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TM-First nude woman of the world!

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Twin Medicine-Medicine of Medicinal Meditation Part II- Attentive Life 1
                                    Attentive Life (Life of Awareness) 1

1.The story narrated below is my own creation to suit my new finding called as Attentive Life (Life of Awareness).

2. GOD had created Adam. He had provided him all things to live. Adam had eaten all the fruits and vegetables in the Edan garden without any work and labor. He had also easily got different kinds of food So Adam had lived happily in the garden.

3. As per the order of GOD, he had not eaten the fruits of the tree which will bring him good and bad in life located in the midst of the Edan garden. So Adam had got no experience in twins such as good and bad, kindness and hatefulness, friendship and foe etc. He was a lonely man and had no relatives like wife, children, brother, sister etc. Where there exists no relationship, there no friendship and foe will be coming alternatively; the hatefulness will not come against other.

4. Adam had lived tense less life in the garden. In course of time he had forgotten that GOD alone is the cause for his happy life. This life had led to saturated level followed with discontent. He had not done any manual work. So he had fallen ill frequently. But GOD had cured his diseases then and there. Hence Adam had not met with any suffering from diseases. So he was thinking that life meant for happy life and not otherwise. He was in no thought that he must be grateful to the GOD for the happy life given to him.

5. GOD had wished to discord the discontented life of Adam. For that He had taken away the right side bone of his body and created a woman called as Eaval. He had informed to Eaval through Adam not to eat the fruits of the tree of the bringing good and bad. Even though Adam’s loneliness had been removed and they didn’t know the other side of happiness that is sorrow, their happiness was seemed nothing. They had not understood. appreciated and felt the direct involvement of GOD to look after their needs.

6. GOD had suddenly taken a decision that Adam must earn his food himself. For that he must work. For this he must maintain his Mind and body in good health condition. He must cure his diseases for himself. He must fulfill all his needs through his income derived out of his work. His wealth will be increased according to the quantity of work done by him. He must get experience with sorrow also. Then only he would realize the importance of happiness. The important thing is that he must be made to realize the existence of Being and everything in the world is carried out by Him.

7. Further Adam must get the experience of the twins viz good * bad, happy * sorrow, kindness * hatefulness, hotness * coolness, day * night etc. For this he must be made to eat the fruits of the tree of the bringing good and bad and to know the glories of the GOD. He should stop the direct appearance before them and hide His residence from them. They must be made to realize His existence during the course of their life. For coming to Him after realizing his existence, their well being must be in good condition. By this principle, they must understand that maintaining the good health would be the excellent worship which would pave the way to reach Him and attain salvation The above principle must be made mandatory law. When they adopted the above law, they would be in good health condition along with the peak Imayam in Spiritual. By this arrangement, their all worldly needs would be fulfilled with His bliss. They would not be affected by the experience of twins; they would live tense less life; they would get the full cooperation of Nature created by Him.

8. He had taken next action to implement His decision. He knew well that Adam would strict to adhere His order and implement it. So He had chosen Eaval to implement His plan well. He wants a suitable intermediator to induce her for accepting the plan. A figure was appeared in His mind through a flashed lightening picture. That figure was nothing but the cunning venomous snake copra. GOD ordered the snake to talk with Eaval with the instruction that she should not know that that matter had been emanated from Him.

9. The snake said Eaval “Please eat the fruits of the tree of bringing good and bad located in the midst of the garden and they would be tasty”

10. She refused to eat those fruits reminding him of the order of the Supreme.

11. “Please hear me daughter! He has got fear! After eating the fruits you would acquire the knowledge such that you would become Thevars”

12. She exclaimed “What! Would we become intelligent and Thevars ”

13. The snake nodded its head “yes, my daughter”

14. Suddenly Eaval went to Adam and told him the matter told by the snake. Adam asked her “can we violate the order of GOD”. She replied “why shall we afraid of Him. He fears! by eating the fruits we will become intelligent and Thevars”.

15. Eaval had given some fruits of the tree of the bringing of good and bad plugged from the tree and eaten some fruits for herself. As there was no alternative, Adam had also eaten the fruits with hesitation After that worst thing had happened and the plan of the ALMIGHTY fulfilled.

16. The third eye (Gnana kan, jnana eye) had shut up. Immediately Eaval had first time imagined of conjugal act engaged the previous day with her husband and enjoyed by heart. At that time only she had realized about her nude before her husband. So she had run to a tree and hidden herself behind the tree to cover her nude. As Adam was under similar situation, he had also run to a tree and hidden himself behind the tree to cover his nude.

17. GOD had come and called for them loudly. Adam said from the hidden place “we are in nude and can not come outside. I am not the cause for this condition. Eaval gave me to eat the fruits after plugging them from the tree of the bringing good and bad. Thus Adam had attempted to escape from the sin showing his finger towards his wife.

18. GOD’s face had spread with a mild smile. He had expected to occur such a thing and that thing occurred. He had acted as if he was angry and said angrily “You both have violated my order! From this time you have lost the sanctity to live in the Edan garden! So get out of this garden immediately!”

19. GOD cursed her “You deliver your children with pain!”

20. Adam cried “O! GOD! We have committed mistake first time!” and begs “Please forgive and permit us to live in the garden!” He understands first time what would be the suffering. GOD refuses to join them in the garden.

21. Adam asked with cried weeping “how will we be going to live! Who would give us food!

22. GOD replied “I will give you the entire land spread over the Earth. You and your heirs would work in the field until sweating comes. You must eat food from the income of your hard work. You must keep your health in good condition by yourself. From now onwards, you will be going to live tense life and to get experience in twins.

23. Adam asked with weeping “O! GOD! When and where will we meet you again? Tell us the way to reach you. When will we get happiness again? How will we get out of the sin?

24. GOD replied “two words will be in use in the languages spoken by you and your heirs; you will use those words frequently! But without understanding the inner meanings of the words you will commit mistakes repeatedly! You will get experience of the effects, good and bad and happy and sorrow. One who understands the correct meanings of those words and implements with actions, that day his third eye will be opened. He will be able to know my Residence and come to me. I will permit him to enter into Edan garden and live a happy life again. He had sent off them with smile.

25. The readers who read this article must find out those two words blessed by GOD. By understanding the inner meanings of those words and bringing them into the actions, then your third eye will be opened; you will know the Residence of Him; you will surrender to His feet; you will regain the lost paradise.

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