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TM-Three pillars destroying human race.

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God's blessing Truths after the research of 29 years

                                         Twin Medicine

First Medicine-Medicine of Living Mother (MLM)}

 How God connects the Science and Spiritual?
1.The blood in the body represents Science and the mind represents Spirituality. Science found by westerners says that Special Reserve Blood (SRB) would go to the organs working in action to prevent depreciations of the same. They did not go beyond that and know that the SRB would not go to the working organs automatically. If they had known It, it would lead them to know the Attentive Life (AL) the Supreme Life in Spirituality, the life led by Adham and Eval before eating the fruits of the tree bearing good and bad things. It (SRB) would go to the working organs, only when the mind focus on the action + uneasiness feeling arising out of the action. Thus Science is connected with the Spirituality by the mind. 

2. Which is superior whether Science or Spiritual?
Spirituality is the superior to science. Because by the order of the mind (due to focusing the action by the mind) only, the blood goes to working organs. So Spiritual is superior than science..
3. How the sound health of body and mind is nothing but Spiritual?
If all the actions including sitting, standing etc were to be focused by mind (meditated), then only the SRB goes to those organs engaged in actions preventing depreciation and exiting of stressed thoughts But in vogue , people don’t focus the mind on actions.

4. . For an example, while eating, people see T.V. or read news papers or talk to others; that means that the SRB goes to the brain instead of hands, mouth, lips, teeth, gum, tongue, throat, stomach etc, the working organs resulting in increase in depreciation of the working organs and hindrance for exit of stressed thoughts. So when our actions of the day until going to bed are meditated or focused on actions by mind the SRB goes to the organs engaged in actions preventing depreciations and exiting of stressed thoughts so to say preventing the diseases.

5. Even laying in bed is also an action. In that case, the pressure of the side of our body lied in bed would also to be meditated until sleep comes. Thus God has designed human body in such a way to attain sound health of body and mind incorporating science and Spiritual in the body which co-ordinates each other.. So Spirituality is not a thing to be searched outside.

6.  What is the motive behind God for making the sound health of body and mind as Spirituality?     
It is His selfishness..  He has taken our body for rent and resides in it until the same exists.

7. What God has achieved another important thing by connecting blood (science) and mind (Spiritual)?
Another important thing achieved by God is wiping out of Imagination thereby Imaginary Life which is the cause of misery life of human being. Imagination, planning and taking decision after deep thinking are the three pillars of Imaginary Life. So, God has broken out the above three pillars by connecting science and Spirituality in our body. But due to ignorance people are living imaginary life..

8. Whether the Life, Science and Spirituality are identified as one or three?
The three are one. Life and Science are joined with and under the control of Spirituality. The above both cannot be separated and viewed as separate from Spirituality.

9. What is the motive of God on researching my diseases and revealing the findings to me?

“People have wrong opinions, principles, practices etc on Spiritual. So they suffer a lot. For alleviating their sufferings, God is doing research on my diseases to inform the people about the findings through me.

“Good health of body and mind is nothing but Spiritual. For obtaining good health, I have joined the science and Spiritual attaching the same within the body of people. Do not search the Spirituality outside. I am residing in your house (your body).  DO not search me from outside, waste time and money.” 

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