed many mistakes. First he deviates from the bliss of the sage. So he broke the trust of the sage. Secondly his desire became greed. Thirdly he said a lie to the sage that he had taken one pot only. Thus the imagination (allowing the thoughts to extend) of Viragan led him to his destruction.

12. Story of Murugan

The scene of his friend struggling for his life was not left from the mind of Murugan. He bit his teeth saying“Scoundrel!---” He was not able to concentrate on the picture running in the theatre. Paramasivam, his friend asked “Do bit your teeth….! not forgetting it ! I brought you here to forget the incident! Did you not see the picture!” He said “How did I forget! Do you know- how much time we had requested him! If our request was accepted, the life of our friend would be saved!” After saying, he wept. Paramasivam embracing his shoulders said “What! weeping like a woman! See the picture! How our captain fight with Anandaraj who was in heavy security zone after bringing him out from the hospital. Thus he said console words to his friend to divert his mind from grieve. Due to the reduction of depression by weeping, Murugan diverted his mind to the picture.

13. It was a 4 storied building. In it, Venkateshwara Hospital is functioning. It was a private hospital. Sundaram was a popular cardiologist in that region and proprietor of the hospital. That day was 11 ‘o’ click in the morning. Gopal, the computer operator, after dusting the table and computer sat and operated the computer.

14. After opening the internet, he went through the e-mails. When going through, he came across one e-mail. After seeing it, he was freeze with fear. He called Kumar, his friend of next table and showed the e-mail. After reading the e-mail, he was also excited and said “What! You are sitting ideally! Dial to M.D.,!” Gopal talked to M.D. with severing in his tone as “Sir…..! is the other side M.D., installed bombs in four stories of our hospital building, one email tells! They will burst in another one hour!” Gopal was not able to see the excitation of M.D on the other side of the phone. Due to his excitation, Dr.Sundaram had forgotten the emergency number of the police as 100. He had asked his assistant with excitation and fear to get the police station number from the directory or telephone exchange. 

15.Within the next half an hour, police personnel in two vans with detective equipment of bomb and sniffing dogs were arrived at the hospital. Police had advised Mr.Sundaram, M.D. to vacate the patients immediately from hospital Police had announced through Hand loudspeakers in the next few minutes, "those who have come to see patients shall exit out of the building immediately”. The patients and the visitors with a tense and excitation had fled in fear.

16. Those who went on the road to a halt then watched in horror and looking at the entrance without knowing what was happening in the hospital. Scene of the place was seemed as a violent spot. In the distant place one youth was seeing the happenings in the hospital building. There was a slight smile running on his face. The face of him showed full satisfaction that what he expected to happen was happening. After 3 hours detection, the police had left the hospital after saying to the MD Sundaram that there was no truth.

17. Cyber crime police after intensive inquest, they had arrested Murugan’  The police Inspector asked Murugan “you had studied well and in good job. Why you had sent false email that the bomb was there and what was the reason for your anger upon the hospital?”  Murugan was calm without answering. “imm. talk to if not ,my treatment to bring out the truth might be different”.

18. Murugan said “tell you all, sir! That Doctor killed my friend unjustifiably! My friend suffered a brain hemorrhage and admitted him in his hospital. In first four days, my friend recovered his consciousness. The Doctor told us not to talk with the patient and if second stroke occurred, he will not survive! We were afraid. There was one Doctor, specialist in neurological who was very known to my friend at Chennai. We contacted him over phone and requested him to start immediately by plane. He said “that Doctor would not allow other Doctors to visit. He got a bitter experience previously with him. Ambulance has all facilities, bring him to Chennai and I will save him”. We told to the Dr. Sundaram. He had shouted with angry that your friend might be attacked with second stroke at any time. At this stage, he could not discharge him.     

19. The wife of my friend and we had requested him as
“sir, we will give you in writing whtever way you ask, please discharge him”. He had refused. My friend had heard the shouting words of the doctor. As he had come to know the disease of him, tears had poured from his eyes. In the midnight he had died due to second stroke. On completion of the narration, Murugan had wept as a child. Inspector had got pity over him. He said “ please stop your weeping”, and asked the head constable to bring one tea for Murugan.

 20. Murugan had angry upon Doctor only. That angry had brought about 3 hours sufferings to many patients. Surgeries might be postponed to some patients; some patients might be died due to postponement of the surgeries. 

21. The horrific incident of his friend’s sudden death  had come again and again in his mind and so he was not able to sleep. He had done a unforgivable mistake without thinking aftereffects. He had got the sins of the affected patients. He could have come to the normal mood by doing  medicinal mental exercise for stress relieving. After the sudden death of his friend, if he had turned his mind to the normal condition, he could have come to the decision of taking action on the erring doctor as per law. In Attentive Life, even sadness had happened due to the event such as thunder fell, one could come to the normal condition very soon.

