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TM- From ancient days, the forgotten 11 laws!

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1.I had still remembered that I had suffered with the breathing trouble on 25.12.1969. There were diseases coming and going viz. bad smell from mouth, uneasiness in the last side teeth, dental shore, tumor eruptions on the cheek, sudden pulling the nerves of neck and shoulder, diarrhea, dysentery, lip bite while eating, right side of the pelvic nerve pain, tumors in the eyebrows etc.

2. There were permanent diseases viz. sputum, mucus, watering nose, nasal block or nasal polyp, constipation, migraine, wheezing, vomiting etc. God had given me a new disease hernia during His research on my diseases.  

3. I had undergone operation 4 times for removing nasal polyp and one time to straighten my bended nose. When I was gripped with diseases, my working capacity had been reduced much. So at this condition, I had learnt Transcendental Meditation and practiced regularly. After 12 years practice I had learnt higher course ‘Siddhi’ and done it also regularly. The regular practice has increased my mental fertility God had emerged from the increased mental fertility, done research on my diseases and revealed me the findings.

4. From the findings got from God, I had sent away all the diseases ruled over me. He had ordered me to take these findings to the people. Upon his order, I have handed over the Twin Medicine (TM) to you.

5. When one had  adopted 11 Aromani Principles (AP) of Living Mother Medicine (LMM) and taken treatment in any medicine namely allopathic or ayurvedic or siddha or any other medicine. he will be cured permanently from any disease. Because, all the diseases appear when one violates the 9 Aromani Principles (AP). For an example, when one drinks water without thirsty, then only damage of heart, failure of kidney, formation of kidney stone etc are occurring.  

6. There are only 9 Medicinal Meditations for curing all the diseases in the Medicine of Medicinal Meditation (MMM). If one known these meditations, he can live without fear in a remote village of 20 km circumference of no medical facility. The reason is that you have a doctor and required medicines within yourself.

7. If you were well versed with one Medicinal Meditation (MM), then it is easy for you to switch over from the present horrible and misery life, the Imaginary life to happy and enjoyable life, the Attentive life, the life lived by Adam and Eval before eating the fruits of the tree bearing the good and bad things. “you may talk to God and vice versa.”.

Brief summary:
God's blessing Truths after the research of 29 years.
                                              Twin Medicine 
I. First medicine: Medicine of Living Mother (MLM)
All the diseases are cured by the 9 Principles in food and laws of Natural Agents.A
They are:

1. Aromani Technique:-
Every handful of food must be chewed well from 25 to 30 times. After a sufficient kavalams (handful of food ) , a belching will come from the mouth; on noticing the same eater must stop the eating. The belching indicates that the stomach is full. Even the coffee or tea or any other drink must be chewed well (25 to 30 times) and then swallowed. During eating, eater shall not see TV, read book, and talk and vigilant to note the counting the chewing and coming of belching from the mouth. By adopting this technique, all the diseases including diabetic disease can be cured fully.  Government of India has instructed me to propagate this technique  among the people for their welfare.

2. The temperature of the food shall be equal to the body temperature i.e. 37c. That is that eater would not feel hotness or coldness while masticating and swallowing. By adopting this principle, one can be cured from the diseases related to teeth, throat and stomach.

3. Natural food gives diseases. So all the fruits must be boiled like idlies in the idly cooking vessel for 3 minutes and then eaten. By adopting it prevention of allergy and strengthening the body becomes possible.

4. One shall drink water on thirsty only. By adopting this principle, diseases like asthma, cold, nose watering, nasal block, heart diseases, kidney related diseases, blood pressure,  liver disease, skin diseases etc can be cured and prevented .

5. There shall be a time gap of 4 hours in between one meal to other. In between, no snack like tea, coffee, vada etc except water on thirsty should be taken. By adopting the principles of this and Sl.No. 1, all the diseases including diabetic disease could be cured fully.

6. Faeces shall be made to quit out completely from the stomach. The symptom for the completion is that during the emanation of the last faeces, the feeling of a burning sensation will exist around the hole for sometime. The colour of the last faeces will be in darker than the previous all the faeces. By adopting this principle, diseases like the basic disease for all the diseases i.e. the indigestion, constipation, head ache, fever, cold etc would be cured.

7. Good ventilation (99 cum air /hour/person) is necessary. Mosquito net and coil shall not be used; To eradicate mosquito please see 7th Aromani principle.

8. Night sleep without daytime sleep is a best medicine for many diseases.  Diseases to be cured: Stress, Blood pressure, Heart attack,  Adequate amount of sleep revives the dead hair cells and helps rapid hair growth. Growth development for teenagers, better learning and understanding power, removal of tiredness, fatigue, laziness to do work etc. and thereby the very good performance in turnover of work

9. The holes and vacant space of the body shall not be blocked. By adopting this, all kinds of allergy due to blocking of holes and vacant space of the body followed with diseases could be avoided consequent of which the strength of the body would be increased.
10. One must do 1/2 an hour labour (walking) after breakfast, midday meals and 10 minutes after dinner at night for good digestion, appetite and easy outing of faeces.

11. One must do Medicinal Meditation for 20 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes in the evening and lying in the bed until sleep comes for outing depression. 
For details, please read ’Disease and Medicine at one place only!'  Tamil book published by Kovae Vijaya Pathippagam, Coimbatore-641001;Ph: 0422-2394614.

II. Second medicine: Medicine of  Medicinal Meditation (MMM)-Part I- Wonderful medicine; Drug less medicine; Immediate relief. 

MMM- Part II:- Life will be elevated to higher plane. That life is nothing but Attentive life, the life lived by Adam and Eval before eating the fruits of the tree bearing the good and bad things. 

If one adopted the above two medicines scrupulously, he may feel outwardly the reduction of diseases mentioned above and all others also in 15 days; he could be freed from all the diseases in 3 months. In short he will find heaven on Earth. 

Medicinal Meditation Expert
Er.R.A.Bharaman (Healer Aromani), BE.,FRHS.,RMP(AM),  
Superintending Engineer/Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (Rtd).
E.mail:twinmedicine@gmail.com; nomedicine-tamil.com and twinmedicine.com
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