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TM-Tamilan identifies the God’s God

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Our ancestors had informed us about their living of Attentive Life through the proverb as ‘Doing work/profession is God (செய்யும் தொழிலே தெய்வம்)’

1.In Bhagavad Gita Krishnan advises people to be devoted to their individual duty and this involvement leads to perfection in a gradual manner. This is known as Swadharma (Self discipline) and is a safe path for human beings. Since perfection is an ideal and difficult to attain, what can be expected of each one is sincere and dedicated to work. The mind has to shed all attachment and thus kept under control. Only then can desires be eliminated and one learns to renounce all the worldly objects and aspirations. A pure understanding helps to control the mind and sense objects are not hankered after. The ability to regard all men with equal acceptance helps to ensure that there is also no likelihood of likes and dislikes that cause the mind to be troubled.

2. When one gets devotion to and full involvement in work? When one does work with full attention (without extending thoughts), only  then it will be meant to devotion and full involvement in work. So Krishnan advises people through Arjunan to live in Attentive Life (Life of Awareness).

3. Further He has advised the people to renounce the matters accumulated in the mind. I had already mentioned that when doing a work in full attention, thoughts of stress exit and vanish away. Thus sadness is completely gone away. Due to this, diseases are cured. So as per the advice of Krishnan, we can control our mind in Attentive Life.

4.  Ozho had told a story from the Upanisad:

Suwethakethu returned to home as an intellectual. He was an intelligent student. With all kinds of rewards, degrees, respectfulness etc he had come to home with proud ness.

5. His old father Uthalak had asked him one question “you had come with fantastic intelligence. But had you known things to be known necessarily? You had come with many gathered matters. There is the knowledge of your disown in your mind. But what is conscious ness? Do you know who are you?”

6. Swethakethu wondered “no body has raised such question anywhere at anytime? I have studied Veda, language, philosophy, poetry, literature, history, geography etc. But nobody has taught me what you had asked me? You have asked me a strange question which had not been found in our study curriculum.”

6A. Uthalak said “Alright! Do one thing. Do fasting for two weeks. Then I will ask another question”. Any young man will try to expose himself as a knowledgeable person. In the similar way, father of Swethakethu will also be happy to see his son as a knowledgeable person. Even though he was asked to be calm until the end of the two weeks of the fasting period, he did not stop to talk about the universal power and God. He had talked about God enormously.

7. Two days had passed. Father had asked him on the fourth day what is ‘Brammam (Supreme power)’. First he had said something. Then he had said the memorized matter. At the end of the week, he had tired.

8. Good appetite! to Swethakethu. So when his father asked him ‘what is Brammam’, he said “I would answer later!. Now I am in severe hungry and thinking of always my food! But you are asking me about ‘Brammam’. At present food is the Brammam”

9. His father said “So the reason of your knowledge obtained by you was that you were not appetite and looked after better with timely food. Hence it was easy to talk about big philosophy. Now I am going to ask one true question and answer me from all your collected knowledge”. His son said “I had forgotten all; I am now gripped by appetite only; Due to appetite I am not able to sleep and take rest; my stomach is burning; I do not know anything now and forgotten all I studied”. Uthalak now said “My son! Do you understand now! Food is the first step to proceed towards God! Food is the Brammam.” So food is the God; God is the food.

10. If Upanishad identifies the food as God, Tamilan identifies the God’s God. Which gives the food? Labor (work) gives the food. Without doing work, there is no food. So the Tamilan of BC had identified God’s God as ‘Doing work/profession is God.’

11. We will see that whether our ancestors had mentioned the work as God for just giving importance to the work or any direct connection between work and God.     

12. When doing work with attention, the top mind takes the work and uneasiness feeling arising out of doing work and travels towards inside. While traveling, the top mind carrying them pushes away the blocking stress thoughts which had been accumulated consequent to the past feelings of angry, excitation, disappointment, fear , jealousy, hating, defeat etc. out of the mind and continues the travel fastly towards inside (just like an arrow passes through air). On exiting the stressed thoughts diseases are cured. When the top mind reaches to the deep mind, uneasiness feeling arising out of doing work vanishes away and thus the depreciation of the organs involved in work is prevented.  On reaching the deep mind, it along with work merges with the deep mind. Deep mind is nothing but the extension of Universe i.e. they are not different but one and same. Universe and God are not different but one and same.

13. During merging one wonder thing happens. The ongoing work obtains energy with precision. The worker who does the work obtains enormous energy and the merged mind which begins to act as the top mind. So when one does work with full attention, he merges with God. So the proverb of Tamilan of BC ‘Doing work/profession is God.’ is 100% correct.

14. We salute to our ancestors who had lived Attentive Life by knowing the great truth of ‘Work is God’. So we will follow their foot path and live Attentive Life.

         Er.R.A.Bharaman (Healer Aromani), 9442035291.

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