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TM-.Treats to Cure Asthma, diseases of Heart, Skin, Kidney, Knee pain, Nil expenditure--4th AP

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                                        Aromani  4th Principle
Water- one of the 5 Natural agents.
Drink water after  thirsty only.

1. Even after adopting three principles found, diseases could not be cured fully. Doctors, news papers, magazines, electronic Medias are advising to the people to drink 2 to 3 liter of water daily. I therefore had drunk 8 glasses of water (8*200=1600 ml) daily. After one year, Creative Intelligence sleeping in my deep mind had awakened and come in the guise of a doctor to reveal the 4th Armani Principle.

2. Doctor is my friend. He is appreciating and encouraging me for doing research. When I had met him at Madurai in a marriage, he had told me that he is drinking water after 1 ½ hour from eating which gave him good result. After 5 days, God had revealed me that water must be ‘drunk on thirsty only’. I was very much astonished on hearing His finding. From that day onwards I had drunk water on thirsty only. On the first day of adopting the above finding, I had been relieved from wheezing. Thus 4th Aromani Principle had born.

3. Aromani  4th principle: Depending upon the quantity  of water drunk without thirsty, the body gets weakened, new disease will appear and old diseases get severity.

4. Your body reveals its requirements by way of some feelings and sounds. You must fulfill its requirements immediately without fail. Appetite, letting out urine and faces, pain of any disease, sexual etc is expressed by feelings. Sleep, stomach full by meals is expressed by yawn and belching sounds respectively. Similarly thirsty is the feeling for the revealment of body’s requirement for water. At that time its requirement must be fulfilled by drinking water until thirsty is quenched. The water drunk by thirsty is utilized by the organs of the body immediately for the purpose for which thirsty was taken.

5. The water drunk without thirsty (WDWT) stays ideally in your body like still water stays in a pool. The staid water does various harms to the body which are explained below. Further when you drink water on thirsty it become tasty and gives joy while drinking.

6. You drink water after eating the meal. The water thus drunk has no part to be played in digestion. It actually does harm to the digestion. For an example the hydrochloric acid present in the stomach is diluted. So it loses its energy of destroying the microbes producing diseases: the appetite feeling is also suppressed.The enzymes in the stomach are also diluted and  get weakened due to which the digestion is affected and the diseases are appeared.

7. Your body produces in itself the required water for its use. For an example when the food of acid and alkaline is neutralized, salt and water are produced.

8. Similarly the sugar added in your food schedule is said to be sucrose. This gives you the energy: it burns in oxygen to give carbon-di-oxide and water. After your body had taken the required salt and water from the above production, the remaining is expelled as waste through sweating, urine etc.

9. Water has many characteristics. Those characteristics are the cause for the production of diseases in your body. Carbon-die-oxide dissolves in the water drunk without thirsty. This mixture of water and carbon-die-oxide is the cause for sneezing in your nose. The water drunk without thirsty dissolves in the alkaline and becomes caustic soda which is the cause for the corroding of intestine and skin.

10. Sometimes you must have the experience of itching in between two thighs of legs and around anus tool. You would immediately scratch and feel burning feeling in those places. What is the reason for this? After taking bath, you would not wipe out the water stuck in the above places and it stays there and gives you the itching.

11. Water is a good solvent. Some kinds of minerals dissolve in water. The water drunk without thirsty (WDWT) corrodes the above minerals present in your body, then dissolves them and takes away along with it. The WDWT also dissolve some vitamins which have the characters of dissolving, and takes them also along with it.

12. Some kinds of minerals are changed chemicaly due the WDWT’s dissolving character. The chemically changed minerals like iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium etc shattered, come out from the organs of your body, the minerals come out from the bending tissues due to difference in temperature between  the food and your body (already mentioned in the Aromani 3rd  Principle) is also mixed with the already mixed minerals in the WDWT.

13. The mixture of WDWT containing minerals, vitamins, and other impurities go along with blood to various places. Whenever it goes, it makes deposits of the above waste. According to the characteristics, they are classified as caner, tumor, stone etc. Then remaining mixer goes to the kidney and stays sometimes there until letting out the urine. During the stay time, the impurities are deposited in the kidney. When the deposit is going on for months and years, the deposit grows as stone called as kidney stone. For example calcium oxalate, calcium pospate, are the minerals. The remaining part of the waste of WDWT  exits as urine.

