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TM- 7th AP-Treatment for Breathing problem, Wheezing, all diseases related to Lungs-Healer Aromani

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All are going to temple for worshiping God but I am going to toilet for worshiping and serving to God!
 Twin Medicine:First Medicine: Medicine of Living Mother (MLM): 11 Aromani Principles
Air (one of 5 Natural Agents)

7th Aromani Principle.

1. I had been cured from Asthma (wheezing) long back by Twin Medicine  except in winter season. In winter month of November every year, I was in a habit of using mosquito net to safeguard me from chillness and escape from the bites of mosquitoes. The wheezing will start from 2nd week of November and sustain up to first week of March. As usual I had resorted to medication to protect myself from the devil of wheezing for those months. I had puzzled and wondered why the devil could not be eradicated in winter months even after adopting Twin Medicine. I had doubted whether Twin Medicine is not capable of to cope up with that in winter months due to my old age.

2. God had fixed the time to reveal the 7th Principle on 06-03-2011. On that day when I was suffering from wheezing in the early morning, without bearing the suffering, I had brought only my head outside the jurisdiction of the mosquito net. To my astonishment I was suddenly relieved from wheezing. As a lightning, Almighty had revealed me the 7th Principle as under given below.:

3.The reduction of Air supply (from the optimum requirement of 98 cum of air per hour per head) is inversely proportional to increase the body weakness and produce new diseases and increase in severity of old diseases.

4. Contrary to the above:
The quantity of accumulated carbonic acid exhaled in the air, one respire  is directly proportional to weaken the body and  appearance of new diseases and production of severity of old diseases.

5. Though air is not generally considered a food, the oxygen secured from the air is really more essential to life than any food element. We can live without food for months; we can live without water for many days, but we cannot live without oxygen for five minutes. This fact is not recognized generally, and the breathing of impure air which has been enclosed and breathed over and over again, has caused many very serious diseases. There is hardly a home in which proper precaution is taken to secure thorough ventilation during the winter months.

6. Air is really a food. It must be looked upon as a food because, as I have already mentioned, oxygen is more necessary to life than any other element.
No matter what precaution we may take to build up vigorous health by eating and drinking proper food in proper quantities, but little can be accomplished unless you are careful to see that pure air is supplied at all times. Pure cold air is one of the greatest tonics in the world. I do not personally believe that it has ever injured any one, except where the temperature has been so low, and exposure so great, as to actually freeze a part of the body. Colds, though apparently produced in numerous instances by exposure, are really made possible because of the existing impure condition of the blood. In other words, if enjoying perfectly normal health, there is not the slightest danger of a cold.

7. Impure air is especially the cause of consumption. Thousands are to-day dying of this disease where it has been wholly produced by this one cause. They "catch a cold" and from that moment live in constant fear of fresh, pure air, and the result is that the cold never disappears, gradually becomes worse and worse, the impurities in the body increase in quantity, and the microbes of this disease finally secure such a strong hold upon the lungs that they sap life rapidly. No matter how careful attention may be given to your diet, if you do not realize the importance of pure air, and see that you secure it at all times, there will be but little chance of developing any great degree of strength. When air is breathed over and over again it reeks with carbonic acid gas which is exhaled from the lungs of every living being. This is a poison which is most baneful in its effects, and a diseased condition of any character is greatly encouraged under such abnormal conditions.

8. At night the windows should be open at both top and bottom, winter and summer, if one expects to retain vigorous health. and a continuance of the habit of breathing foul, enclosed air will in every case ultimately produce serious disease. No matter where you may be, whether in office, school-room, or in your own private chamber, remember the imperative necessity for breathing air that is liberally supplied with oxygen.

9.  You may ask, why does cold air sometimes produce colds?
Because the influence of cold air tends to bring every organ into a more normal vigorous condition, and when a cold is produced, it is simply one step toward recovery or normal health. The system was over-loaded with impurities at the time of exposure, and the cold air created the cold as a means of assisting in the elimination of these impurities.

