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TM- 8th AP-Treatment for Stress, Blood pressure, Heart attack, Tiredness, Fatigue, Laziness, Hair growth, Youngsters’ growth, Increase of learning and understanding power

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All actions for maintaining good health are nothing but actions for worshiping and servicing to God!.


  TWIN MEDICINE --- 1st Medicine-Medicine of Living Mother (MLM)

 8th Aromani Principle.
God blessed me by revealing the truth of 8th Aromani Principle in 29 years of research done by Almighty..

Recouping of energy loss.
Sleep is intended for night only.  
 Aromani 8th Principle:

1. Even though I had been liberated from all the diseases due to the adaptation of Twin Medicine, I am not satisfied fully. Because I still had felt tired ness, fatigue, laziness to do work etc. and thereby the poor performance in turnover of work.   However I had noted occasionally of briskness, easiness, weight less of the body in walking, and feeling freshness throughout the day. I had thought that the above psychological conditions might be due to the food or tablets taken previous day. From March, 1993 to 13, June, 2012 , some flash thought had come intermittently about the absence of daytime sleep in the previous day.

2. When I was working as an Executive Engineer in Tuticorin Thermal Power Station, from March,1992 to November 1999 I had used to sleep for ¾ hour at 1pm for recouping the loss of energy occurred the previous forenoon time so that for better work performance for the afternoon session.  Wheezing, nasal block, nose watering, constipation, migraine etc had been ruling on those years. Further in those periods I had used to sleep inside the mosquito net to avoid the bites of mosquitoes and chillness of winter and was under medication. So the night disturbances of sleep were taken lightly. I don’t know at that time that one Aromani Principle for good health is hiding.

3. After retirement from service, the habit of daytime sleep at 3.00 pm to 5.30 pm for 2 and ½    hours was continued. At the verge of retirement, i.e. on 12-12-2000 I had found the second medicine of curing the diseases by Medicinal Mental Exercises (Medicinal Meditations). After finding the same there was a considerable progress in curing my diseases in subsequent years. In June, 2006 I had undergone an operation in nose for straightening the bended nose. After that operation, the rate of progress of the diseases was fast due to the adaptation of Twin Medicine. Daytime sleep was continued. One day after 2 and  ½ hour sleep in the afternoon I was affected with chickenkunya   disease. At that time I had thought that daytime sleep might be the reason. However the daytime sleep was continued. Previously up to 2010 I was not able to reduce the day sleep time from 2 and ½ hours to 1 hour even after with great effort due to sinusitis.

4. In 15.03.2011 I had got flashed thought from Almighty that mosquito net prevents the required air for good health consequent to which Aromani 7th Principle had emanated. For eradication of mosquito, Lizol mixed water is poured in toilet and bathroom; From 6 pm to 7.30 pm, mixture of oil {neem oil + other oil (2:98)}  is burnt in a small muddy lamp; From 7.30 pm to 6 am,  an empty electric vaporizer container filled up with a mixture of oil {10 drops of neem oil + kerosene oil } is to be burnt. Our family members are escaped from the bites of mosquitoes.  Almighty further revealed that all actions pertained to maintain good health such as doing work, physical and mental exercises,  going to hospital for taking treatment, taking medicine regularly, keeping the house and surroundings clean are worshiping and servicing to God who is within us.

 5. As the curing of all the diseases was in advanced stage, day sleep time was reduced from 2 and ½ hour to 1 and ½ hour. I had slept at 3.30 pm and awakened at 5pm. So the time gap between the time of awakening time from day sleep and the time of going to bed at night  was 4.30 hours (10.30-5=4.30) As I had found difficult to fall in sleep early, I had wanted to increase the above time gap from 4.30 hours 8 hours. Hence I had shifted the day sleep time to at 1 pm to 2.30 pm so as to increase the time from day sleep time to fall in sleep time (10.30-2.30=8 hours) so as to fall in sleep early. After passing some days, I had found laziness in doing work, feeling heavy weight in my body while walking. In course of time, I had felt less appetite, not liking for food and got gripped by fear.

