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TM-9th AP- Treatment for Allergy, Nasal block, Watering nose, Cold in chest

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                                               Twin Medicine
                     First medicine:-Medicine of Living Mother (MLM)
                                         9thAromani Principle.

                                      Space (one of the 5 natural agents)

Blocking of the holes and vacant space of the body is a serious matter.

1. There are totally 10 holes of 2 ears, 2 nostrils, 2 eyes, 1 mouth 1 belly button, 1 anus if she is female 1 vagina or if he is male 1 penis in our body and skin holes (pores).

2. Ear

Fluid in the Ear

Fluid in the ear is caused by an obstruction of the 

auditory tube, which prevents the fluid from draining into 

the back of the throat. Sometimes this is caused by infection, or the enlargement of surrounding structures, such as the adenoids or sinus tissue., If the tube is being blocked by surrounding tissue, the removal of this tissue may also be necessary.

3. Excessive Ear Wax

Too much ear wax (cerumen) can also impair the function of our auditory tube. This type of ear wax blockage needs to be removed by a professional, preferably an ear, nose and throat doctor. Wax can be removed with special ear drops that dissolve the wax, by irrigation, or with a special instrument which the doctor uses to "dig" the wax out.

4. Congestion

Too much mucus can gum up our auditory tube and make it difficult to maintain the pressure in the middle ear space. A cold virus is also a common cause of congestion, but if it lasts longer than about three weeks, we may be dealing with allergies.

5. When I was working as an Executive Engineer in Tuticorin Thermal Power Station, I had used to inspect ‘0’ meter (under ground building) where cooling motors would be running. The noise of the running motors would be very high. So the workers working there and supervision staff were provided with ear plugs to block the noise to ear. I had used the earplug first time for 10 days. I had caught with severe cold and watering nose. For some days I am puzzled with panic without knowing the reason for the sudden cold and watering nose. Then sudden flash from God revealed that the use of earplug might be the reason. Immediately I had stopped using the earplug and astonished to know that cold and watering nose had been reduced gradually and vanished completely in two days.  From this incident, I come to the conclusion that if airway to the ear is blocked, the disease of allergy (cold and watering nose) would appear.





 5. Nowadays it is common to see that the youngsters are blocking the ears for hearing the music. Similarly people are using a device to block both the ears for preventing cold air entering into ears during winter season for avoiding catching cold. Both actions would prevent air entering into ears which would lead to ‘allergy’ followed with other diseases. Please see 7th Aromani Principle for further information.  

The cause of the fluid and congestion in the air may be due to violation of the 9 Aromani Principles.

7. Allergy
What is meant by allergy?
The expression of the unwillingness of the body is termed as allergy. Allergy is revealed by one or more diseases. For allergy, there are a lot of example. 

8. From the beginning of January, this year (2013), there was a slight head ache and wheezing from the awakening in the morning. When eaten curd, a large quantity of mucus had begun to come. I had taken one drop of neem oil before breakfast to stop the mucus.  As my wife had gone to our native place, I had eaten bread with jam taken from fridge, oily murukku prepared in a tea stall and milk mixed with nutrias powder as the breakfast. At the same evening, I had been affected by sneezing, cold, watering nose, and nasal block. Next day, I was gripped with severe throat infection. Even though I had done medicinal meditations for the above diseases individually and jointly and been cured. But the cure was temporary, reduction in severity and the complete cure was not possible. I had stopped the curd and the fried vegetables. When last year in the same period I was able to eat the above with good health, why I was not in this year; the question puzzled and made me panic, because I like curd very much. I had afraid that curd could not be eaten thereafter. However I had consoled myself that the breakfast (bread, jam, oily murukku) eaten on the other day might become food poisoning. 

9. One day in the last week of July, I was in deep sleep, I had heard a voice of command from God “change your porvai.” With half sleep, I had awakened from bed, gone to hall, taken a washed, ironed, folded porvai made of cotton, came to my bed again and slept well with the cotton porvai. Suddenly I had been relieved from all the diseases. Whenever I had thought of His command I would be very much astonished and a feeling of joy running inwardly throughout my body. 