10. A cold never injured a single human being. It is the treatment for colds that produces death, from pneumonia, consumption and hundred of other serious diseases that often follow colds

11. The influences which fill the system full of impurities are the real cause of colds. This condition is brought about usually by overeating and non following of 6 Aromani Principles, lack of exercise, breathing and re-breathing confined air, or over-loading the body with clothing, or any excess or evil habits that lessen the vigor of the body.
To cure a cold, you simply use every possible means to assist in the elimination of the impurities which are being expelled by the cold. When these impurities are all eliminated the cold will, of course, disappear. Instead of being afraid of draughts, make a special effort to live in them as much as possible; instead of covering the body with heavy clothing day and night, use barely sufficient to keep warm, and no more; instead of eating not to correct level, without appetite or endeavoring to excite a false one, eating the different temperature food, natural food, drinking water without thirsty, incomplete outing of faeces, avoiding day time sleep, to he careful for not blocking of holes of the body, do not eat until your craving for food becomes intense, and usually, if several meals are missed, the cure will be much speedier because of this abstinence. Of course, vigorous exercise, long walks, deep breathing and the increased activity of the skin, produced by exposing the surface of the body directly to the air, and by friction with a soft bristle brush, will be of great benefit in eliminating these impurities and thus bringing about normal health.

12. I had seen a film. First husband who was a divorcee, kidnaps his divorced wife without bearing her second marriage and living happily with her second husband and shuts in a room of 3m*3m*3m (27cu.m). As she shouted loudly for help, he blocked all the holes and made the room sound proof (Air tight). In this condition, how many days she will survive?

13. Everybody consume 0.000442 cu.m (27 cubic inches) of air.    Therefore the volume of one of her breaths must be about =0.000442 cu.m i.e. one breath = 0.000442 cum air.

.14,  But it is also known that we have  total 27 cubic meter of air in the room (room volume 3m*3m*3m), which means that the room contains total breaths 27/0.000442= 61086 breaths. What a relief—that’s a lot of breaths! Isn’t it?

15. Well, just how long does that actually give her  to survive? On average, most people breathe 15 to 20 times a minute. Since she is under a fair bit of stress, it’s no surprise that she is breathing about 20 times per minute. That comes out to 28,800 per day (that’s 20 breaths per minute* 60 minutes per hour, * 24 hours per day). Dividing the 61,086 total breaths in the room by the 28,800 breaths gives rise to 2.12 days.. Therefore she has about more than two-day supply of air. Now that really is a relief!  We can feel calm and confident that her second husband will rescue her within this two day time-frame.

16. After remaining in a room of full of bad air for 10 or 15 minutes, a person will usually be unable to perceive any unpleasant odor about it It is only upon passing from the fresh outdoor air into a tainted atmosphere that the sense of smell can be relied upon to discover the bad quality of the air, but even then no accurate estimate can be made of the real degree of pollution.

17. When the carbonic acid gas due to respiration and exhalation does not exceed 2 parts in 10,000, the air is considered fresh and wholesome. When a definite animal or musty odor begins to be perceptible, the air is said to be rather close, and the exhaled carbonic acid gas is found to amount to 4 or 5 parts. When the proportion increases to 7 or 8 parts, the air is called close or very close, and when it reaches 12 parts in 10,000 the air is pronounced very bad. Above this point the sense of smell fails to perceive any marked difference.

18. Proper ventilation requires that the exhaled carbonic-acid gas should not, at any time, exceed 2 parts in 10,000. The amount of air that will be required, per minute, to maintain this degree of freshness may be readily computed.

Each adult person in good health breathes out about 0.7 of .028 cum of carbonic acid per hour, and in the same time exhales from the lungs and skin about .091 pound of water. He also imparts about 400 heat units per hour to the air of the room by conduction and radiation from his body. The air supplied for ventilation must, therefore, serve three purposes: to dilute the carbonic acid to a proper degree; to absorb the vapors exhaled, without permitting any noticeable increase in the humidity; and to absorb the heat as rapidly as emitted, without perceptible rise of temperature.

