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TM-Treatment for curing Allergy, Cold, Wheezing-2nd AP


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Fire-One of the 5 Natural Agents.
                                             AROMANI ; 2nd  Principle
Fine – one of  the  5 natural agents raw  food or natural food gives diseases.

1.Doctors news papers, Magazines, electronic, medias ,etc are doing wide propaganda  for  the  natural  food  that the latter are  working + well  for curing the  diseases. The life was very difficult for me to live with the suffering of wheezing. Hoping that the wheezing can be cured by eating natural food. I had eaten natural food for 1 ½ months during October 1993 and 3 months during November 1996 respectively. I had not eaten  the  natural food  for research  but only for  curing the wheezing.  During the first time eating, I was not able to eat the raw food continuously beyond 1 ½ months and so stopped eating. During  2nd  time eating , I had  been     admitted  under  emergency  condition  to a private  hospital  as in patient  due to the severe of wheezing .and also become lean. ALMIGHTY had revealed me the principle of natural food, the 2nd principle when I was in hospital on 10.3.1997. I had known on the day only that he does research on my diseases and inform me the finding of the research The books for the scientific explanation for my findings had come to me voluntarily and I had not gone to anywhere  for searching  of those books.

2. Armani 2nd principle
Depending upon the quantity of the raw food such as green vegetable, fruits etc. eaten, the body gets weakened; new diseases will appear and old diseases get severe.

3. ALMIGHTY had gifted the heat energy to the man for his evolution or                                      civilization. Fire rocks are strong. They cannot he corroded easily by the natural agents like air, river and sea waves, but they could be easily corroded by heat. So you can understand how much great the heat energy is. Such energy is added to your meals.

4.when the raw mud is heated to make bricks, the latter (bricks) become strong and so they are used to construct buildings, bridges, big dams etc. similarly after cooking,  the raw food say fruits become strong cooked food. It can be explained well in an equation given below.
 raw food + heat energy = cooked food .

5. As per the above equation, due to the cooking of raw food, apart from the energy from the raw food, due to the cooking of raw food, you get additional heat energy. For an example the temperature of raw rice 28°C, clear to the cooking of raw rice, its temperature rises to 37 °C. So you get the additional heat energy of 9°C  (37-28).

6. So it is known clearly that you get additional heat energy due to the cooking of the raw food. Hence the cooked food is the gift given by God for the evolution of human being. Other beings are differed from the man due to the evolved civilization which be obtained from the gift of additional heat energy from the time of fire usage in cooking the food blessed by god.

7.  Apart from this, the man has been eating the cooked food with liking due to the taste of it and so the cooking has been developing as an art. There is an evidence for this in the history of 16th century. French emperor had disliked one dish of the food items supplied to him. Without bearing the shame, the cook had done suicide himself.

8. From the ancient time, the man has been eating negligible amount of fruits. So your cells have accepted the cooked food and rejected the raw food by way of allergy. This allergy weakens the body and develops diseases.

9. Further the natural food has the physical characters while the cooked food has the characters of chemical. So there are basic differences between these two. Due to the cooking of the raw food, it converts into the chemically changed food with new characters losing its original characters. For an example, the original plucked fresh brinjal plucked from the plant will not be the original brinjal after cooking. As the temperature of the cooked food is equal to the temperature of the body, the digestion is fast. As the temperature of the raw food in less than the temperature of the body, the digestion takes place slowly. There are some more differences, as mentioned above between the raw food and the cooked food. So your cells accept the cooked food and reject the raw food in terms of diseases.

What  Researchers say
10. Raw starch from banana and potato shows a greater degree of resistance up to 90% passing undigested through the small intestine. Raw white flour is digested relatively slow. On the other hand, backing the flour into bread, result in a rapidly digestible product (thanks B. Srilakshmi,   NUTRITION SCIENCE ,text book for college)

11. “Green vegetable is almost not good. The formation of cells hinders for the easy digestion. The cooked vegetables are good for health” says the teacher of nutrition science research wings, England.( thanks : Dinamalar, 3.01.2005)

12. The researchers from brazil Drs. On sees – azevedo and hercano – hougel  says  the enormous increase in  the brain size in humans  came about because humans began to eat cooked food while our closest  cousin  the great apes do not know how to use fire and ate everything raw. This sudden and average increase in brain size was an important event in human evolution thanks to the use of fire. Dr. Richard  wranghan, researcher of U.S.A and his group  says cooked food was seen to be more digestible  and also helped in killing pathogens  present  in the raw samples. Cooking increases the nutrient content and energy intake in the consumer.
( Thanks to : THE HINDU, 1.11.2012)

13. In view of the above it is known well that raw food gives diseases. So in order to prevent diseases, the raw fruits may be cooked in idly vessel for about 2 to 3 minutes and eaten after the temperature of it comes to 37 °C. This is the Aromani 2nd  principle. By adopting this principle, allergy, cold, wheezing are prevented so that diseases are  prevented to appear and the body gets strengthened.

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