9A. Why I had got the trouble of diseases in between January and July! You must know the reason! On 31-12-2012, my daughter had given me a porvai made of synthetic material. I had liked this much because it was very light weight like flying cotton, gave good protection to my body from cold wind and easy to take for travel.  I had used it in January, up to middle of February, and early mornings of March. At that period, I had felt  slight head ache and wheezing which was nil in the same period of last year. As the symptom of diseases was light, I had not taken them seriously. So the body has not accepted the synthetic material of porvai to be used for it and expressed its dislike as allergy in terms of the above diseases.

10. If you were in a place of paucity of air, the body expresses its difficulty to be in the place of dearth of air as allergy like sneezing, catching cold, watering nose etc. When the materials of dress, porvai etc are made of other than cotton or terry cotton (90:10), the allergy of the body would be itching, catching cold etc. when head was covered with something blocking the air then there would be allergy of head ache. Dust, smell of paint.  campurani smoking, for prolonged illness, some food items are in the list of allergy. The food items and drinking water shall not be kept for a long time in the vessels made of plastic materials which are made of chemical substances; they will react with water for producing allergy. Hence vessels made of eversilver, aluminum etc.  may be used

In short, allergy is the main source of all the diseases.    

11. Nostrils
Nasal congestion is the blockage of the nasal passages usually due to membranes lining the nose becoming swollen from inflamed blood vessels. It is also known as nasal blockage. . Nasal congestion can interfere with the ears, hearing, and speech development. Significant congestion may interfere with sleep, cause snoring, and can be associated with sleep apnea. In children, nasal congestion from enlarged adenoids has caused chronic sleep apnea with insufficient oxygen levels and hypoxia, as well as right-sided heart failure. The problem usually resolves after surgery to remove the adenoids and tonsils. Nasal congestion can also cause mild facial and head pain, and a degree of discomfort. 

12. In March, 1979, I had undergone an operation in nose for nasal polyp (a mass block of nose). The mass block in the nose had become the cause for cold, watering nose, head ache and wheezing. During the above period, I had used to breathe by mouth in most of the time of a day and suffered a lot.  The mass had grown again in 3 years. So I had again undergone second time operation in nose for nasal polyp in 1982. In September, 1984, I had learnt Transcetendal Meditation at Maharishi Garden in Chennai and done regularly which led the mass block of the nose for gradual growth for 10 years. So I had again undergone third time operation in nose for nasal polyp in May, 1992 after two months of joining as Executive Engineer in Tuticorin Thermal Power Station .

13. At that time of my discharge from the Hospital, I had asked the Chief Doctor of  the ENT department, the reason for the repeated growth of mass in the nose and how to prevent it from growth. He had said that some Nucleus spots for mass growth are there and until all the Nucleus spots are cleared, the mass growth would be repeated. On hearing that, I was very much upset and depressed. By seeing my pitiable position, another doctor had advised me to be careful for not catching cold. After finding the Aromani first Principle to know the correct level of stomach while eating and adaptation of the same, I had found that the opinion of the Chief was wrong. Before discharge, in the previous day, a junior doctor had examined my nose and cleared the debris. He had told me that your nose is slightly bending and unless the bending was not straitened, catching of cold could not be prevented. During the next round of visit of the Chief, I had asked him why I was not operated for straitening the nose along with the operation of nasal polyp. He had said that as you was very weak, nose bending operation was not done. The bending of nose might be occurred due to frequent clearance of sputum from nose by bending and pressing the nose for a long time.

14. Due to pollution and bending of my nose, the mass growth was fast so as to undergo another operation for nasal polyp within a year ie.March,1993,

15. By God’s blessing, I had found the Aromani Technique (AT) by which one can find the correct level of the stomach while eating on 04-12-1993. After eating to the correct level of my stomach, the growth of mass in the nose had been stopped. During winter and rainy season only I was affected with cold followed with water nosing, sneezing, wheezing and head ache because of nose bending. In those days I was under medication.

