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TM-Worship of God is nothing but doing a work with attention.

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Twin Medicine-Medicine of Medicinal Meditation Part II-ATTENTIVE LIFE 3
                      Attentive Life (Life of Awareness) 3

1.“Please give attention to your work” says an employer to his employee. The command sentence of the employer contains full spiritual. The ‘attention’ or ‘awareness’ indicates nothing but a mental exercise without extension of thoughts. Work is also a physical exercise. Doing a work (physical exercise) through mental exercise without extension of thoughts is the spiritual. So worship of God is nothing but doing a work with attention.

2. From the above we can understand that physical exercise or work without attention is not accounted for worship and there would not be any benefit out of it. Now people do exercise / work with wavering of thoughts. So they would not get any benefit from it. When they do work with attention they would not do any harm to anybody by thought, word and deed; this is the spiritual. God expects this only from people of the world.

3. When doing a work with attention, stress thoughts exit and vanish away. Thus our worries leave away from our mind and diseases are cured. Hence health of the body and the mind is the spiritual. As the Tamilans belonged to before the period of Tholkappiar and idol worship knowing the above principle had left the proverb of God to their heirs i.e. ‘Doing work/profession is God’.

4. The principles of all religions and teachings of all ‘Mahans’(Religious preachers) are contained in the sentence of ‘Doing work/profession is God’. All principles and teachings of all the religions and God’s proverb of Tamilans ‘‘Doing work/profession is God’ are structured in the supreme principle of ‘ Do n’t do harm to anybody by thought, word and deed’.

5. ‘When the birth starts in the womb of mother, the fate of the child will be registered. Any living being in the world goes along with the fate just like the boat goes along with the route of the flood water’ says Tamil poet Ganian Poonkuntranar who had lived in 2AD in his poem as ‘நீர் வழிப்படு உம் புனை போல

6. ‘திறவோர் காட்சி’ the sentence reveals that even in the ancient books of intellectuals prior to the period of the poet Ganian Poonkuntranar the above truth had been told.

7. From the above it is known well that the above truth had been circulated among the people living in the period before 2 AD and in BC.

8. Uddhava, a staunch devotee of Krishna sought clarification for many of his doubts as how and why the destruction of the Yadava race which had brought up Krishna should happen, when the Lord is all powerful; why and how the Pandavas suffered even when they were very dear to Him; why individuals fail to tread the path of spiritual realization and get caught in the cycle of samsara (worldly life).

9. Krishna replied that the basic principle of not only human existence but also cosmic existence is the law of Dharma (Justification). Violation of Dharma results in disaster. The doctrine of the cycle of births and of the moral law is more powerful than even the celestials.

10. The Yadava race had to be destroyed because of their Karma (Fate). They had become arrogant and destructive and if Krishna departed without destroying them, the entire human race would be in danger. All these things had to come about because of a curse earned through some misdeeds.

11. The humiliation of the Pandavas after the unfair game of dice was also a consequence of their Karma. Duryodhana sought Sakuni to play on his behalf. Had Yudhishtira (Dharmar) likewise thought of Krishna at that time things would have been different. None of the Pandavas called the Lord for assistance. Only Draupadi called Krishna and He sent the timely help.

12. The Lord implies that He is not involved in the actions of the people. He only watches as a witness. There is always the witnessing Self that takes stock of everything- thought, word and deed included - of every Jivatma. All the wrong and the good deeds are infallibly recorded and every deed meets its due retribution.

13. Silappathikaram is one among the 5 Perungkappiangal (Legends) in Tamil language written in the 2 A.D. century. It tells three truths and one is as ‘fate would play in one’s life(ஊழ்வினை உருத்துவந்து ஊட்டும்)’. Madalan, one of the players in the storey says “Despite Kovalan had done good deeds only in this birth, the reason for, after losing his wealth, like an orphan, and without informing to anybody in the midst of midnight, leaving his native place by bare feet walking with his wife was his fate only”.

14. As per Hindu mythology, the law of Karma (Action) is such that we get in life what we deserve and not what we desire. Our thoughts, words and deeds make us deserve our future. Every cause has an effect. When a good person suffers, it means that he is undergoing the effects of past Karma done on the basis of our desires.

15. So thoughts, words, and actions are agents of fate.

16. Suppose there was a man of good character in this birth. This character is utilized to experience of good and bad things in his life of present birth. In this birth he had earned his wealth in good ways. For escaping from bad things met with he had been forced to spend money for police and courts. He and his family said with grieve  among themselves as “we have earned money in honoust ways. Then why our money is improperly flowing like water to police and court”.

17. His relatives and neighbors said with sorrow “Ayyo! Why does the good family suffers like this?” Some others say “the man has spent the money earned in good ways like water for the police station and courts. He does not realize ‘ it is the time for evil people to flourish’. When he was in power of Government post he did not want to earn money in wrong ways because of maintaining his honesty! he had not known to how to live.”

18. Why had such situation come to that good man? He would have had earned his money in wrong ways in his previous birth. To make him to feel how much would have the people had suffered when losing their money, he was made to be good and earn money in good ways; He was made to spend the money earned in good ways for police station and courts. Thus the good man was made to suffer with grieve  for losing his money earned in good ways. Likewise good people suffer in this birth.

19. In the Legend ‘Ramayana’ God utilizes the character of the following truth of Raman, for experiencing the effects of his sins of his previous birth. He had gone to forest to fulfill his promise given to his father. Dasarathar had died without bearing the parting from his beloved son. The well-wishers of Raman prayed “o! Rama! Your father had died and thereby the promise given by you on banishment to your father had also died. Then why should you go to forest. Please return to the country!” Raman said “The promise of my father given to my step mother kaikeyi is true and it did not die”. So he had continued to travel in the forest.

20. In Mahabaratham legend, as karnan had been brought up without knowing the secret of his birth, he had been pushed up to the state of uncertainty and safety. So whoever had advised him, without accepting their advice, he would doubt on them. God had utilized this ‘doubt’ character for experiencing the effects of his sins of his previous birth. King Salia was the maternal uncle of Pandava brothers. By treating and hosting him in a grand manner by Duryodhanan and Karnan, he was made to join with the side of Duryodhana in the kurusethra war. During the peak of war, he had advised Karnan to hit the heart of Arjuna instead of his head. Karnan had doubted his advice. So he was defeated in the war and killed.

21. So the appearance of thoughts and formation of life are according to the fate. This formula is the root of the spiritual.

22. In a family, children of various characters of anger, honesty, strait forwardness, taking decision in hasty manner, jealousness, wicket  etc are born. God moves the dice of the characters for fulfilling the fate of the individuals. The problems may arise due to the above characters in the family. During those occasions, parents and other members of the family should not get angry or hating with the individual member of the family who is the cause of the creating problem. The fate of the family is the total addition of the fate of all the members including the parents. So whenever problems arise in the family, realizing that God is conducting everything, the whole family should face it calmly and with courage.

23. One cannot escape from fate.

24. Saint Thiruvalluvar says as said below.
ஊழிற் பெருவலி யாவுல மற்றொன்று சூழினுந் தான்முந் துறும்( Fate is very strong. If you run to escape from fate and hide, the latter would come first and stand before you.)”

25. But it is possible to reduce the fate. We can see how it is possible, later.

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