19. In order to dilute 0.7 of .028 cu,m of carbonic acid to the proportion of 2 parts in 10,000, it is necessary to mix it with 10,000 X0 .7*0.028 / 2 = 99 cum of air. Therefore, the air supply should be 99 cum per hour for each adult person. Taking into consideration the smaller amount of carbonic acid produced by children, the supply for schoolrooms and similar places may be reckoned at 85 cum per person, per hour.
The volume of the air supply required varies with the season and the condition of the outer atmosphere. In clear, cold weather, 85 cubic meters per hour per head is sufficient for good ventilation; but on a mild spring day, with a damp, muggy atmosphere, it is difficult to get enough air without getting too much heat at the same time. Where people are assembled in considerable numbers, as in schools, etc., it is likely to produce feelings of great lassitude, and even fainting spells. On such occasions as these, it is highly desirable to have some means for reducing the humidity of the air.

20. Cubic space is not an important factor in ventilation, but there is a certain minimum space required for each person which must never be disregarded. The carbonic acid and other exhalations from the body diffuse themselves through the air with comparative slowness, and in order to secure their dispersion into the atmosphere with proper rapidity, it is necessary that every person should have a certain amount of "breathing room."

21. The minimum space that may be permitted, in cubic meter per person, is as follows:
In a loadging or tenement house...........
8.5 cubic meters.
In a schoolroom..............
8 cubic meter.
Ordinary hospital ward..............
28 cubic meter.
Fever or surgical ward..........
,40 cubic meter.
Floor space must be considered as much as mere cubic space. Thus, in a schoolroom, there must be an aggregate of 2.3 square meter of floor surface for each pupil; and in hospitals each bed must have 9 square meter of space.

22. In stables, cow should have 9 square meter of floor space. A cow should have 34 cubic meter of air space, As cows are usually kept to furnish milk for food, it is important that they should be kept in a healthy condition, and that the air around them should be clean. The practice of furnishing their quarters with plenty of good air has been found highly beneficial.

23  In the first place the bedroom should always be upstairs if possible; it is decidedly healthier, and there is a better chance for the supply of fresh air.
Soiled or dirty clothes should not on any account be allowed to remain in the sleeping apartments, as they are a constant source of foulness to the air. All unclean linen ready for the wash had better be kept away from the bedroom.
In the cooler parts of the year they are apt to forget there is just as much necessity for fresh air as in the warm months.

24. It is estimated that nearly one-third of every person’s life is devoted to sleep; that is to say, about one-third of it is spent in the sleeping apartment. It is only natural, then, that this room and its surroundings should merit some special attention. As a matter of fact, from a health point of view, it should receive more consideration than all the rest of the house put together, for during our waking hours; we are moving about and constantly changing our location; but during sleep, when life is in abeyance to a certain extent, the system has passively to receive and be supported by whatever pure air the bedroom happens to possess. In a great many cases the space under the bed is regarded as an admirable receptacle for a collection of boxes, parcels, old chappals, and other interesting relics, while they are effectually concealed from view by a species of curtain reaching from the bed to the floor. There is so much the worse for any one who has to sleep there.

25. It is better that decorative art should be more limited in its application, so as not to interfere with the free circulation of air throughout the room.  If the sleeper arises in the morning in a dazed and semi-suffocated state and quite unfitted for the day’s work before him, instead of feeling refreshed, there is no occasion to seek far for the cause. For the mental toiler, also, it is equally important that the period devoted to the restoration of brain material and the imbibitions of a fresh supply of nerve power for the ensuing day’s requirements should be passed under circumstances the most favourable for bestowing them.

26. From this we see that a due amount of sleep, under favourable circumstances as regards ventilation, is necessary both for brain and muscle; and that, in fact, unless it be forthcoming, there will be an inability for  either brain worker or muscle user to properly fulfill his duties next day.

27. Sir James Ranald Martin, another authority on Indian affairs, also calls attention to the need for extra sleep, which is always required in hot climates.

28. At least every twelve months there should be a regular clearance of worn-out articles, and that miscellaneous collection of odds and ends which can be of no earthly value to anybody, unless he be an antiquary.

