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TM-Special quality of British to con quire and rule India!

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        Attentive Life (Life of Awareness) 2

1.Tamilan had found the two words and understood the inner meanings of those words told by God to Adam and Eaval. He had followed the path of the inner meanings of the words and merged with God. He had belonged to BC. The Tamilians lived before BC had known well that ‘you and I are that and all others are also nothing but that’. So they had left that proverb to their heirs. It is not known whether that proverb is in vogue among the people of speaking different languages.

2. They had known well the correct way of worship to attain the blessings of God and life development. They had not worshiped God for a few seconds, minutes and hours but converted their life period for worship. Due to that they had with God and God had with them.

3. They had also known that if the mind wished always entertainments and ignorance was in dominant position, that mind is under developed one. By avoiding consciousness, thinking, talking, and acting are the product of the under developed mind.

4. They had known that the development of mind is the development of the spiritual. If the development of mind is 10% then the development of the spiritual is 10%. If the development of mind is 100% then the development of the spiritual is 100%. When the development of mind comes to 100% the health of body and mind will come to 100%. By knowing the health is the spiritual, and maintaining of their health 100% they had led Attentive Life (Life of Awareness) alias Spiritual Life or Natural Life; they had lived tense less life.

5. The evidence of the proverb of God left to us by our ancestor’s shows clearly that in the developed scientific era of the 21st century, people now live without knowing the science to be known. But people of that period of non development of science had lived with knowing the science to be known. By living the spiritual life, they had got development in Discipline; by the cooperation of Nature they had found development with effortless actions. The development in their life had brought them the fulfillment of the ultimate aim i.e. happiness.

6. From the proverb of God left to us by our ancestors, it is known clearly that they had got less imaginary fertility as they had known well that the imagination reduces one’s efficiency; reduced efficiency reduces his working capacity; reduced working capacity reduces his health of body and mind and thereby reduction in wealth. In Toto, imagination reduces development and happiness of human being.

7. The history teaches us that British people who has less imaginary fertility had captured many parts of the world and ruled them. As they had more mental fertility with less imaginary fertility, they had ruled the people of India having more imaginary fertility with less mental fertility. Due to the deficiency of mental exercise Indians have got less mental fertility.

8. Due to lack of mental fertility, there was no cooperation among the kings of India; they had got the characters of enmity, jealousness, ego, arrogance, efficiency less etc. As they had no capacity to find any new armaments to fight the enemies, they had fought with old armaments like swords, bow and arrows which were not able to meet with the newly found rifles and guns of the British army. So Briton which is equal to the land map of one state of India had ruled India of 36 states.

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