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TM-Treatment for curing Diabetes, Indigestion, Constipation - 1st APi

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              First medicine:-Medicine of Living Mother (MLM)
                                         11 Aromani Principles.  
              Aromani First Principle and Aromani Technique
Digestion:                                           AROMANI FIRST PRINCIPLE
Eating to the correct level of stomach
1. I was under the control of various diseases. My sufferings were so great which could not be explained in words. I had known well that over eating was the main reason for all my diseases. But I had not known how to find out the correct measure of food for my stomach while eating. On 4-12-1993 I had eaten by chewing well (30 to 35 times) of the every handful of food (kavalam in Tamil). One belching had come. At that time one voice within me said “This is the correct measure of food for your stomach and so stop eating”. I was astonished. The birth of the Aromani First Principle and Aromani Technique had happened on that day by the blessing of God.

2. Aromani First Principle: Depending upon the measure of over eaten food above the capacity of stomach, the body gets weaken; new disease will appear and old disease will show the symptom of severe.

3. The construction of buildings, bridges, dams etc, designing of machines, shirts, pants, chapels, cooking food etc are done using the scales of ‘measure’. But there is no measure for eating food. People eat more than the capacity of stomach in all times,

4. Thiruvalluvar says “அற்றால் அளவறிந்து உண்க. அக்துடம்பு பெற்றான் நெடி துய்க்கு மாறு”. Eat to the correct level of stomach after digestion which is the correct way to maintain the God given body for long time life.   

In a jib bag, when more things and clothes are put by applying pressure frequently; the bag will get torn very soon. If more rice and black gram over the capacity of the wetgrinder were put and grinded frequently, the belt, stone grinder, drums and motor will get damaged. If more passengers were allowed to travel in a bus frequently, it would get damaged and become useless in a short period.

5. Similarly people are eating more in all three times. Apart from that, in between meals, they take snacks of tea, vadai, cake etc. Thus, due to the eating of more over the capacity of the stomach, the organs of the body get damaged one by one followed with diseases. Pancreas produces the insulin hormone which also will get damaged due to over eating above the capacity of the stomach continuously and causes for diabetes.

6. Whether it would be possible to find out the capacity of the stomach while eating. As the people do not know the technique of finding out the capacity of the stomach, they are eating more than its capacity in all times.

7. When the water spills over the pot, then we say that the pot is full with water. Similarly how to find out that the stomach is full while eating. God has blessed me with the technique named as AromaniTechnique (AT) to find out the correct level of stomach while eating which was found on 4-12-1993. From that day onwards I am eating to the correct level of my stomach by utilizing the Aromani Technique. I had been cured from many diseases which were the root cause for my sufferings for many years. Under some circumstances I had to eat more than that the capacity of my stomach. During those occasions, I would do Medicinal Meditation (MM) for indigestion for 15 minutes by which time, the uneasy feeling of the over eaten the food would go out.

8. Aromani Technique:
Every handful of food (kavalam in Tamil) must be masticated or chewed well (25 to 30 times). Even coffee or tea also shall be chewed by 30 times, because it is also food. While eating in such a way, a belching will come. This is the first belching. If you felt uneasiness on passing over 1st belching, stop eating on 1st belching.
9. When you eat 6 more handful of food over after the first belching, the 2nd belching will come. If you felt uneasiness on passing over 2nd belching, stop eating on 2nd belching. If you eat further 6 more handfuls of food, the 3rd belching will come. If you felt uneasiness on passing over 3rd belching, stop eating on 3rd belching. If you had not felt uneasiness on passing over 3rd belching, please eat up to the vanishing of the feeling of appetite in the stomach.  You can see yourself by experience that less food is required for full stomach compared to so far eaten. While eating, you shall be attentive to listen to the mastication of food for 30 times, coming out of belching and vanishing of appetite feeling of the stomach. So while eating, you should not talk to others, see T.V, read news papers, books etc.. If T.V is running, you should go to other room and eat.

10. There is another important point to be told. When we eat the food by seeing the T.V., the Special Reserved Extra Blood (SREB) would not go to the organs of the body working, here hands, mouth, tongue, teeth, throat and stomach. Instead, SREB would go to the brain. Due to the above action of it, the above working  organs get weakened followed with diseases such as  depreciation of tooth gum disease, teeth falling,  licking or biting lips, a sore or ulcer inside the mouth, painful sore on the outside of the lips, Cold Sores,Dry Mouth, Speech and Communication Disorders Swallowing Disorders, Throat Disorders, Tongue Disorders etc.

11. Why you should chew the food 30 times while eating. The saliva is on par with the medicine. Suppose if you cut the finger by mistake, the blood will ooze out. By sucking the oozed blood, the oozing of the same would be stopped. Similarly if you felt a burning sensation due to scratching of your skin and applied saliva on the place of scratching, the burning sensation would vanish. Further any hard material of the food would be easily smoothened for mastication by saliva. If you had small swellings in your body and applied the saliva on the same, they would be cured. Even a big cut injury could be cured by applying the saliva for which a huge quantity of saliva would be required and the same would not be possible to obtain. So we are going for conventional medicine for curing the big cut injuries.

12. The saliva is acting as a catalyst for the inducement of the belching. When the food is chewed for 30 times, the sufficient saliva added or the well masticated paste food reaching the stomach induces the stomach to send the belching when it is full. Further when the food is chewed well, it becomes well grinded paste. So the grinding work for the food received by the stomach is reduced to half. So the digestion of the food eaten becomes easy.

13. If the sufficient saliva was not mixed with food, the belching would not come from the stomach. In that case there would be every possibility of eating more food over and above the capacity of the stomach. Under such circumstance, occurrence of indigestion, constipation, cold, cough, head ache, nasal block followed with the damaging the organs viz digestive organs, spleen, liver etc would happen. The damaged pancreas would cause for diabetes when the production of insulin is affected. So the eating the food to the correct level of stomach by utilizing the AromaniTechnique is the correct medicine to cure not only the diabetes but also all other diseases completely.

14. The opinion of the Doctor who had eaten the food by utilizing the Aromani Technique is given below:
“Personally I myself practiced the technique in my body. I had significant improvement in some illness which I am suffering from. I am also advising to my patients to follow this technique. Really it is good news to mankind which has to be propagated throughout the world”.
-Thanks to Dr.R.Kanagasabapathy, MBBS.,FCIP.,MNAMS.,MD, Ramaiah Nursing Home, 4, LIG colony (cross road), New Washermenpet, Chennai-600081.

15. Ana M.Andrade and his colleagues, the Researchers of the University of Rhodo Island in kingstan had found that when people chewing each mouthful 20 to 30 times, they eat less and enjoy the meal more. They also felt fuller and more satisfied after the meal.-Thanks to ‘THE HINDU’ dated:20-7-2008.

16. Aromani First Principle and Aromani Technique are found for eating the food to the correct level of the stomach. Any disease starts from indigestion due to over eating. If you eat to the correct level of your stomach, then the digestion would be proper with correct measure of waste. In this condition, no disease would approach you. So the adaptation of the Aromani Technique would release the people from the cripple of all the diseases including the diabetes.              


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