6. One day I had suddenly got flash thought from God that the above anti health conditions are due to the day sleep time adapted at 1pm which is the time for producing appetite feeling for lunch. Due to the sleep at that time, the appetite feeling was suppressed. So I had eaten lunch without appetite. Hence I had again shifted my day sleep time to 3.30 pm to 4pm.

7. After that, I had adapted meditation instead of sleep for 20 to 30 minutes. Even then there were night disturbances and feelling of laziness, tiredness etc in the next day. From 10.06.2012 to 12.06.2012 for 3 days I had with great difficulty avoided daytime sleep and to my astonishment found that I was able to do exercise , walk freely without feeling weight, and felt freshness. The freshness had led to the many fold work turn over.

8. I had come to the conclusion that the daytime sleep gives more harm to the sleeper than the benefits derived out of it.  I had finally been blessed by Almighty to come to the conclusion on 13-06-2012 which led to the finding of 8th Principle as given below.   

9. Aromani 8th Principle: The duration of Daytime sleep is directly proportional to weaken the body, production of new disease. and increasing the severity of the old disease.

10. On research I was informed by God that from the time of awakening i.e. morning the energy level of a man gradually increases, reaches top at 12 noon and after that reduces up to the time of sleep. Similarly the power of digestion is gradually increasing, reaching top at 12 noon and reducing up to the time of going to bed. The above two effects are in relation with the gradual sun rise, reaching top and sun set. So variation in energy level and digestive power is linked with sun rise and set. When we sleep in afternoon after lunch, the digestion would be affected. Due to the affection of digestion, after awakening, the daytime sleeper may feel short spell of depression, the uneasiness of stomach, frequent snoring followed by watering nose. Depending upon the duration of sleeping time, the above symptoms may increase or decrease. Even though the energy level increased to cope up with the work to be carried out for the remaining time of afternoon and evening, the day sleeper has to pay heavily for the above gaining in energy level by late sleep or sleepless night and low energy level throughout the next day.

11. Whenever I had gone to Chennai for attending personal works, I had never felt tiredness to get in and out from buses, walking, searching the location of office addresses etc. and no pain in my legs. I have now known clearly that I would never sleep at day time in Chennai due to preoccupation of my engagements there. So I was able to attend and complete my all personal works to my satisfaction at Chennai. I had attended the International Conference on Naturopathy and Yoga at Bangalore from 9-02-2012 to 12-02-2012. I remember now that during those 4 days, my spirit was high and no tiredness was felt throughout the day as there was no chance for daytime sleep since I was accommodated in a beautiful place some 50 km away from the venue of the conference.    

12. Further it is to be noted that the twins namely ‘labour*rest’ exist from the day of the existence of human being. It is one of the important mandatory law of Natural Laws. The rest shall take place only in the night after doing labour in the daytime. When violating the above mandatory law, the opposite reaction is in terms of diseases as said above and below.

13, Why do we need sleep?
Even temporary sleep loss can impair our ability to concentrate, cope with minor irritations and accomplish tasks, all of which can put a strain on our relationships. When we lose sleep we  and those around us  are at high risk from accidents at work and on the road. For example, a report prepared for the National Commission on Sleep Disorders in the USA arrived at the conservative estimate that sleepiness accounted for nearly forty-two per cent of road accidents. In 1988, a total of 2,69,184 accidents and 17,687 deaths on the road were caused by sleepy drivers 