16. Subsequently I had found that the different temperature food, natural food say fruits, and drunken water without thirsty give diseases. So I had used to eat food after reducing the temperature to 37 deg c of body temperature; steam cooked fruits; and drinking water (after boiling and cooling) on thirsty. These findings were found before 12-12-2000. On that date I had found another new medicine for treating the diseases by mind (Medicine of Medicinal Meditation). The previous one is for body treatment (Medicine of Living Mother). Even though I was relieved from the severances of the diseases, I was not cured fully and so under medication. Before finding the second medicine i.e. Medicine of Medicinal Meditation (MMM), if I had eaten allergy food namely, oily food, ghee, curd, briyani etc., I had to take heavy antibiotic and pain killer tablets for cold, watering nose, headache, and wheezing, So to avoid tablets, I had avoided allergy food. But after finding the MMM, I had dare enough to eat allergy food. Because I had faced boldly the above diseases and been also other diseases arising out of allergy food by doing Medicinal Meditations for cold, watering nose,  head ache and wheezing individually or jointly, cured  without any drug and side effect.

17. I had been affected with a new disease of hernia which was known to me on 10-03-1997 because of my research in natural food. The intestine gets down from its original position and hangs which is hernia.. For some days, it goes up to its original position during sleep in the night. When awakening from sleep in the morning, the intestine gets down slowly to the new position during which time descending makes heavy pain. In those days, I would start medicinal meditation for pain. Within 20 to 30 minutes, the hernia pain would be vanished. After taken treatment for 3 months in MMM, I was free from hernia pain for 15 years and not gone for hernia operation.

18. Eyes
Glaucoma is an eye disease in which the optic nerve is damaged in a characteristic pattern. This can permanently damage vision in the affected eye(s) and lead to blindness if left untreated. Along with causing heart and kidney problems, untreated high blood pressure can also affect our eyesight and lead to eye disease. Hypertension can cause damage to the blood vessels in the retina, the area at the back of the eye where images focus.. The damage can be serious if hypertension is not treated   Normal blood pressure at rest is within the range of 100-140mmHg (top reading) and 60-90mmHg (bottom reading). High blood pressure is said to be present if it is persistently at or above 140/90 mmHg.

19. A cataract is a clouding that develops  in its envelope (lens capsule), varying in degree from slight to complete opacity and obstructing the passage of light. Cataracts typically progress slowly to cause vision loss, and are potentially blinding if untreated. The condition usually affects both eyes, but almost always one eye is affected earlier than the other.
The carotid arteries are located in our neck and are the main arteries supplying blood to the eyes and brain.
When blood flowing through the carotid artery is reduced or blocked, the eyes and brain do not receive enough oxygen. As a result, brain function and vision can be greatly affected.

20. Throat
What is difficulty swallowing (dysphagia)?
Difficulty swallowing  is usually a sign of a problem with our throat- the muscular tube that moves food and liquids from the back of our mouth to our stomach. It can happen to people who have problems of the brain or nervous system.
21. If you have a hard time swallowing once or twice, you probably do not have a medical problem. But if you have trouble swallowing on a regular basis, you may have a more serious problem that needs treatment.
22. Something is blocking our throat This may happen when stomach acid backs up regularly into our throat; it can cause ulcers in the throat, which can then cause scars to form. These scars can make our esophagus narrower. This is GERD disease.
It can also be caused by an allergic reactionto food or things in the air.Some growth of tumors in the throat may be cancerous or not cancerous.There are masses outside the throat that press on our throat..

23. A dry mouth can make the above problem (dysphagia disease) worse. This is because we may not have enough saliva to help move food out of our mouth and through our throat. A dry mouth can be caused by medicines or another health problem.
24. Smoking
In smoking the smoke blocks the mouth, throat, food tube, lungs etc. It causes to produce starting with diseases of allergy which ends to cancer  During smoking, Nicotine of the cigarette is absorbed quickly through the lining of the mouth, in the lungs, into the bloodstream, and travels to the brain in a matter of seconds. Increased levels of nicotine are absorbed by inhaling the smoke into the lungs and taking frequent and deep puffs. Tobacco smoke is harmful to smokers and nonsmokers.

