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TM- Curing stomach pain in 20 minutes with nil expenditure and no loss of time-Healer Aromani

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                       Twin Medicine

1.Two medicines called as Twin Medicine (TM) had been found by,  Medicinal Meditation Expert, Er.R.A.Bharaman BE.,F.R.H.S. RMP(AM), Superintending Engineer (Rtd) ,Tamilnadu Electricity Board. They are I-Medicine of Living Mother (MLM) which consists of 9 Aromani Principles (AP) and II-Medicine of Medicinal Meditations (MMM) parts I & II. My pen name is Aromani

2. One medicine is for body treatment and another for the Mind. From the research of 29 years,I had found that any disease can be cured completely within 3 months by the above medicines. Aromani Technique (AT) is a new, natural, important technique to find out the correct level of the stomach while eating in MLM.

3. Vijaya Pathippagam, Coimbatore-641001 had published 4 Aromani Principles (AP) of MLM - the body medicine titled as Noyum marundum orey idathil ! ( Disease and medicine at one place only !).  Further 5 more AP has been found and the same would be incorporated in the coming revised edition of the book..

4. A special article on Aromani Technique had been published in November, 1998 issue of’ Health &Beauty’ medical  magazine . Tamil magazines Kunkumam  ( 27,june,2003 ), Kumutham Health ( july,2003 ), Penmani ( july,2003 ) and Tamil evening daily Tamil Murasu ( 24-4-06 ) had published articles on MLM. Tamil magazines ‘Mangayar malar’,( September, 2003 ) and Health&Beauty ( August 2004) had published book review about the book Noyummarunthumoreyidathil ! ) specifically mentioning the research finding points 

5. Dr.R.Kanagasabapathy B.Sc., M.B.B.S., F.C.I.P., M.N.A.M.S., M.D ( Ramaiah Nursing Home, Chennai -600081.) has given his medicinal opinion on Aromani Technique of MLM  as given below:                              :                                                                  “Personally I myself practiced Aromani Technique in my body. I had significant improvement in some illness which I am suffering from. I am also advising to my patients to follow this technique...... Really it is good news to mankind which has to be propagated throughout world”.

6. Govt. of India (Indian Council of Medical Research, New Delhi) has approved and advised me to propagate the AT for public good.

7. MMM-part I cures diseases like any pain, wheezing, itching etc within 20 minutes to one and half hours depending upon the intensity of the diseases just like allopathic tablets cure. Allopathic, ayurvethic, siddha, homeopathy etc attend to the body only and so 100% cure is not possible whereas TM attends to the body and Mind. So it is possible for 100% cure..

8. Merits of MLM, (first medicine).

While eating as per Aromani technique, the natural technique, two third of food so far eaten will be saved per person .

I.There will be saving from the cost of food. Medical expenditure will be reduced to negligible.

Ii Bad habits like consumption of betel nuts, drugs, chewing of tobacco, and smoking will be thrown away by the users of the above technique.

9. Merits of MMM (the second medicine) part-I

The patient may take treatment for all his diseases by himself from the treatment given in the clinic at his home throughout his life. Thus he can save lakhs of rupees from medical expenditure to maintain his good health

10. During one day evening in the first week of November, 2007, a 9thstd student,Vinoth who was studying at that time in the tuition class in the 2nd floor of my house had reported that he was suffering from severe stomach pain and wanted to see a Dr along with his mother. I had asked him to sit down on the floor leaning his backside on the wall and to do the Medicinal Meditation for pain. He had done so as taught to him. After 20 minutes, he had opened his eyes with smile and told me that he was alright. And he had gone to continue his tuition class.

11. His father was no more and mother is a daily wage labour. If he was allowed to take treatment conventionally, first his mother would have money of at least Rs.200 and if not to borrow it from somebody. Then she and her ailed son would have to wait in the consulting room for about one hour. After obtaining prescription, she would have to wait in the medical shop and then swallow the tablets. So the net time taken to have tablets would be about two to three hours

12. But in MMM treatment takes place spontaneously without test of any kind, diagnosis, drug and any loss of time on the spot of occurrence of disease. In the above case, apart from test, diagnosis, drug etc., searching of money, tension for mother, prolonged suffering for her ailing son and study loss etc were not involved.

13. There are different classification of diseases in modern medicine like head ach, migraine pain, chest pain, stomach pain etc. diabetes type I, type II etc. virus cold and bacteria cold etc which may lead to wrong diagnosis of the diseases whereas there is only one pain, diabetes, cold etc. in TM. In this case choosing appropriate Medicinal Meditation (among 5 total mm for all the diseases) for any disease is very easy.

14. If any pain like head ach, chest pain, stomach pain etc occurred during sleeping, traveling, walking etc. it can be cured without the knowledge of sleeping partner namely wife, co-passengers, tablets and any paisa expenditure. So it is named as Secret medicine. Pregnant woman can deliver a child with less pain by utilizing the above medicine.

15. After cure there would be tiredness in conventional medicine but in this medicine eternal happiness with briskness to do work would be felt by the patient after cure.

16. MMM-part-II- Attentive life

This part is dealt with life. Present way of life is unnatural. It is to be changed to Natural life called as ‘Attentive life ’(Living presently). The Attentive life is to build and strengthen immunity of the body against diseases, preventing, and eradication of stresses, tensions, grievousness, and diseases completely from one’s life. It leads to increase the working ability from 13 to 200%

17. It is guaranteed for depression free life, undisputed conjugal life, increased affinity of wife towards husband and vice verse, complete eradication of negatives like fear, anxiety, excitation, angry, jealousy, inferiority complex, hatefulness, ferocity, laziness etc.,  mental peace, increased happiness, accident free life, security in various aspects of life, prosperity in profession, the increased creativity of new things, intelligence, the reversal of aging process, increased longevity etc.

Medicinal Meditation Expert

Er.R.A.Bharaman BE, FRHS, RMP (A.M) (Healer Aromani)

Superintending engineer / electrical (Rtd ),

Tamilnadu Electricity Board, Cell No.9442035291

; nomedicine-tamil.com; twinmedicine.com

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