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TM-.Treatment for Head ache, Tooth ache, Gum disease; Tonque sore, Mouth sore-3rd AP

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                                             Aromani  3rd  principle
Fire one of the 5 Natural agents.
The temperature of the food must be equal to the temperature of the body (37 °C).

1. I was suffering by the head ache and migraine. I had taken headache tablets during those times. Three teeth were removed within the age of 28. The diseases like gum sore with pain, tongue sore, biting of lips by teeth etc. were troubling me continuously. At that time, I was telling to others with proud about drinking of tea, coffee, and meals with hotness.

2. As I was doing meditation (Transcendental meditation) continuously, mental fertility had increased. From the increased mental fertility ALMIGHTY blessed me to find out the principle of the difference in temperature on 3.11.1997. That principle is known as Aromani 3rd principle.  After adopting the principle, I had been relieved from the headache and the diseases of digestive system. During the travel, I would have to drink hot milk. The headache would appear immediately. During those times, I would do Medicinal Meditation (MM) for headache and the same would be all right within few minutes.

3. Aromani 3rd Principle: Depending upon the difference in temperature between the human body and the food, the body gets weakened; new diseases will appear and old diseases get severity.

4. The temperature of the food to be eaten must be equal to the temperature of your body (37 °C). If not so what will happen? Please continue the reading.

5. The rocks expand during the day time by the sun heat and contracts during the night time by the cold. Thus due to the frequent expansions and contractions, the rocks get cracks. In course of time, they become stones due to the breaking, and finally sand.

6. Similarly you eat hot and cold food alternatively. So lips, mouth, teeth gum, tongue, throat, food tube, stomach etc. expand and contract accordingly. Hence those organs get damaged and diseases appear.

7. Rocks consist of minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium etc. These minerals also during day time by the sun and during the night time by cold expand and contract according to their characters. So the rocks furthers get weakened.

8. Your body also contains the above minerals. These minerals also expand and contract alternatively due to the difference in temperature between the food and your body. Due to the above actions, the organs of your body further get weakened.

9. You go to a hotel. First you eat hot idlies (50 °C ). The temperature of your body is 37 °C. So the difference between the temperature of idly and your body is 13 °C (50-37=13). Due to this, your lips, mouth, teeth gum, tongue, throat, food tube, stomach etc and the minerals in those organs also expand.

10. Next you drink ice water (23 °C). The difference between the temperature of the ice water and your body is about -14 °C. (23-37=14). Due to the coldness, the above organs and the minerals like magnesium, potassium, Calcium etc. contract you now drink hot coffee (50 °C). So the above organs and the minerals expand.

11. Then you eat ice-cream (-10 °C). So the difference between the temperature of the ice-cream and your body is -47°C (-10 -37=47). The above organs and the minerals contract much.

12. Thus you eat the food having different temperatures at a time such as 50°C,  23°C , 50°C ,- 10°C  etc. So the above organs and the minerals present in those organs also expand and contract alternatively. Hence those organs get weakened followed with diseases.

13. When a long rubber piece was made to expand and contract alternatively, what does happens. That rubber piece will become to form groove along the lengthy wise and develop bending. The dust would stick to the gaps of the grooves of the rubber piece. Thus the rubber piece gets weakened. For this the rubber belt of the wet grinder would be the good example. When the wet grinder motor is running, the rubber belt expands due to heat produced by rubbing of belt and pulley. When the motor was stopped, the belt cools down and so contracts. So in course of use, the rubber belt form lengthy grooves, dust deposit in the grooves and so gets damaged.

14. Similarly due to the expansions and contractions, of your digestive system organs by eating the different temperature food, there would be bending with the development of long groove in those organs. In those grooves food tiny particles would stick to them and staying decayed.

15.In the parts of the rot, virus, bacterias are produced. Those microbes become the cause for the production of sore; tumor etc. Doctors remove those tumors by operation. However they again grow.

16. Further due to the expansions and contractions of the organs of the digestive system,  the bending would be formed in them. The minerals like magnesium, copper, organs, iron, potassium, zinc etc are corroded from the bending organs by the water drunk without thirsty. Such corroded minerals go along with waste water, blood and exit from the body in the urine. Due to this action also your body gets weakened.

17.  When the damage in the teeth gum becomes much, the grip of teeth by gum is left. In that case the teeth will be falling down.

18. When food particles would stay in the gap between teeth and gum, causing the production of viruses, bacteria’s, and these microbes also eroded gradually the teeth and gum. In that case the damaged teeth would become useless and to be removed as they develop the teeth pain.

19. When the tooth was removed, the face beauty would go away: there is the reduction of the number of teeth: Due to this reduction of teeth, there would be the possibility of biting the lips by teeth. As per the proverb where there is no tooth, and then there is no normal and the speech would not be clear.

20. When you eat hot food, the veins located at the place of showing, expand and give pressure to the adjacent veins. Due to the pressure, the blood in the pressed veins is reduced. This reduction of the blood would cause for the headache.

21. Due to the chilled or cold food, the shrink in the veins becomes the cause for the reduction of the blood followed with headache. Further there would be delay in digestion because of which the energy supply for your work would be delayed.

22. Hence when the food was hot or cold the same would be eaten after bringing the temperature to warm condition (37c) in both the cases. The temperature of the food must be equal to the temperature of your body (37 °C ) That is that you must not feel hotness or chillness  while sewing and swallowing. This is the 3rd Aromani Principle. By adopting this principle you will be relieved from the diseases related to lips, mouth, teeth gum, teeth, tongue, food tube, stomach etc and headache.

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