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Excess use of Vitamins & Minerals harms than heals.
[Aromani finding:  Under First medicine:-Medicine of Living Mother (MLM) in Twin Medicine]

1.When I was working as an Executive Engineer in Tuticorin Thermal Power Station, due to the avoidance of allergy food and medication for cold, nasal polyp, wheezing and head ache my weight was reduced to 37 kg in 1993. My family had worried much. Finally it was decided to take milk mixed with nutrient powder of minerals and vitamins, namely, Complan powder which was chosen for use with milk. Even though there was not much improvement in weight, there was some satisfaction that I was doing something for health improvement. The health drinks were changed with Bournvita and Boost.

2. After 2005, I had noticed that during night times, pulling of nerves of palm and fingers of   leg with pain followed with the disturbance of sleep was occurred. When consulted with a doctor, he had prescribed for tablets containing minerals and vitamins. But no remedy was seen. That suffering was continued until one day in the first week of 6/2012. A sudden thought from God had revealed that the continuous use of the drink containing minerals and vitamins might be the reason. On knowing the above, I had stopped the consuming of drinks of minerals and vitamins. Consequent to that, the pulling of nerves of palm and fingers of leg with pain was stopped.

3. How the drink containing minerals and vitamins be not harmful to the body before 2005 and why it be harmful after 2005 ?
On 20-11-1998, I had found the 4th Aromani Principle as per which the drinking of water without thirsty harms to the health. Prior to the above date, I had drunk a lot of water without thirsty. The water drunken by thirsty would be utilized by the body for the purpose for which thirsty feeling produced. Otherwise, water drunk without thirsty was ideally staying in vacant spaces of the body, and eroding the minerals and vitamins from tissues. It drags away such minerals and vitamins (including Water soluble vitamins B and C) along with it plus impurities. The contaminated water makes some deposits having different names such as stone, tumors, cancer etc and remaining water containing minerals and vitamins with impurities exits as urine. Thus due to the erosion of minerals and vitamins the body gets weakened. So my drinks containing minerals and vitamins make compensation for the loss of the same due to the drunken water without thirsty.

4. After finding the 4th Aromani Principle, I had drunk water with thirsty only. So there was no ideal excess water and thereby erosion of minerals and vitamins. This prevented the loss of minerals and vitamins from my body. The gradual built up of minerals and vitamins was continued up to the year and attained the required level in 2005.

5. After 2005, the minerals and vitamins became excess due to the drinking of the mix of milk with powder of minerals and vitamins. So the nervous system had become weak and caused the pulling of nerves of palm and fingers of leg with pain.  

6. The harms of the excess vitamins and minerals if built up in the body are explained below.

7. A balanced diet that includes a wide variety of the main food groups generally provides all the vitamins and minerals that our body needs. There are currently 13 vitamins and minerals.

8. What are Vitamins and Minerals?
Vitamins work together with enzymes and release energy from digested food and regulate the billions of chemical activities that occur in the body every minute of every day.
There are only a few examples where we do need certain vitamin or mineral supplements such as strict vegetarians, during pregnancy, or if you have a bowel problem that prevents you absorbing fat soluble.

Only a small dosage of vitamins is needed to keep the human body processes functioning properly. Vitamins and minerals should only be taken as recommended by our doctor as too many vitamins and minerals can cause health problems as they can be toxic at high doses.
 Too much vitamin A can result in a loss of appetite, headaches, irritability, liver damage, bone pain, and neurological problems, including brain damage.

10. Excess vitamin B6 causes neurological symptoms similar to multiple sclerosis, including numbness and tingling of the hands, difficulty in walking, and electric shocks shooting down the spine

11; Large amounts of niacin can cause severe flushing, skin disorders, liver damage, ulcers, and blood sugar disorders

12. Doses of vitamin C greater than 500mg have not been proven to show any benefits in preventing viral or other infections. Calcium is considered very important to protect the bones from "thinning" in the elderly.

13. Large doses of vitamin C have been associated with diarrhea, kidney stone formation, and impaired copper absorption.

14. Too much vitamin D may cause weight loss, vomiting, irritability, destructive deposits of calcium in soft tissues like the kidneys and lungs and possibly fatal kidney failure.

15. Because the body cannot get rid of excess amounts, too much vitamins A and D can cause serious side effects. If we have liver or kidney problems this can allow a toxic build-up of extra vitamins, in effect poisoning our body.

16.  Minerals
The main minerals the body requires are calcium, magnesium, iodine, chromium, phosphorus, iron, copper, selenium, fluoride and zinc.

17. High Toxicity

High concentrations of minerals in the body can have ill effects on our health. Symptoms of mineral toxicity vary as toxic levels depend on the type of mineral and how much of it our body takes in. Mineral toxicity can occur as the result of accidentally consuming too much of a particular mineral or taking too many mineral supplements or drugs that contain minerals.


18. High levels of iodine in the bloodstream can interfere with hormone functioning. Too much sodium can cause confusion, seizures, coma and even death. Selenium is a mineral that is toxic in just small doses. Symptoms include black fingernails and the smell of garlic on our breath and skin. Boron can be toxic in quantities of more than 100 mg causing symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, rash, shock and coma. Phosphorus toxicity prevents the absorption of calcium and magnesium in the body. When ingested in amounts more than 1 g daily, phosphorus can cause diarrhea or lead to calcification of organs and soft tissues.

19. Iron

Iron is stored in many of our organs and is excreted rarely. This makes iron toxicity a concern. Toxicity can cause digestive upset, organ failure and death, in extreme cases. To avoid iron toxicity, consume no more than 45 milligrams of iron a day. Chicken liver and fortified cereals have the largest doses of iron. Meat sources of iron are more readily absorbed and therefore are more likely to cause toxicity. If liver is our favorite food, consider having our iron levels tested as a precaution.

20. Zinc
Zinc overdose can cause nausea, headache and fatigue. Extremely high amounts of zinc have also been linked to anemia, low immune function and an increased chance of urinary tract infections. The National Institutes of Health suggests keeping your intake of zinc below 40 milligrams a day, between food and supplement sources. Zinc is in many of the meats, seafood, nuts and eggs you eat. Because zinc is in so many common foods, it is important to use zinc supplements under a physician’s watch to prevent an overdose

21. In the month of 6/2012, I had taken one drop of neem oil by applying in my palm and consumed by tongue before breakfast in the morning for one month. After a gap of one month, I had used the neem oil for 10 days. After a gap of one month, I had used neem oil for another one month. This treatment had cured me from mucus production remarkably.    

22. In view of the above, continuous use of drinks containing minerals and vitamins harms to the health. By adopting this, there would be an improvement in nervous system.

     Er.R.A.Bharaman (Healer Aromani)
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