29. It is perfectly plain that badly ventilated sleeping apartments tend greatly to the production of diseases of the lungs,In his work, A Manual of Practical Hygiene, Professor Edmund A. Parkes has pointed out: “. Of special diseases it appears pretty clear that affections of the lungs are more common.”

30. The effect of impure air in its action on the heart is thus spoken of by Dr. Cornelius Black: “I hold that the breathing of impure air is a fruitful source of disease of the right side of the heart occurring after middle age. How many people ignorantly favour its occurrence by confining themselves to closely shut, non-ventilated, stuffy, sitting rooms, in which the carbonic acid has accumulated to a poisonous degree in the air they respire! How are these evil results to be prevented? The simple answer is, let the rooms in which you live be effectively ventilated by an incoming current of fresh air, and so arranged that no draught shall be felt.”

31. Good ventilation protects us, our family, and our guests from
Unpleasant odors, irritating pollutants, and potentially dangerous gases like carbon monoxide and radon.

Well-planned ventilation also prevents the growth of mold and mildew, which can cause or aggravate allergic reactions and lung problems such as asthma.

32. Home
Good ventilation protects our home from damage by eliminating excess moisture from the air. Too much moisture, peels paint, and invites insect infestation. Carpeting, wallpaper, electronic equipment, and furniture all can be damaged by excess moisture

33. Ventilation means fresh air
Ventilation supplies fresh air to our home and dilutes or removes stale air. There are many ways this can happen. For example, opening windows to air out our home can supply fresh outdoor air that dilutes stale indoor air. Turning on the fan over the kitchen range or in the bathroom removes odors and moisture Other common examples of home ventilation include chimneys, which remove combustion gases, and clothes dryer fans, which exhaust warm, moist air and chemicals from laundry soaps.

34. you may already know if you have a ventilation problem. Do you notice the sour smell of garbage from a trash can; a musty, gemlike smell coming from the bedroom walls; or mold or mildew in closets, or on ceilings or exterior walls? Is there condensation on the inside of your windows? Are your eyes irritated when you’re at home? These conditions may be signs of poor ventilation.

35. General ventilation
General ventilation fans run all the time to control pollutants from sources that can’t be spot ventilated.
For example, people and pets constantly release flakes of skin, bacteria, viruses, moisture, body odors, and digestive gases. Some sources, including carpets, furniture, and drapes, all of which release fabric fibers and gases such as formaldehyde, are too large or spread out to be spot ventilated. General ventilation mixes fresh outdoor air with stale indoor air to lower the concentration of pollutants (dilution). Fresh  air is provided by fans blowing outdoor air into the house, which forces air out through cracks and openings (pressurizing), or by exhausting air from the house,
which then draws fresh air inside (depressurizing).

36. Exhaust-only
With exhaust-only ventilation, exhaust fans pull stale air out of your home while drawing fresh air in through cracks, windows, or fresh air intakes
Oxygen is very important for all living creatures. This fact makes oxygen as dangerous as it makes it important. Two major dangers are the "too low" and the "exceed" of oxygen content in the air. The normal amount should be 21%.
Dr. Garfield Kirchner, 'one does not breathe the entire lungs volume with every average breath, but only a small bit, very roughly 5% of Volume of air is consumed in each breath (about 21% O2 in and about 16% O2 out).

37.  How much Oxygen does an average person need in a day to live?

    (a) According to 
NASA the average person needs 0.84 kg of O2 per day (day and night activity).
    (b) An average  person at rest needs 0.617 kg  
38. In sickrooms, ventilation should receive special attention. Every disease is aggravated by the breathing of bad air. Yet it is common to close all the doors and windows of rooms where sick persons are confined, lest the patients should take cold. This is a bad practice. The sick should have plenty of fresh air. Their comfort is promoted by it, and their recovery hastened.
It is strange that human beings should be afraid of pure air. It is their friend and not their enemy. Impure air only should be shunned
The supply of good air is ample There is no necessity for breathing air which has lost a part of its oxygen, and acquired a portion of carbonic acid. An ocean of it forty five miles deep, covering the whole globe, seems a pretty plain intimation that it is not to be sparingly used.

