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Aromani Research Center (Without Medicine) Hospital. Special feature: The patient who enters into the hospital, emerges as a Doctor. Cell Nos: 9442035291; 8754880126.

                     Comparative statement of Twin Medicine with other medicines.

Twin Medicine
Yoga &Naturopathy
Allopathy, Ayurvethic,Siddha etc
Aromani Technique makes 2/3rdpart of food as excess.
No reduction of food.
No reduction of food

Diseases are not classified differently i.e. only one pain, diabetes, wheezing, cold etc. 
choosing correct Medicinal Meditation among total 9 MM for all diseases for any disease is dead easy.

a)It attends to the body and mind and so100% cure assured.
b) It is based on 9 AP and Medicinal Meditations (MM_). So nil medical expenditure.

Even though it attends to the body and mind, 100% cure is not possible since there is no sound scientific basis. Application of various therapies leads to medical expenditure.
Classified in Modern medicine as head ach pain, migraine pain, knee pain, chest pain etc., diabetes type I, II etc, bronchitis, wheezing, asthma etc., common cold affected by viruses and bacterial infections.
This classification makes it to lead wrong prescription of tablets.

It attends to the body only and so 100% cure is not possible. Tests, tablets, herbals etc. are used. So heavy medical expenditure is involved.
No time is required to start the treatments
Patient has to wait for some time for preparation of therapy materials
Patient has to wait for hours together for start the treatment.
One hour treatment only. Thereafter patient need not come to clinic and can take treatment by himself at his home until he is cured.
Frequent visit to the clinic is necessary.
Frequent visit to the clinic is necessary.
No test of any kind for diagnosis of diseases is necessary.
Pulse test is conducted.
Tests of urine,blood,x ray, CT & MRI scans, biopsy test etc. involving heavy medical expenditure are necessary.
No side effects since diseases are cured naturally by 9 AP and MM.
There are side effects since external agencies like mud, colour water and other materials are used. Fasting is unnatural.
There are side effects since diseases are cured by chemical substances and herbals which react with body and cure them.
During treatment by MM, stresses would come out and so after cure patient would feel increased joyfulness, briskness and freshness to do work.
Stress would come out during General Meditation which would not cure the disease directly..
During treatment, no stress come out and so after cure patient would feel tiredness and dullness due to reactions of chemical and herbal substances.

If patient adopted ‘Attentive Life’, he would be completely freed from diseases. His working capacity increased from 13% to 200%. His life would be elevated to higher plane.

No freedom from diseases.
No freedom from diseases.
Working capacity would decline due to side effects of medication. There is decline in life pattern.
Special features for employees in Industrial Establishments and offices:
Improved work performance Increased job satisfaction Improved relation with supervisors.
No such effects could be expected
No such effects could be expected

முந்தைய விளம்பரம்
அடுத்த விளம்பரம்

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