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TM-Treatment for Sweating while winding, Feeling hot, Sour belching, Lack of appetite- 6th AP.

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                                AROMANI 6TH PRINCIPLE
Excretion of waste materials 

1.when curd was eaten, sputum would be produced. Thus the produced sputum will continue for at least 5 days. Then I would do the medicinal meditation for curing the same. As I was with hernia, faeces was not fully out. That was not known to me. Previously I would consume anti-biotic tablets for controlling the same. After 3 or 4 days, the tablets would induce loose motion. At the same time the sputum also would disappear suddenly. I had remembered that then and there. Thus God had planted in my mind the thought of that if the stomach was empty by exiting the faeces, sputum would not be produced,

2. From that day onwards, I would come out from the toilet leisurely after assuring that all the faeces had been out with the help of medicinal medidation for the exiting of faeces. I had felt less weight and freshness. In that God given me the experience of the knowing the exiting of the last batch of faeces.  ALMIGHTY had revealed me the above finding as the  Aromani 6th Principle on 14.11.2005.

3. AROMANI 6TH PRINCIPLE: Depending upon the quantity of faeces retained without exiting in the large intestine, the body gets weakened, new disease appears and the old disease shows severe in direct proportion

4. Whether sweating occurs when the wind is blowing? Whether you feel laziness? Whether you feel uneasiness or sickly or do you feel hotness in your body? Feel no appetite? If yes, it is certain that faeces is not exiting fully.

5 Still in the villages cooking is done by utilizing the wooden sticks. Before next day cooking, my mother would remove the ash completely from the mud stove. Then she would put the wooden sticks in the empty mud stove and then fire the sticks. If ash is not removed fully what would happen? The sticks would not burn well; cooking time would be prolonging.

6. In thermal power houses, the coal is burned in furnace; the ash is the waste due to burning of coal. The efficiency of the furnace would be restored only when the ash was removed completely. Otherwise, the efficiency of the whole plant is reduced.

7. Similarly, the entire waste products which consists of sweating, urine, faeces, sputum, carbon-di-oxide etc. especially the faeces should be ousted completely.    As you eat too much of food with urgency and speed, the same urgency and speed is adopted in outing the faeces. Due to urgency, we come out from the toilet incompletely.
8. You see the taste of the food presently andnot see whether the the food stuff is suitable
 for health. Green leafy vegetables,green gram, chickpeas,legumes etc and fruits 
which make the faeces easily to out are not found place
much in the food menu
 9. if the outing of the faeces was incomplete, the whole day would be
laziness; there would be of catching of cold; when there is an ample of wind
flowing, sweating would appear: you would feel less appetite and hotness, feverish;
if it is continued, the continued formation of sputum followed with nasal
block, watering nose, head ache, tamarind belching, nausea, vomiting,
constipation etc. When it becomes chronic, wheezing would be permanent. The
constipation is the root cause for other diseases like hernia, diabetes, blood
pressure, heart diseases, kidney diseases skin diseases etc depending upon the
deficiency of energies in the respective organs. 

10. How to find out that the faeces is fully out?
When the last stools is ousting during and after ousting also, you would feel the burning 
sensation in the anal cavity. When you had eaten the sadni of chilly the previous day, 
the burning sensation would be more during the exiting of the stools in the next day morning.
 Further the color of the last two stool piles would be different from the color of the 
previous stool piles. That is that when the the faeces kicked out in the first piles is in pale 
yellow in color, the last faeces would be in a little dark in color. The entire faeces in the 
large intestine must be expelled fully. Otherwise it would be dangerous showing urgency 
and speed in this. It would lead to embrace the diseases. 
11. By adopting the Aromani 6th Principle, people can be cured from indigestion which is the
 root cause for all the diseases, constipation, migraine, cold, fever, loss of appetite, sweating
 when there is wind flowing, laziness, over heat in the body etc. 

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