39. Trees cultivation.
In most of our cities there is almost a criminal neglect of the cultivation of trees; yet they add greatly to the health, and prolong the lives of the citizens.

40. The leaves of a tree are the lungs with which it breathes; it takes only the poisonous carbonic acid, and gives back oxygen which is the proof that Almighty has created the Universe and sustains the life of all living beings. Suppose the trees are created in such a way that they extract oxygen and give back carbonic acid like man. What will happen? There will be a conflict between human being and trees for extracting oxygen. What will Man do? He will destroy all the trees to survive, the consequent of which there will be no rain falling and again no existence of human being in the world.

41. Were there no human being and animals on the globe, the plants would consume 0 the carbonic acid, and die for want of breathing material; on the other hand, were there no trees or other vegetables, the human being and animals would in time so far exhaust the oxygen as to perish for lack of it.      

42. Thus God has balanced the creation of human beings with animals and plants that the two together keep the air healthy for each. The relation of plants and animals, in all that relates to their peculiar actions and effects, is a complete antagonism. Their movements are in contrary directions, and by hostile forces. Their opposing actions may be illustrated thus

The vegetable decomposes carbonic acid, water and ammonia cal. salts.
The animal produces carbonic acid, water and ammonia cal. salts.
The vegetable disengages oxygen.
The animal absorbs oxygen.
The vegetable absorbs heat and electricity.
The animal produces heat and electricity.
The vegetable is a de-oxidizer.
The animal is an oxidizer.
The vegetable is stationary.
The animal is locomotive.

43. All are going to temple for worshiping God but I am going to toilet for worshiping God!!
I am astonished that the man is controlling a big animal, the elephant, walking in space etc but is not able to contain the menace of a small creature, the mosquito. I had come across a joke some time back as ‘A man is sleeping inside a mosquito net. Mosquitoes are flying around the net seeking any small hole to enter into the net. After getting tired, one mosquito says with angry “If you are a man of brave, come out of the net!” Thus the man of strength and knowledge having 6 senses is afraid of a tiny creature, builds a fort (net) and resides in it.

I had wondered that why the tiny creatures like mosquito, fly, ant are created and hunted for the man. I have got the answer now. The reason is the selfishness of God. The rented house of Him (our body) must be kept clean. Then only He can live in the house (our body) for a long time. He knows that some catalyst is necessary to induce the man for keeping his house and surroundings clean just like a pain informs the man about a disease in him and induces him to go to Doctor for treatment. So the mosquito and other above creatures are created as a catalyst and breeds enormously in unclean house and surroundings. Thus the man is warned for keeping his house and surrounding cleanly.

44. God has revealed me the truth that complete health of body and mind is the real spiritual. Even though going to the temple and worshiping God is said to be worship, other effective worships without going to temple are there. Those actions doing for keeping the house and surrounding clean are also worship.

45. How does the keeping the house and surrounding clean come under worship?
When the house and surrounding weare kept clean, there is fresh air circulation always in the house. This freshness gives good health for the people living in the house. Good health means of good body and mind. Our body is rented by God for certain period. In the rented house He resides. Therefore, He always wishes the man to keep his house and surrounding clean and gives His blessings for his better worldly life as rent. Therefore, the people especially the women folk must realize that house keeping and surrounding clean is the best form of worship.
One must not sleep by covering his face which otherwise will lead to breath the exhaled carbonic acid again and again. As said earlier, there will be an inability for either brain worker or muscle user to properly fulfill his duties next day.

46. Similarly one who sleeps inside the mosquito net must keep his face outside the net so as to avoid the breathing of the exhaled carbonic acid again and again.