25. Cigarette smoking causes many types of cancer, including cancers of the lung, esophagus, larynx (voice box), mouth, throat, kidney, bladder, pancreas, stomach, and cervix, as well as acute myeloid leukemia.

26. Chewing tobacco
Chewing tobacco blocks the hole of mouth. It has ingredients like chemicals, gravel, and even sand. Just think about it. Chewing on gravel and sand cannot be good for your teeth. Now add a destructive chemical to it. All these elements combined will ruin your smile quickly. Your teeth will lose their enamel and you will see the final result is tooth loss.

27. In addition to the tooth harm you will see that you get more sore throat and sensitive lips or gums. Eventually this can spread to your tongue. The feeling of sensitivity may move on towards rashes, immobility of jaw or numbness in lips. This can also mean a burning sensation. Eventually, chewing tobacco will lead to oral cancer.

28. Snuff
Snuff blocks the nose and mouth. Though dry snuff has been shown to possibly reduce allergies, it does still contain carcinogenic agents, and people who use it may be increase their chances of developing oral forms of cancer.

29. Bellybutton
Fluid leaking from your belly button usually means you have some kind of infection that originates deep inside your belly button, especially if the fluid is a small amount and has an odour that weeps from your belly button. It is worth noting that if the fluid is seeping out in a copious amount, it has to be treated.

30. What is Crohn's disease?
If you have Crohn's disease, you get patches of inflammation on your bowel. Thei nflammation can become severe, and cause serious complications like a blockage inyour bowel.Crohn's disease can be difficult to put up with, and lasts a long time. However, the symptoms come and go, and there are likely to be times when you don't get any symptoms

31. Anus

The piles can be of various sizes and can be internal ones (inside the anus) or external ones (outside the anus). Typically, internal piles occur from 2 to 4cm above the opening of the anus. External piles occur on the outside edge of the anus. The internal ones are much more common

32. Penis
Extrinsic Obstruction of the Ureter
The ureter is a thick-walled tube that transfers urine from the kidney to the bladder. It is approximately 10 inches long, with the upper half located in the abdomen and the lower half in the pelvic region. But what happens when the ureter becomes blocked?
Extrinsic obstruction of the ureter is a condition caused by organs and diseases that press against the ureter and cause a blockage within the ureter. The resulting blockage affects the flow of urine out of the ureter and can eventually cause urine to build up, which can injure the kidney.

33. How the erection system fails (impotence) 

Physical and mental problems are often responsible for impotence. For example, nerves to the spongy tissue can be damaged by diabetes, blood flow can be impaired by clogged arteries and many medications interfere with erections.

34. How your penis works

Your penis is mainly made up of spongy tissue and blood vessels.The tube that carries urine and semen runs through the middle. It's called the urethra.When you have an erection, the spongy columns fill up with blood and get stiff.

35. How you get an erection

Erections happen when nerves in the penis release certain chemicals that change the way blood flows into the penis.
Blood vessels called arteries supply the extra blood that we need to get an erection.
Scientifically the above fact is correct. But as per spirituality, the blood would not go automatically to the penis due to the following finding.
There is some extra blood called as Special Reserve Extra Blood (SREB) stored in our body. This blood is similar to the Special Armed Reserve Police (SARP) which would be used exclusively at the time of violence breaks out. The SARP will be rushed to the spot of the violence and quench it by an order. If SARP is not rushed to the spot of violence, heavy damage to people and property would occur. During those times, the territorial police for maintaining the Law and Order would not be disturbed.

35A. Similar to the functioning of the police, the Special Reserve Extra Blood (SREB) functions in order to maintain the body in good health condition. Whenever we work, the SREB goes to the working organs of the body. Scientifically the SREB goes to the organs engaging in works and transfers the energy to the organs engaged for work. Thus the depreciation of the organs due to work done would be reduced preventing any future disease. The peculiar thing in this case is that the SREB would not go automatically to the organs engaging in works, but it goes to those organs which are fully involved in work (by the order of the mind like the movement of the special police by an order of the appropriate authority). That means that the worker must focus on the work +pain or any uneasy feeling arising out of doing the work preventing the oscillation of mind then and there.

