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God’s preaching
1.The time spent for deep thinking by sitting alone is the time of not worshiping God.
The time spent in work/action with awareness (with full involvement) is the time of worshiping God.

2. The life of ‘presently living’ is the life of a man. The previous second of the present living period was the past tense. That second was finished second of the life lived. There was no use to see it backward. The next second of the present living period is not belonged to him. In that second, anything may happen to him. 
The time of presently living is the time allotted to man by Almighty for his life to live.

3. What is meant by ‘Presently living’ in work.
If one does work ‘presently’, he must do it with full awareness and involvement without permitting extension of thoughts and drawing the mind to the work whenever it oscillates. Such work (focusing the work by mind) would become good in finishing and other parameters followed with exit of stressed thoughts.  Such time of such work is the time given by God to live in Earth

4.What is meant by ‘Presently living’ in
When we awakened from bed, we go toileting, bathing, eating, walking, sitting, standing, writing, studying, talking, hearing laying in bed, engaging in conjugal act which are said to be our actions.    
If one does action ‘presently’, he must do it with full awareness and involvement without permitting extension of thoughts and drawing the mind to the action whenever it oscillates. Such action (focusing the organs engaged in action by mind) would become perfect which is very much warranted for uplift of life and leave behind the stressed thoughts.  Such time of such action is the time given by God to live in Earth

5) Education, the mental exercises (prayer, meditation etc) are nothing but the path taking humanbeing to higher plane of life, a way leading to ‘Attentive Life’ and rising from human stage to deity stage.

6. Imagination, planning, decision taken after deep thinking are destroying  human being (Attachment).

7. After the change to deity stage, the mind begins to function under the control of consciência (consciousness-மனச்சாட்சி).

8.Tamils of BC time had lived Attentive life alias the Awareness  life.  As the tradition of the cells of them had been transferred to the present Tamils, they have a culture of high standard permitting the other linguistics people to live prosperously and peacefully in their homeland. Even though there were severe problems with other states of different languages, in any circumstance other linguistics people have not been humiliated and chased out of state.

9. After the expiry of the BC period, the Tamil people changed their life from God’s life (Attentive life) to the life of humanbeing  which was the life of the couple of Adam and Eval after the exit of Edan Guarden.

10. When one foreign correspondent asked Maharishi Mahesh Yogi you frequently say that life is enjoyable but why you have chosen the life of sage?” Maharishi said with smile when I became the sage I was not aware that life is enjoyable”.

11.God’s aim is that the creatures especially human being shall be born in the earth and led life based on Dharma and leave the earth after leaving behind his generation in the earth. So “He Himself is born as Child”

12. When one was induced to tell lie or the circumstance was created to tell lie, that action is a sin.

13. Mental fertility is required even for polishing the shoe regularly once a week. If so, one has to think about the necessity of mental fertility for other activities of our life! 

14. One has no cigarette, drinking habit and other bad habits, Even then he has gripped with a lot of diseases! But he may suffer with the diseases due to indiscipline mind!

15. On different occasions due to different incidents, stressed thoughts are accumulating. Without giving way for those thoughts to exit from mind, we are going on thinking. Due to this further stressed thoughts are added. When this condition becomes acute, one is affected by depression.

16. In Twin Medicine, when doing Medicinal Meditation a path is formed to exit stressed thought. Through that path, stressed thought exit. Thus, the blank mind is opened to enter thoughts of new finding from God.

17. Life without stress is the Natural Life; In that life only, full success can be achieved; life can be lived with full satisfaction; that life is the Attentive Life (AL)

18. The thoughts which exit automatically are the thoughts of stress. In imagination, if the thoughts are extended, consequently produced thoughts are the thoughts of stress. Medicinal Mental Exercise in Twin Medicine paves a path for exiting the stressed thoughts.

19. When we do prayer, sing songs of praising God, we give no space for exiting and accumulating the stressed thoughts. But in medicinal meditation, we give space for exiting and no space for accumulating the stressed thoughts.
20. The whole spiritual measures on how much stressed thoughts accumulate and exit from the mind may be calculated. For an example, if we take 10 seconds to apply thiruneeru on our forehead, there is no accumulation and exit of stressed thoughts in that time. At that time, the highest spiritual theory of none harming to others by thought, word and deed is adopted. So, the 1/6 part in 1000 is the spiritual and the blessed measure of God.  

21. How much blessing you will get from God for half an hour prayer? You would get 30 parts in 1000 measure of blessing of God for half an hour prayer.

22. How much blessing you will get from God for a meditation of 20 minutes?. You would get 20 parts in 1000 measure of blessing of God for 20 minutes meditation.

23. When one lived in ‘present life (Attentive Life) i.e. lived as per the proverb “Doing action/work/profession is the God” will get the God’s blessing of 1000 parts in 1000 (100%).

24. Castes of Scheduled, most backward, and backward, races, people of Africa etc. in the world are lack of mental fertility (mf).  They do not know the mental exercise for increasing their mf. ; the knowledgeable persons were not willing to share their knowledge of spiritual with them. So Swami Vivekanandar attacked the higher castes by words.

25. When you took a decision after deep thinking, it means that you are above God. Then the ego of ‘I’ will come into play. Because there is nothing for you to take a decision, such things like when and what would happen for you and which decision would give you benefit etc have already been registered and stored in the disk of God. Every thing would happen according stored disk. Do not forget  God’s proverb “All are the actions of God”.     
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