22. Story of Babu

Babu had immersed with the thought of something seriously in his mind by sitting on the chair in the veranda of his house even without noticing his friend Ragavan coming near to him. On nearing Babu, Ragavan said “Babu, which fort you are going to conquire by revolution?” Babu had emerged from thought and seen Ragavan. 

23. Both were friends for long time. They had studied in the same school and college also.  Ragavan had accepted the undervalued job happily. Babu had waited for suitable job to his qualication. Both were belonged to middle class families.

“come on! Did you see to day paper? What a great scam! That is why there must be a revolution of people and form the revolutionary Government!” said Babu. He had revealed his angry through his eyes. 

24. Ragavan bating his soulders said, “ Calm son!, calm! Can it possible to eradicate corruption by the revolutionary Govt? After few years of the revolutionary Govt. formed, the leaders lived in the forest, will enjoy and float with comforts followed with luxury derived out of Govt. posts. They will accumulate the properties to sustain the luxury life. To enjoy and safeguard the accumulated properties for ever, they will change themselves as dictators. When their times were over, they make their kin as dictators. In democracy, people can conduct demonstrations against corruption and other wrong doings of rulers. But you cannot think of demonstrations in the dictatorship country.”

25. “ I can not accept your arguement as correct. The revolutionary leaders like Lenin, Mao-se-tung, Pedal Castro have given good governance”

26. “After that what happened? Russia had broken into pieces! The communist countries of Europe had proclaimed themselves as Independent countries! From the time of the emergence of human being in the Earth, there are problems. The legends , Ramayanam and Mahabharatham were said to be occurred 1,76,000 and 5000 years back. The wife of Sukreevan was disposed by his own elder brother Vali. For capturing the Asthinapuram throne, Thuriyothanan had hatched a wicked plan of killing the Pandava brothers by firing the arrack palace in Vaarnavatham. In AD 2, Kovalan had been punished to death due to the cheating of goldsmith.   Avurangasheep, the mohalaya emperor, had chased and murdered his elder brother, the legal heir to the throne Dara shukoh! and imprisoned his father emperor Shajahan for the sake of becoming the emperor of the mohalaya kingdom! The catholic church had burned Bruno of Italy, Austrologist to death for revealing the truth that the Earth and other planets revolve around the Sun.  In the same century, England King had opposed and thrown away the opinion of the religious head Poppandavar for divorcing his wife Katherin who had  lived with him for 25 years and beared 7 children. He had established the Church of England  closing the Catholic church. Eventhen his desire for women had not quenched. He had married thereafter one by one four women.

27. Govt. of India had been spending crores of rupees for advertisement every year to creat sympathy among people towards HIV persons. One Dictator had murdered lakhs of persons of homosexual, handicaped and mental disorders as from his point of view they were economical burden for the country.

28. “who was that?”

29. “Who! that man was Hitlor! could you prevent the birth of such persons? Babu! sometimes people and Govt. have been compelled to be compromised with their principles and theories! Govt. and activists of ecological safeguard had prevented the training of animals and birds to amuse  in circus and merrying with stuffed birds in captivity. Sanctuaries for birds and animals are established by Govt. to protect them. But daily crores of Sheep, cattle, birds, fish etc are butchered for food! For this can you do revolution? Jesus Christ had compromised for eating non-vegetarian food by his followers by preaching that all the creative things in the world are belonged to the man. Japan is a country of 3500 islands. Their main food is the fish. The Buddha religion which preaches ahimsa based on it, has compromised by accepting to eat fish. Life is nothing but going on with adjustment and compromising! Running the life according to the nature of the people, accepting it is the tactful. For any problem you can approach Thiruvalluvar Peruman. He has said clearly as

30. “Those who cannot live in harmony with the world, Though they have learned many things, are still ignorant. (லகத்தோடு ஒட்ட ஒழுகல் பலகற்றும் கல்லார் அறிவிலா தார்)” Did you forget the proverb ‘ The other bank is green than this bank (இக்கரைக்கு அக்கரை பச்சை)’

31. “All has come to end” murmured Babu.

“you murmured something” asked Ragavan.

32. “Nothing” the face of Babu had clearly shown the sadness. He asked “If father saw you”

33. “He came to my office and talked with me that  you are always thinking something by sitting alone! Frequently unknown persons come, talking and going! Sometimes you go along with them and stay out of house for two to three days. when asked why you are inactive and who they are?, you are keeping mum.  As tbe mother of Babu came at that time with coffee for both, their talk were interrupted.

