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                      SATISFACTION IN CONJUGAL LIFE              
 Animals give birth to the walking cubs. Even the ancient women give birth to the walking children. The modern women only give birth to even not the crawling children but flatly lying children. They will walk after one year. what is the reason for this? Animals and ancient men had obtained full energy out of food due to the adoption of Aromani 9 Principles of the Natural laws.

1. Due to the evolution of the civilization, the modern man has forgotten the technique for eating to the correct level of his stomach. He has become the slave for the taste of the food and begun to eat more than that of the level of his stomach. So he has become bodily weak gripping with various diseases. 

2. By eating natural food, he has been affected by allergy and thus lost the energy of the cooked food. 

3. He is pushed to adopt the modern mechanical speedy life. So he has accustomed to impatience in all walks of life. The consequence is that he has lost  the patience to eat the food of normal temperature food (37 °C). He has added in his food schedule the different temperature food of hot and cold like hot rice, coffee, ice cream, ice water, cold drinks etc.   He has forgotten that the above food would make the organs of digestive system to expand and contract followed with diseases. The result is that his body has become further weak due to the diseases.

4. He has invited a lot of diseases by  drinking the water without thirsty. 

5. He has eaten intermittently snacks without appetite resulting in the appearance of various diseases. 

6. He has not known the necessity of outing the faeces fully from the large intestine. Thus he is losing his energy for his above innocense. 

7. Due to the non living of dharma life, he has lost belief that Creative Head of all creations would save him. So he has used to sleep in a non ventilated room by closing windows fearing for thieves, enemies, unsocial elements etc. In this way also, he has lost energy due to various diseases.  
He has not known that Almighty is staying in his body as a tenant. Without knowing the above truth he is searching him in outside. He has forgotten that God residing body must be healthy and so his house and surrounding must be clean. His forgetfulness has led to the production of mosquitoes. He has invented mosquito net instead of eradication of the same and slept within the net. The consequence is that he has embraced with diseases due to paucity of air and inhaling of the impured air. Apart from the above, he has further spoiled his body by inhaling the poisionous gas of mosquito coil and liquid. 

8, He has lost his night sleep by day sleep. This has brought him tieredness of mental and physical in the next day. Further he has become laziness which made the reduction of physical labour and pushed him to poverty. 

9. He has adopted the bad habits of drinking liquors, chewing tobacco, smoking, snuff, betal nut etc. Such habits make his body to get weak by allergy followed with diseases.

10. As above he has lost huge energy from the energy of ancient man. So, one in thousand time of the speed of athlete in Olympic compared to that of a thousand times of the speed of ancient man run for hunting the animals is said to be achievement. The athlete was awarded for his achievement. How the modern man who has lost most of his energy as said above gives birth to the walking child?

11. Further from the childhood, he comes with contact of smoking, liquors, wrong sexual acts, prostitutes etc. Those deviations from the right paths make insufficient production of his sexual energy.  Women are brought up with discipline. When women are said to be full pot, the men are said to be lo pot. This up and down position affects the family life. The partner leaving behind the old partner chooses a new partner. Due to this, marriage agreements are broken. By this way, men and women are suffering a lot.
12. Due to the lack of the above discipline actions of men not only affect their minds but also affect the production of semen causing less sexual feeling and of sperm vigor. Nobody has doubt that the production of semen depends upon the food. When that food itself was faulty, the quality of the semen would also be defective.

13. The food and other life style based on the Aromani 9 Principles increase the energy of your body and cure the diseases. Thus the weak physical becomes the energetic physical. The latter (energetic physical) produces large quantity of energetic semen.

14.  Dut to the treatment given by the Medicine of Medicinal Meditation (MMM), people are liberated from the habituation of liquor, stress, sufferings, diseases ect. So their nervous system becomes strong. This strength make the sperm retain in the penis so as to the constant erection until the women are ready for the end of the sexual act.

15. As above said, when men and women adopted Aromani 9 Principles and took the treatment in MMM, they get satisfaction in conjugal life. By this way they attain the eternal happiness in their lives. 

Healer,  Medicinal Meditation Expert   Er.R.A.Bharaman (Aromani) B.E, Former Superintending Engineer/ Tamil Nadu Electricity Board. 

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