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TM-Horoscope increases depression of the people!

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         Twin Medicine –Medicine of Medicinal Meditation Part II-ATTENTIVE LIFE 5                                         

                                Attentive Life 5

Principles of Life Grammar.

1.One day Buddhar had been teaching to his students. All students had sat down on the floor.

2. One student sitting in the front row was a new student. He was a Prince of a nation. He was not accustomed to sit on the floor and so changing the position of his legs and bending and stretching his body then and there because of uneasiness.  He was also taking effort to hide his uneasiness from the eyes of Buddha. Buddha had also noted that indirectly. He had further seen that the big finger of one of his leg was swinging. He had further understood that the swinging was going on without the knowledge of the student.

3. Suddenly he had stopped his teaching. He had asked the Prince student whether he had noticed the swinging of his finger of his leg. The student had then only given attention to notice the swinging of his finger of his leg. When he had had seen the swinging, the same had been stopped. All students in the teaching session had astonished.

4. Buddhar  said “Now the swinging of your finger is stopped! Do you know why?” He had allowed his eyes to go round the students expecting reply from them. As no reply had come from anybody, he had begun to talk “when he saw the swinging of his finger of his leg with full attention, it had been stopped. That is all! If there is an attention, the life will be happy!”

5. ‘Jen’ is the higher stage of the principle of Buddha. But it would not follow the latter. There is no philosophy, principle, ethics and worship for the Attentive Life as well as for Jen.

6. We can say the Attentive Life as the Life of Mental Exercise. Jen also stands on Mental Exercise. Both say that Mental Exercise exists in all.

7. The basis of both is that talking, walking, eating, sleeping, doing work and all other actions are made up of Mental Exercises.

8. Almost through stunning method the people are converted to Gnana path in Jen.

9. One gets experience in Mental Exercise by curing his  disease through Medicinal Mental Exercise of the Twin Medicine. Then it becomes easy for him to change his present Imaginary Life to Attentive Life.

10. One man asked a Jen Guru “What is the principle of your religion?”

11. The Guru said “I live the life”

12. The man said “We also live the life”

13. “I will not take any luggage on my back in my life”

14. The man had confused a bit and not understood the meaning of the words of the Guru. After some time he said with astonishment “We also will not take any luggage on our backside in our lives”

15. The Guru said “Do not take any luggage in your lives?” and laughed continuously. Then he said “You are living with the luggage of Imagination with great difficulty throughout your entire life!”

16. The man said “I do not understand, Guru! What is your principle?”

Guru said “I am leading a simple life! I eat when I am in appetite. I drink water when I am in thirsty. I sleep when I am in sleeping mood. This is my principle!”

17. The man had thought of himself clamped with wrong person and place and greatly immersed with great confusion. After some time he had cleared himself from confusion and said “What all do you are doing ! What is the specialty in this?” He had thought that he had overtaken the Guru by his well answered and that proud ness appeared brightly in his face.

18. “Yes! There is no specialty in it and the same is the important!”

The man said “Eating on appetite, drinking on thirsty, going to bed on sleeping mood are natural things! We are also doing the same thing! You say there is no specialty in it! and but important! You are confusing me, Guru!”

19. Guru had laughed at him and said “When you eat, you will talk with others read something, and view TV or your mind will always be in different thinking. Why, sometimes during eating you will fight with furious words. Hand will take the rice, put into mouth and the teeth masticate the food, but you, the eater do not know anything of the above eating actions and if the food sweet or bitter. But I will immerse with the eating actions i.e. join with the diet. I forget myself and do not know what is happening outside”.

20. Guru further said “When I went to bed, I would fall in deep sleep. You will rotate your body without sleep due to the trapping of various thoughts. During drinking on thirsty I will immerse with the happiness raised out of fulfillment of thirsty. You will be immersed with thoughts instead of happiness during drinking water on thirsty. During walking I will join with the action of walking. When doing any action I will join with it. This is the difference between you and I”.

21. Our ancestors in BC period had lived such the above life. Through by doing the actions with attention, they had found the God. When they had involved fully with the works they had joined with God and derived the energies of Almighty and the Universe. By this method of doing works, they had found the fineness and precious of works and further were able to do works without tiredness for long hours and with enjoyment. They had found new things.

