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1.The animals living in the forest do not give birth to the disabled or defective cubs. But in human being, women give birth to the disabled children. why such thing happens?

2. Because, conceived women eat more than that of the correct level of their stomachs; they eat natural food without converting to the cooked food; they eat hot and cold food at a time alternatively; they drink water without thirsty; they eat without appetite; they prevent the air by using mosquitonet, inhale the poisionous gas from mosquito coil; they undertake day time sleep; they block the ears fearing the cold. Thus due to the non adoption of the Aromani 9 Principles in their routine life, the conceived women are affected by jaundice, animia, diabetes, wheezing, cold, blood pressure etc. such diseases lead to the birth of defective children.  

3. The children are healthy from the day of birth until mother feeding is stopped. Because, they dring mother’s milk to the correct level of their stomachs; mother’s milk is at 37 °C  (body’s temperature); During mother’s feeding there is no intake of natural food like fruits; they do not dring water from outside; they drink mother’s milk to the correct level of their stomachs after appetite; faeces exit fully; they begin to weep when there is no sufficient air, Thus they adopt all the principles of Aromani naturally     

4. After only stopping the mother feeding and changing to solid food, the children are affected by cold, fever, breating trouble, diahrrea etc. why those things happen? During mother’s feeding, the children drink mother’s milk by themselves whereas during solid feeding, mothers are over feeding the food to the children. After feeding was over, they are forced to drink water without thirsty; When they weep for some other reasons, mothers are forcing them to eat snacks like biscuits, fruits etc without appetite; they eat natural fruits without converting them to cooked food; they are forced to sleep inside the mosquito nets. Thus during the solid food period, their independence is completely lost. So they are compulsorily exposed to the diseases.

5. Why the children should not be fed by mothers? No animal would feed the food to the cubs.
when the child is crawling, it will take the materials lying down and swallow the same inside mouth. God has given this habit to the child for eating the solid food by itself without mother’s help. If the rice was kept in a plate, it would take rice oneby one and begins to eat. When the stomach was full, it would stop eating by itself. If it was allowed to eat like this, it would develop the habit of eating to the correct level of stomach and grow without diseases.

6. As of now the mothers are feeding their children, the latter (the children) are growing by eating without knowing how to eat to the correct level of its stomach. In course of time, they have come to the stage of eating more than their requirements. So they are affected frequently by indigestion problems, cold, constipation, head ache, fever etc consequent of which the parents immerse in grief. Such unwarranted situations are arised due to by mothers only not  children. After feeding, the children are forced to dring water. This leads to the habit of  drinking the water without thirsty by them.   By this habit, they are gripped by the primary complex, tightness in the chest due to sputum, breathing problems, nasal block, watering nose etc.

7. Contrary to the above, the habit of the drinking water on thirsty must be developed among the children. Boiled and cooled water must be filled up in a feeding bottle and placed in a particular place. When thirsty arised for the child, it indicate the water bottle. Then it (water) must be given to the child to drink. When the thirsty arised in the next time, the child would go to the place, take the water bottle and drink the same.Thus if the habit of drinking water on thirsty is developed, the children would be freed from many diseases. 
8. ”Over eating by pregnant women and the rapid changes in the life style are contributing significantly to over nutrition that is likely to have adverse impact on women during pregnancy and lactation period..” Thanks: ‘THE HINDU’ dated: 6-1-2008  
9. When the children were habituated to adopt other Aromani Principles of Natural laws, their development would be gradual with healthy,  strengthy  and well developed brain. Under such circumstances, they would become mighty by achievements.

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