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TM-Present walking of no use



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இரட்டை மருத்துவம் (Twin Medicine)

முதல் மருத்துவம் (First Medicine) :-வாழும் தாய் மருத்துவம (வா.தா.ம) (10-03-2012) (Medicine of Living Mother (MLM)

                               BENEFICIAL WALKING
Science part in Physical exercise
1 For physical exercise, walking is taken as an example. It is common to see that while walking the people whether women or men will be talking with co-walkers or thinking something if walker was solo walking. If walked by talking and thinking, then the Special Reserved Blood (SRB) would go to the brain instead of working organs here legs, hip etc, and thereby causing depreciation of those organs engaged in walking. There is no benefit of such walking   but harms much. Spiritual part is absent in this type of walking. So its actions in curing pain arising out of walking and exiting stressed thoughts are nil and the latter two sustain after completing walking.

2. What is the beneficial walking?
The walking which has both science part and Spiritual part is the beneficial walking.

3. Science part in walking
While walking, you shall not talk to others or thinking something. Your attention (medicinal meditation) must be in walking. Whenever you get other thoughts, they must be stopped and brought back the mind smoothly to the object here walking again and again. When you do this, SRB goes to the organs engaged in walking, transferring the energy to those organs here legs, hip and assisting organs preventing the depreciation due to friction of tissues arising out of walking  thereby curing the pain in the legs. This is the benefit of walking given by science part.

4. Spiritual part in walking
When your attention (medicinal meditation on walking) is on walking, the top mind takes the pain of the working organs i.e. legs, hip etc arising out of walking and the stressed thoughts along with it and travel inside of it towards deep. When traveling, it sends away the pain and stressed thoughts out of it. When it completes its travel at depth, it would be empty without pain feeling and stressed thoughts and joins with deep mind (Almighty). The joined mind takes eternal energy and comes up to top with enormous joy ready for work. This is the benefit of the Spiritual part.   

5. It is better to those who are continuously working by sitting and persons affected by constipation to do physical exercise thrice daily so that the faeces will descend smoothly in the next morning.

6. If one was able to walk in hot sun for about 45 minutes and after coming and taking rest for 10 minutes starts work, then he can take it granted that he is in good health.

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