14. The National Sleep Foundation in the USA reports that people with chronic insomnia are more likely than others to develop several kinds of psychiatric problems.The medical profession, of course, also suffers from the effects of sleepiness. The amount of sleep a doctor has is a major factor in his or her ability to detect heart abnormalities. One study showed that rested doctors were fourteen per cent more likely to detect breaks in the normal heart rhythms than were doctors with a sleep deficit. In yet other study sleep-deprived doctors were shown to be extremely indecisive, and videotapes showed that sleep-deprived surgeons operate inefficiently and incompetently for nearly a third of the time.
Perhaps it is not so surprising, then, that research shows that many accidents, mistakes and bad decisions so often caused by people who have too little sleep.
Too much sleep will give you insomnia the next night

15. Good sleep keeps our body healthy, and it is pleasurable.
After getting adequate amount of sleeping, one’s mind feels fresh and the learning power boosts up, hence he better learns and understands things that he does not want to. He would participate in different activities that he does n’t wish to.

16. Sleeping is considered as the best natural remedy to get rid of mental stress. There are different types of stresses, it’s helpful in getting rid of stress caused by a hardworking day, when we sleep the stress hormones remain inactive and hence B.P decreases. The production of stress hormones in human body increase when a person don’t gets adequate amount of sleep, hence this results increase in blood pressure which leads to heart attacks. Sleeping helps us to fight with stress. 
17. Sleep is much more than time out from busy schedules; it is essential to the maintenance of physical and psychological health.
.18. Sleep problems affect every age group. With the rapid change in modern living they are taking an increasing toll on our mental and physical health. Seventeen per cent of the population now has a serious insomnia problem. For millions more people the body's need to have an appropriate amount of quality sleep is frequently compromised to meet their perceived need to have more 'awake' time. If they knew the likely price, they would give an adequate night's sleep a much higher priority.

19. The study conducted by California University, Colorado University and Large Population studies show that both adults and children are more likely to be overweight and obese the less they sleep at night. Other studies have found that due to sleep deprivation, people become less sensitive to insulin, raising their risk of Type 2 diabetes.
Thanks to ‘THE HINDU’ dated:16-08-2013 (Attachment-1).

20. Women who work for years on the night shift are at higher risk of contracting type-II diabetes, according to two U.S. Studies.  
Thanks to THE HINDU Dated:5-9-2013 (Attachment-2

20A. "We sleep to clean our brains", says one study.
Thanks to THE HINDU  (Attachment-3).
21. Sleeping does have the ability to repair muscle fatigue after a busy day or extreme workout. Sleeping is very good for teenager because it helps them grow faster and important in height growth. When we sleep our body reproduces cells faster and hence the process of repairing muscle fatigue speeds up. Sleeping helps revive the dead hair cells and helps rapid hair growth according to the researchers. 

22.  “A newborn spends almost 17 hours of sleep in a 24hour period. At 3 years most children are napping, but at five, they no longer need it. From 7-12 years, 10-11 hours are recommended. Teenagers need 8-9 hours and the middle aged population can make do with 7—7.5 hours.

23. Experts feel exercise and sleep have a long-standing connection. During sleep, important hormones involved in muscle growth, fat burning, bone building and tissue repair are released. Without these hormones, your body may find it unable to repair itself and recover from a strenuous workout.

24. If you exercise after a sleepless night, it will only add to your fatigue. Sleep deprivation can decrease your energy levels, making it harder for you to get a good workout.

25. We know that we should eat at least an hour before we sleep and that ideally, the room should be dark, cool, comfortable and conductive to a good night’s rest.

26. The use of caffeine, alcohol, nicotine from cigarette smoke, all this acts as a stimulant as well. The brain requires a deep “slow wave” sleep in order to recharge itself and all this can interfere with that.