47. When I was working as an Executive Engineer in Tuticorin Thermal Power Station, and residing in Department quarter house. Without bearing the mosquito nuisance, I had arranged to cover all the windows with mosquito wire net. Within one week I was severely affected by cold. First I was not able to find out the reason for catching the sudden cold. Even after taking the tablets, the cold could not be controlled. After three months suffering, I had a flash lightening thought that the mosquito wire net which was introduced as a new thing in my house might be the reason. Followed with the thought, I had removed the wire net from the windows and found immediate relief from the severe cold.  The air supply should be 99 cubic meter per hour for each adult person, As wire net prevents air supply of 99 cubic meter per hour, I had to breath the exhaled carbonic acid again and again and been got crippled by the severe cold.

48. Why I had been affected by wheezing when I had slept in mosquito net? The small holes of the net and the ceiling fan air were blocking the fresh air sufficiently from entering into net. So the fresh air inside the net  must be far less than of 98 cum per hour per person. Due to paucity of fresh air , I had to inhale the exhaled carbonic acid again and again which is the cause for my suffering from wheezing when I was within mosquito net .

49. My friend, Chennai had told me that during one day stay at his native place. a village, he had slept in the open terrace and astonished to know of  early awakening , free motion and a feeling of freshness in the next day morning. That was because a plenty of lot of fresh air without pollution was available in the terrace where the same was absent in his house at Chennai.

50. I had returned with my wife from Mumbai on 27-08-2011 in train after attending a marriage at Nasik. One co-passenger, a young girl had slept her face covering with bed sheet in the night. She had also gone to sleep immediately after eating break fast and slept with covering her face with bed sheet in the next day. When she had awakened for lunch, she had been severely attacked with cold and watering nose. When she had got up in to the train, she was alright in health.
But  she was not alright next day. What is the reason?

51. She had slept with covering her face with bed sheet in the previous night which made her dullness (due to exhalation of carbonic acid again and again) when she had woke up in the next day morning the  dullness had pushed her to sleep immediately after breakfast with covering her face. But day sleep after ¾ th hour from eating is tolerable. Sleeping immediately after eating will affect the digestion; breathing of carbonic acid is another factor for deterioration of her health. Those were the two factors for catching severe cold and watering nose.

52. Whenever Mahatma Gandhi visited to any friend’s house, he first checked on only two places-kitchen and toilets. These two places are constants for one’s health. He once said “Britons, whatever were their faults, had once cardinal virtue; They maintains cleanliness and competed observance of all laws. I have learnt the laws of cleanliness from English”.

53. By God’s grace I have found a process to eradicate mosquitoes completely from my house. All are going to temple for worshiping God but I am going to toilet for worshiping God!
1)   Yes!. I go to the toilet , pouring 1 cup of lizol liquid in a bucket of water, stirring well, and pouring the lizol water in toilet and bath room drainage water hole, kitchen drainage water hole and wash basin drainage water hole.
2)   I also pour sufficient lizol water outside my house in the drainage water accumulated by the letting out of nearby houses. These actions prevent the breeding of mosquitoes in toilet pipes, septic tank, drainage pipes and ditch etc.
3)   Evening I lit up a small muddy lamp (to be used in karthigai Deepam festival) of oil of mixure of Neem oil and some other oil (ratio:2:98) evening at 7 PM. or neem oil and kerosene oil (ratio:2:98)  in an electric vaporizer.
4)   I spray the lizol water on the ventilators of the toilet cum bath rooms, toilet outside frames, kitchen outer frames of wash basin, waste buckets, and the place of hangers of shirts.
5)   I remove the kitchen waste daily morning which is very important because the mosquitoes breed within 12 hours in the kitchen waste.

54. I had got good result within one month. I spray the lizol water through sprayer on ventilators of toilets cum bathrooms, western toilet unit as a whole, kitchen wash basin outer frames, waste buckets etc.My family has no more the bites of mosquitoes. My family members had to face another problem of bites of ant. For this I worship God by cleaning the floor by mobbing up of lizol water. Like this I am worshiping Almighty daily.

55. Aromani 7th Principle stipulates for good ventilation. The good ventilation cures and prevents the diseases connected with lung, wheezing, cold, fever, constipation, migraine head ache, insomnia etc Please visit websites: nn
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