22. During the beginning and intermediate periods of AD, the people living of Imaginary or Maya Life were gradually increasing with reduction of the people living Attentive Life. The reason was that at the beginning of AD, the Idol worship was introduced. The experience of Attentive Life that God is within everybody was erased. By covering the truth of ‘Work is God’, it was falsely propagated that God is in outside and in Idol. Unbelievable stories of God were made as Legends and the people were made puzzled. Ancient Tamils had lived tense less life without knowing the past, present and future tenses. The Tamilans  lived with the highest cultural slogan as“ Please listen, any place is ours!” and felt the deep truth of “Bad and good thing will not come from others (but from fate).” But in the later period of AD, those who had led the people to worship idol, had created three tenses as past, present and future tenses and further introduced the superstitious principle of bad and good times in life.

23. Further they had threshed into the deep minds of AD Tamils to belief that bad and good things to one’s life come according to bad and good times respectively. Based on the principle, they had built up super structures of panchangam, jothidam (horoscope) which instead of alleviating the sufferings increased the depressions of the people.

24. The Attentive Life was gradually swallowed in AD by Imaginary Life. The remaining one is the God’s verb “Work is God”

25. The period between 500 BC and 250 AD in Tamil Nadu was called as Sangakalam. At this period the poets of Tamil were lived with Attentive Life. Attentive Life had given them enormous Tamil knowledge.

26. The literatures of Sangam period were not embraced with any religion and given importance to stories of legends. They were seemed to be written not by imaginary power but above with that of Super Power.

27. There was no electricity, paper or pen to write, transport, communication and exchange of literatures among different languages in those days. Eventhough with the deficiencies of Himalaya measure, they had written wonderful literatures with nail pen in dry palm leaves.

28. Tholkappiam is an ancient Tamil Grammar literature containing 1275 poems. It has three chapters about letter, word and subject. Tholkappiar has given very good research data about the birth of letters. He has explained about the structures of words.

29. The formation and structure of Tamil Vedic Thirukural is wonderful. It has 133 chapters. Each chapter has 10 poems totaling 1330 poems. It has three divisions of Agam (Inward), Porul (Material) and Inbam (Joy). Each poem has 2 lines. The two lines has included consciousness, expression of clear cut opinion and suitable for any period of worldly life. Thus it is formed and structured in a disciplined manner.

30. The day of foundation laid for the Idol worship was starting day for the bad time for Tamilans. From that day onwards, the trio energy manifold i.e. the energies of (Spiritual) Knowledge, Execution and Judicial (KEJ) was gradually immersed and finally vanished. The false faith that KEJ energy comes from the outside Idol God, was forced into the mind of the people. It may be said that from that day onwards, the Kaliyugam had started.

31. I have had thought of so many times why and how a lot of virtuous poems are plenty scattered in Tamil. In the period of BC, it was easy for the people to adopt virtuous, Attentive and Natural life, because the trio energies (KEJ) had saved them from the evils by reducing their karma and they had adjusted their life to see the bad and good things equally. Contrary to the above in the period of AD, since the Idol worship was not able to supply KEJ energy, people had started to think that wealth could be acquired only through wrong means and short cut ways. In course of time they had chosen a wrong path which had led them automatically to untold sufferings.

Thus the adopted virtuous principles in the period of BC were gradually deviated in the period of AD due to Idol worship. So the people had suffered a lot. The unbearable sufferings were forced the Tamil Poets to create the virtuous poems as literatures to alleviate the untold sufferings of them.

32. For an example Natrinai comes under Ettuthogai literature. It tells about the ruling of Chola Kings who had reined without deviating the virtuous principles rendering justice to the people. Kurunthogai tells very tastily about       five kinds of disciplines. It emphasizes the importance of offering charity.        