36. Similarly when you focus your thought on sexual actions, then only the Special reserved extra blood (SREB) goes to the penis for erection. Thus Almighty puts the checks to the man then and there for purifying his thought, word and action. Further the above ethical condition is linked with good health i.e. During the sexual activities, if your thought is focused in connecting with some other women , then the SREB goes to the brain instead of the working organs particularly penis. In this case, the penis would not get erected at all which leads to impotence and depreciation of other organs, namely, hands, legs etc due to lack of blood supply.  

37. Levels of hormones

If you don't have enough of a erection hormone, you may have erection problems. Having too much of a hormone called prolactin can also give you erection problems.

38. Pelvic inflammatory disease
Pelvic inflammatory disease(PID) is almost always caused by an infection from having sex. The infection starts in your vagina and spreads to the rest of your reproductive organs. The fallopian tubes carry eggs from your ovaries to your womb. If these tubes get inflamed scar tissue may form and block them. This makes it hard to get pregnant. And if you do get pregnant, the baby may start growing part way along your fallopian tube, instead of in your womb.. It can be dangerous.

39. What are the symptoms?
Symptoms include: pain in the lower part of your abdomen; pain during sex; bleeding between your periods or after sex; and a discharge from your vagina, which may smell bad. Some women also get chills or pain in the lower back, feel sick, need to pass urine often, and find passing urine painful. Or you may have increased pain during your period or in the middle of your menstrual cycle. Your periods might also stop altogether.

40. How is vaginal cancer diagnosed?

More than 8 out of 10 women with invasive vaginal cancer have one or more symptoms, such as:
  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding (often after intercourse)
  • Abnormal vaginal discharge
  • A mass that can be felt
  • Pain during intercourse
41. Symptoms of advanced vaginal cancer may be painful urination, constipation, and continuous pain in the pelvis. Having these symptoms does not always mean that you have cancer. Remember, the sooner the problem is correctly diagnosed, the sooner you can start treatment, and the more effective your treatment will be.

42. Bumps on the Vagina 

You feel a bump in your genital area, and immediately, you worry about infection, sexually transmitted diseases, or any number of scary outcomes. In fact, lumps and bumps on or around your vagina are quite commonplace and usually nothing to worry about.
Most lumps and bumps are discovered on the outside of the body, properly called the vulva. You can have bumps and lumps on the inner part of the genitalia that are large and small, painful and painless. Sometimes, you will note discharge from the bump, and this is an important symptom to make note of the time for treatment. A simple bath in warm water can occasionally relieve the pain of some bumps,

43. Causes of Bumps on the Vagina

One of the most common benign causes of lumps on the vaginal area is cysts. These are blocked glands that often swell up and can become painful. Sometimes, they can look like pimples, and you may be tempted to squeeze them to relieve the pain and pressure. This is generally not a good idea because you open up the area to infection from the rest of the vulva. It is better to allow these cysts to open on their own and drain naturally. For large and very painful cysts, it may be necessary to take treatment for drainage
Blocked hair follicles are common in the genital region and can occur on the inside of the vulva. This is often called an ingrown hair, and they will need draining if they are big and painful. Otherwise, they tend to resolve on their own.
Similarly, you can have a clogged sweat gland in the genital region and this can easily lead to an infection and become painful.

44. What is the best time for intercourse between husband and wife?
Intercourse shall not be carried out immediately after going to bed for sleep. Work*Rest is the natural phenomena. We work in the day by spending energy of the body. So the energy is gradually reducing from the morning to the time until going to bed in the night. The energy is therefore at very low level with tired nervous system when you go to bed. If you undertake intercourse immediately after going to bed for sleep, due to tired nervous system, early ejaculation will happen which will become embarrassment for you and your wife.
It is therefore recommended that intercourse may be undertaken after deep sleep and that too if awakened by sexual urge.
45. Skin
Our body work best when its temperature is about 37ºC. When our body gets hotter than that, our brain don't like it. It wants our body to stay cool and comfortable. So the particular part of our brain that controls temperature sends a message to our body, telling it to sweat.
Then special glands in our skin called sweat glands start making sweat. The sweat leaves our skin through tiny holes called pores. When the sweat hits the air, the air makes it evaporate (this means it turns from a liquid to a vapor). As the sweat evaporates off our skin, we get cool down.