27. Find ways to unwind from 9 p.m” advise Dr.Ramakrishnan “Begin to de-stress, both physically and mentally, at least an hour before bed. This will ensure that the quality of your sleep is good”.
Thanks to THE HINDU Dated:20-07-2012.
28. Do n’t sleep in empty stomach.
My diet program until January, 2013 : 7 am-nutrias powder mixed milk. 10.30 am-morning tiffin. 2.30 pm-lunch. 6.45 pm-evening dinner. 10.30 pm- nutrias powder mixed milk.
 29. After opening Aromani Alternative Medicinal Clinic Centre, from  1st February, as I had to eat before 9.30 am, I had stopped the milk to be drunk at 7 AM.  .
On 13-06-2013 God had revealed me not to sleep at daytime which will give diseases consequent of which 8th Aromani Principle emerged.. So I had stopped the daytime sleep and slept at 9.30 pm instead of 10,30 pm. After this, my diet program had changed to 3 times instead of 4 times-morning, midday lunch, night dinner at 8 pm.  As my age is 71, I thought that 3 times diet would be enough.

30. At 9.30 pm in bed it had taken 20 minutes for sleep, but prior to this, as soon as I laid my body in bed sleep would come within 5 minutes; I had awakened early morning 3 am or 4 am. After undertaking a small mild walk in hall, I would go to bed and sleep well. In the next day morning, I would not feel the exit of faeces. After doing the medicinal meditation for that only I would feel the exit of faeces. When I saw my face in the mirror, the eyes had shown the tiredness of sleepless night; Face had been shrunk. I had felt of weight loss. Under the above circumstances I was in panic with anguish. He might have had programed to remove my anguish and reveal a new finding on 30-7-2013. On that day, I had participated one meeting at 5pm in Madurai. Snack had been served at 6pm.  

31. After the gap of 3 ½ hours, I had eaten dinner at 9.30pm. I had gone to bed and slept immediately. In the next day morning I had felt freshness; less shrink ness of face skin; slightly fingers bulked. I was happy. From that day onwards, I had begun to eat snack at 6pm and dinner at 9.30pm (full stomach using Aromani Technique). Sleep comes immediately. There is no break in sleep. When awakened from sleep in the morning, I am with freshness and happy. The hollowness around the eyes is vanishing. There is an indication of increase in weight.

32. What is the reason for all those things? Whether is it good for eating before going to bed?
For this, there is a good example. After running throughout day, the Govt. buses would be left at repairing shed. Small repairs in the buses will be attended by the technicians in the night and the same would be ready for use, next day. Similar to the above, you work throughout day and left your body to repairing workshop built up in your body. Just like the technicians in the work shop, the energy in the blood with the co-ordination of the organs repairs minor ailments, deficiencies etc so as to make the body worthy for the next day work. 

33. When I had eaten 3 times a day, I had finished my dinner before 8pm. When sleeping after 1 ½ hours at 9.30pm, there was a paucity of energy to repair the ailments and so deficiency in repairing the body.  Hence the body expresses its inability for repair by way of sleeplessness, interruption in sleep, tiredness, hollowness around eyes, and weight loss. That is why our forefathers had told “do not sleep with empty stomach”.

34. They had told another one “The follower has also eaten giddiness! (உண்ட மயக்கம் தொண்டனுக்கும் உண்டு!)”. This has not been told for daytime sleep, but for night sleep. After going to bed with full stomach using Aromani Technique, and giddiness, you will get immediate sleep. That sleep would be good one. The full energy obtained out of full dinner would be utilized for repairing the body. There would be no dearth of energy. Before this 9.30pm dinner, the tiffin shall be taken before 6.30pm.

35. Whenever I was in stress before going to bed I would do Medicinal Meditation  for stress to vanish it in 10 or 15 minutes  and then go to bed.

 36. Children never sleep in daytime; they will be playing; that is nature; we will learn from them.

37. In view of the above, Daytime sleep is against Nature and so to be avoided.  This is Aromani 8th Principle in Living Mother Medicine of Twin Medicine By adapting this one can be cured from Stress, Blood pressure, Heart attack,  Adequate amount of sleep revives growth development for teenagers, better learning and understanding power, removal of tiredness, fatigue, laziness to do work etc. and thereby the very good performance in work turnover.   In short, it may be said that sleeping at night only is a best medicine for curing many diseases. 
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