14.  The WDWT also exits as waste along with faces, urine, sweating, carbon-di-oxide etc. For sending out  this additional WDWT the excretion organs and supporting organs such as, heart, liver,  kidney, and  skin have to work more additionally apart from the routine work. So kidney, heart, and liver get failure. The diseases such as T.B, asthma, blood cancer, sphelm , jaundice, nasal block, nasal polyp, nose watering, skin diseased etc appear.

15. The water to be drunk on thirsty only can be explained in another way. Earth is operated by the five natural agents viz earth, fire, water, air, and space. When there is equilibrium among the five natural agents, there is no calamity in the earth. When there is a heavy rain, the change of water equilibrium occur and so the particular part of the earth gets havoc due to the flood. When there is a change in wind, low air pressure forms and so heavy cyclone occurs. Ecological change  has resulted in a lot of change to bring havoc to the world every year. It was the talk of the world now.

16. Similarly until there is equilibrium among 4 viz. Fire, water, air, and space in your body, you will have good health. That is that the above 4 must be equal to the measure of the designed level. When such equilibrium state changes, then diseases will appear.

17. The temperature must be uniform throughout the body. But you eat different temperature food such as hot food, coffee, cold water, ice cream etc and so diseases appear.

18. You consume water without thirsty. This makes to increase the water level of your body over the correct level. So diseases appear.

19. To control the menace of the mosquitoes, people sleep in the room of insufficient ventilation by closing windows, with in the mosquito net and within the mosquito wire net provided in the windows. Thus you have slept in a room of insufficient circulation of air inside the room. So the designed measure of air has also been changed. So diseases appear.

20. As above you have altered the quantity of the Natural agents viz . fire, water , and air over the designed value.

21. USA track and field the governing body for athletics and running in America has produced new guidelines urging anyone who joys, cycles or power walks regularly not to take in huge amounts water. British experts and Dr. Dan tunstall podoe agree “Drinking water at every opportunity can cause serious problem such as water hyponatraemia or intoxication that leads to diluted sodium and other body salts or electrolytes in the blood which can cause dizziness and respiratory problem some people collapse because of it as happens quite frequently in the marathon.” Further the latest finding show that we don’t need to drink as much as was once thought.
(Thanks to THE HINDU, 27-7-2003.)

22. It you are thirsty, drink water. It is by far the best liquid, it doesn’t add unnecessary calories.
( Thanks to Judi Sheppard misset, losangles times syndicate THE HINDU , 30-5-2004 )

23. Many says that 2 ½ liter or eight glasses of water must be drunk daily. Doctors are also saying the same. But there is no truth in it. The body will take the required water by itself. For that there is no necessity to take specific glasses of water daily. Our body gets its water from the various foods like the drinking of coffee; tea etc. when there was a shortage of water in the body thirsty will take place. At the time of thirsty, we will drink water automatically. So there is no truth in drinking eight glasses of water from the research date of Doctor Rock shell freeman and Aron Karel, Medical Professors in Indiana bones  university, Indiana state, USA
( Thanks to Dinamalar, Tamil daily, 6-1-2008)

24. There is no clear cut scientific rational for the average healthy individual to drink a lot of water and it may be down light harmful says two kidney experts according to a review in journal of the American society of nephrology.
(Thanks to THE HINDU. 5-4-2008.)

25. Actually drinking a lot of water reduce the capacity of the kidneys filtering urine in an astonished way says “Dr. Goldfarb, the kidney specialist .( www.npr.org )

26. I had found the Aromani  4th  Principle on 20.11.1998. From that day on words I am drinking water on thirsty only and in good health. So people may drink water after thirsty. You may be cured from various diseases. Hence please drink water on thirsty only as per the Aromani 4th Principle only. By adopting this principle you can be cured from wheezing nasal block, watering nose, heart  diseases, kidney trouble, blood pressure, liver  diseases, T.B, skin diseases etc and also prevented.                                                  

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