46.  If we stop sweating, our body continues to heat up and end up overheating; there is increased blood flow in our body, putting stress on the heart. Sometimes blockages with oil and dead skin cells can develop in the pores, which lead to skin irritation, the development of pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, cysts. and acne. Blocked pores can be cleared with cosmetic procedures and store-bought products,
47. Vacant space
Stomach have a big organ of vast vacant space. People are now eating not to the correct level of stomach but more than the required one. The reason is that   they had forgotten the Aromani Technique that guides to eat to the correct level of stomach while eating.  The stomach must be filled with to the correct level of it by food, water and some vacant space in the correct ratio to each other. Otherwise the stomach would be blocked by food and water reducing the vacant space resulting to hard work of the stomach for digestion of the heavy food placed in it. This leads to indigestion converting the excess food to mucous, excess gas, urine, sweating and faeces, increase in blood pressure, pains in the body and  blocking of belching in the chest, heart trouble, liver trouble and other diseases. 

48. The over eating suck the enormous enzymes, hydrochloric acid, insulin etc resulting in damage of the concerned organs. For an example, the damage of insulin produced organ causes for diabetes disease. The excessively produced mucous block the wall of the stomach thereby the flow of enzymes for digestion resulting in indigestion for the food subsequently eaten. The excessively produced gas block the stomach, intestines making the uneasy feeling of dullness and Anorexia. The excessively produced urine, sweating and faeces block the vacant space of the concerned organs reducing the space for collection of the further respective excretory materials. In short the route cause for all the diseases is the excessively eaten food. The only solution for the people is the adaptation of the Aromani Technique (AT) while eating so as to eat to the correct level of stomach. After eating to the correct level of stomach and drinking the water on thirsty, the stomach would be filled up with food, water and vacant space in correct ratio resulting in proper digestion of food. Under this case people  would be freed from the diseases.

49. The water drunken by thirsty would be utilized by the body for the purpose for which thirsty feeling produced. Otherwise, water drunk without thirsty; it was ideally staying in vacant spaces of the body, and eroding the minerals and vitamins from tissues. It drags away such minerals and vitamins along with it plus impurities. Wherever it stays, the latter three descends from water and makes deposits having different names such as stone, tumors, cancer etc. Thus the excess water drunk without thirsty block the vacant spaces of the body causing stones, cancers and tumors, Further the latter three also block the vacant spaces of the body further causing indigestion, defects in excretion causing diseases in those organs of digestive system and excretion system.

50. Water drunk without thirsty is another one to block the vacant space through out body and harms. It blocks until it is pumped out of the body by the excretion organs and supporting organs like kidney, skin, liver, lung, blood and heart resulting in hard work of the above organs to send away the unwanted water from the body. Due to over work, those organs get damaged resulting in gripping of various diseases.
The large intestine would be blocked due to excessive collection of faeces due to overeating and other violation of 8 Aromani Principles.
9th  Aromani Principle
God had done research by blocking the air  in my ear and nose which had led me to find a new  9th  Aromani Principle as given below.
“When the holes and vacant space of the body were blocked, the blocking is to weak the body, produce  new diseases and severe the old diseases proportional to the volume of the blocking”.   
As per 9th  Aromani Principle, one shall see that the holes and vacant spaces of the body shall not be blocked. By adopting this, all kinds of allergies followed with various diseases can be avoided.
                                                                                   Er.R.A.Bharaman (Aromani)
                                                               Superintending Engineer (Rtd)
                                                                    Tamil Nadu Electricity Board;;; FOR TAMIL ll:9442035291. Copy right to R.A.Bharaman   

2.By Kristin Hayes, Guide






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