33. Kalithogai tells about virtuous life. Wealth is not permanent; Youth is specially good; There is no use of the wealth of the rich man who has no charity character for his dependents; The man who does evils would be destroyed  finally; Youth and wealth will be perishable; the persons of good characters will not deviate from the truth; the wealth of a man who has of no lazy character will multiply; wealth which was illegally amazed will fetch only miseries; the birth of human being is the rarest rare gift offered by God; the family life of a man who has no wealth will not be happy. Thus the Kalithogai tells many practical virtuous messages.

34. The Pathinenkeelkanakku litterature which includes Thirukural tells almost virtuous way of life. Silampu tells one of the three truths is that fate will certainly play in everybody’s life.

35. “Kovalan had done good things only in this birth. Even then, the reason after losing his wealth, as a orphan, without knowing by anybody, in the midnight, leaving behind his native place by walking along with his wife is his fate due to past karma of his previous birth,” says Ilangovadihalar, the brother of Cheranattu king Senguttuvan.

36. The Principles of Life Grammar

If the life would be enjoyable, don’t grab Supreme Power’s property! Don’t build up dream fort in His place.

First we will see where the root of the diseases begins. Who ever may be, he immerses in imagination; he plans to obtain success for attaining his goal; for fulfilling the plan, he makes efforts! He takes decisions after deep thinking for solving the problems. Such actions of the man push him to worries; he faces failures; those would not bear the worries finish their lives!

37. Even though the people know that the life is not as per their imagination, they are going on building up day dreams.

38. People make planning; what should be done in next day and throughout year. These planning are done after deep thinking. But when we ask people whether the things are going on well as per their planning, they say “no”. Even then they are going on making plan.

39. When we ask people whether their efforts led to success, they say “no”.

Even then they are going on taking efforts.

40. They wander here and there; touch this and that to find out correct goals. Without knowing which their goals are, they put their legs in every goal. In course of time spent to find out their correct goals, they attain the last days of their age. Due to this, they come to the extreme end of frustration in life.

41. The three i.e. Day dream, planning, and taking decisions after deep thinking, leads to ‘Expectation’. So the main root of the diseases starts from Expectation. When expectation is not fulfilled, it brings disappointment. The disappointment grows with the branches of anger, fear, excitation, suspicion, jealousy, frustration, restless, inferiority complex, prone to theft, doing crime etc which are the characters of sathan. These negative characters will lead to first class depressions (stresses) which live as long as the man lives.

42. When one is governed by fearfulness, excitation, anger, frustration, restless etc, he can not eat correct quantity of food by adopting Aromani Technique. He eats more than the requirement of stomach. Whenever late princess of England Diana was angry, she had used to eat more food. “Those who are under stresses would like to eat the food of hot and salty” says Medical world.   

43. The Researcher in Birmingham Alabama University says “Due to laziness we are without doing any work. Without any physical work we eat more. Due to this body weight increases. During depression we take more tablets for depression. Consequent to this body weight increases as side effect”. So the increased weight leads to obesity.

44. The stressed people are not able to accept the truth that natural food gives diseases.

45. As the Doctors had advised them to drink lot of water, they drink 2 to 3 liters of water without thirsty due to the fear of the consequences of deviating from the Doctors’ advices.

46. Whenever they are in the grip of inferiority complex, frustration etc they are used to drink tea, coffee etc without the time gap of 4 hours to escape from fatigue, worries etc.  

47. They immerse in imagination, worries etc without taking care for outing full faeces. Thus they are forced to a pitiable situation of non adoption of Aromani 6 principles. The result is that the diseases come to them as uncalled for guests. It is better to explain by a flow chart for better understanding the above subject.

48. As they are living the life of imagination which is deviated from virtuous life, they sleep during night shutting the windows for the fear of thieves and thus gripped by diseases due to lack of air. As they get tiredness quickly, they are not able to control day time sleep and suffering during night without sleep. Due to ignorance they block the holes and vacant space in the body and get the allergy diseases.  

49. Intelligence---}⇉---imagination, planning, taking decisions after deep thinking ---}⇉--- expectation---}⇉---disappointment ---}--- fear, excitation, anger, suspicion, jealousy etc., ---}--- Stress, Strain and Depression---}--- unable to adopt 6 principles of Aromani for good health ---}⇉--- appearance of diseases and lacking in the progress of life.

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