34. Next day morning Somasundaram, father of Babu takes a letter from the bed of Babu. He reads the letter with exitation. “Daddy! Mummy! please forgive me! I joined in the revolutionary movement. No argument is now necessary whether it is right or wrong. In order to eliminate the iniquities happening in the country I joined in the movement to offer my share. Hereafter my life is dedicated to the revolutionary movement. Two lakh rupees are in the yellow bag under the bed. They gave that amount. Younger sister’s marriage may be conducted with the amount. Please give good education to my younger brother. Do not try to contact me. For any help, Ragavan may be contacted and he will help you for me.

Revolution chindabath! Revolution velha!

Yours kindly


35. Tears are running from the cheek of Somasundaram. He murmured “How I am going to tell it to Lakshmi!”

 36. Ragavan uncovered the post cover and read the letter in it.

“Dear friend Ragavan, vanakkam. When this letter is in your hand I would have gone to the forest. Yes. I had joined in the revolutionary movement. You had advised me a lot. You had asked me to accept the job offered to me.  But I had waited for the job suitable for my qualification. You had advised me not to see the same cinema films like ‘Indian, Ramana’ frequently many times, not to think for long time by sitting alone and not to read the news which will provoke your feeling of anger. Even if that is not possible, stop the reading of the news papers for some time. The news are dead one. They are past news. You have no benefit out of the dead news. The news of preparing job application by you now is the useful news for you. I had not heard any advice of yours.

37. It was true that the advices given by you two days before had affected  me much. But it was late advice. I had been taken to forest many times and brainwashed. They had took me to their various training camps in the forest.  So I can not return to the normal life. If I had done so, they will kill me since I had known their secret activities. Hereafter my life would be a revolutionary life. Please lookafter my family in my position, help my father for conducting wedding to my yonger sister and guide my father to have higher collegiate education by my younger brother”.

Revolution chindabath! Revolution velha!

Yours true friend


38. The effect of Bab’s imagination at all times was that he was not able to control his mind which changed  him to terrorist. Apart from his life ruined, he had made their parents to be immersed with sorrow. The future of his siblings was made to be questioned.


39. Story of Ahalya

Ahalya was created by Brahma as a woman of flawless beauty and though many wished to win her hand Gautama, one of the revered Seven Sages was chosen to be her husband. Among the many disappointed admirers of Ahalya was Indira, whose longing for her almost became an obsession. He hence waited for an opportune moment to ravish her.

40. While Gautama and Ahalya remained devoted to each other, Indira was unable to contain his desire for her. One night he simulated the approach of dawn by imitating the cock’s crow to lure Gautama to the Ganga for his ablutions. He then took Ahalya in the guise of Gautama. Ahalya was initially surprised at the quick return of her husband but was sharp enough to recognise Indira’s disguise. Yet she acquiesced into his desire. Infact, being conscious of her beauty, she was proud to have been desired by Indira himself.

41. An enraged Gautama, who devined this anacceptable deed, cursed both Indira and Ahalya. Indira lost his manliness while Ahalya was cursed to remain invisible in the hermitage along with the dust without food for thousands of years until such time when the curse would be lifted with Rama’s arrival there. She would then honour Lord Rama as a guest and then regain her pristine purity and be reunited with sage Gautama.

42. Due to the imagination of Indira, he had lost his manhood, did sin to lure Ahalya to have extramaritial affair with him and for separating the lovely couple. He also did the sin that Ahalya was also made to be cursed.

43. Story of Vasantha

Vasantha had been weeping by sitting in the hall. Due to the continuous weeping, her face was swollen.  When she had  held the water in the street public tab, the incident of humiliation met with  by her due to the action of her husband, had been continuously coming in her mind. She murmured “She ’having egg eye, parari prostitute’ and still with ten others, without asking my view point, beating and by pulling my hair, dragged me to the house (by her husband)! how I could face them! lost my prestige! And I am humiliated! I should not be alive! " She had suddenly got up. locked the door from inside, taken a sari, and within few minutes hanged  from the fan.

44. Who would be going to be benefited due to the death of Vasantha? Her two children had become orphan. They would be going to suffer by the step mother! When she had prevented the extension of thoughts, and given attention to the work on hand, the mind would get calmness and the thought of committing suicide would not come. In the calm mind, the thought of changing the house to some other part of the city or transferring the job of her husband to some other city might have come.

45. If Vasantha had lived in Attentive Life (AL) , she would have stopped the flow of the thoughts,  given attention to the work on hand and not let down her life.  


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