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                         Aromani Research Center (Without Medicine) Hospital. Special feature: The patient who enters into the hospital, emerges as a Doctor. Cell Nos: 9442035291; 8754880126.

Good Health of Body and Mind is the Spiritual!.
Doing (Attentive) action or deed is God!.
Let live Attentive Life and grow prosperously!

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

1.Vanakkam. You had taken treatment in Twin Medicine (TM) and got the experience in it. This appeal is hold good for all those who had not yet taken treatment and got experience  

2. TM is a newly found medicine. It contains two medicines viz. 1. Medicine of Living Mother (MLM) and 2. Medicine of Medicinal Meditation (MMM). First one is for the body treatment and the second one for the mind. In the first MLM, the body is treated by 9 Aromani Principles of food and natural laws.

3. Buddar, Swami Vivekanandar, Ozo and other Mahans have preached that our body has the natural instinct to cure itself from the diseases. God had blessed me to find the instinct which led me to invent the 2nd medicine.  

4. In MMM, any pain of the body will be relieved within 20 to 90 minutes depending upon the intensity of the pain as a pain reliever tablet. Other diseases would be cured by the respective medicinal meditations (MM). MMM have many advantages over other medicines viz Allopathy, Aurvethic, Siddha, Homeopathy etc as given below.

   Comparative statement of TM with other medicines

Twin Medicine
Allopathy, Ayurvethic,   Siddha etc
Aromani Technique makes 2/3rdpart of food as excess reducing food expenditure
No reduction of food


Diseases are not classified differently i.e. only one pain, diabetes, wheezing, cold etc. choosing correct meditation for any disease is dead easy.

a)It attends to the body and mind and so100% cure assured.
b) It is based on 9 AP and Medicinal Meditations (MM_). So nil medical expenditure.
Classified in Modern medicine as head ach pain, migraine pain, knee pain, chest pain etc., diabetes type I, II etc, bronchitis, wheezing, asthma etc., common cold affected by viruses and bacterial infections.
This classification makes it to lead wrong prescription of tablets.

It attends to the body only and so 100% cure is not possible.
Tests, tablets, herbals etc. are used. So heavy medical expenditure is involved.
No time is required to start the treatments
Patient has to wait for hours together to start the treatment.
Two hour treatment only. Thereafter patient need not come to clinic and can take treatment by himself at his home until he is cured.
Frequent visit to the clinic is necessary.
No test of any kind for diagnosis of diseases is necessary.
Tests of urine, blood, x ray, CT & MRI scans, biopsy test etc. involving heavy medical expenditure are necessary.
No side effects since diseases are cured naturally by 9 AP and MM.
There are side effects since diseases are cured by chemical substances and herbals which react with body and cure them.
During treatment by MM, stresses would come out and so after cure patient would feel increased joyfulness, briskness and freshness to do work.
During treatment, no stress come out and so after cure patient would feel tiredness and dullness due to reactions of chemical and herbal substances.

If patient adopted ‘Attentive Life’, he would be completely freed from diseases. His working capacity increased from 13% to 200%. His life would be elevated to higher plane.

No freedom from diseases.
Working capacity would decline due to side effects of medication. There is decline in life pattern.
Special features for employees in Industrial Establishments and offices:
Improved work performance Increased job satisfaction Improved relation with supervisors.
No such effects could be expected

5. What is the status of our country now? It is said that in 2020, India will become capital for the diabets disease in the world. Similarly, there is no scarcity of other diseases.

Chennai leads in suicides for the whole country. Much expectations and stress are the reasons for the suicides as per the opinion of Phychologists (Thanks-THE TIMES OF INDIA Dated:4-7-2012.) For the above both (expectation and stress), MMM is the best medicine among all medicines and 100% cure assured.

6. In my research, from my experience, I strongly belief that TM and AL will play an important role in reducing suicides in future.
 Emergence of a new medicine for curing diseases without consuming any drug or herbal is the compulsion of the time. Because, various kinds of test, tablets, injections, operations, side effects, uncontrolled medical expenditures, affecting bread earning occupations, immersed with sorrow by the whole family had led the people to frustration. The Post mortem of the world over famous Pop Singer and Dancer, Mickel Jackson ,USA says that the excess tablets consumed by him only had killed him.
8. What was the heart breaking news of all the Media then? Huge quantities of expired drugs were seized in go downs, retail outlets with fake manufacture/ expired dates.
9. Dr.B.M.Hegde, cardiologist, and former vice chancellor of Manipal University says, ‘Mass consumption of medicines harms than heals’
 Thanks to-‘THE HINDU’ : dated- 18-08-2008.

10. ‘Anti-cholesterol drugs may cause depression’: the study of   The Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology(CCMB), Hyderabad reveals.
Thanks to- ‘THE HINDU’, dated- 26-06-2010.

11. ‘“A three nation study on post-amputation outcome in patients with diabetes has indicated that the chances that they develop other complications that can be life threatening are pretty high”
Thanks to-:‘THE HINDU’ dated- 02-05-2010.
12. Another thundering and lightning has fallen on the patients as per the news given below. 

13. THE HINDU, English news paper dated 05-05-2010 had published one article titled as ‘Shortage of medical isotopes hit patients’.

14. The crucial points of the news are submitted below.
“A global shortage of medical isotopes has badly hit the diagnostic and treatment services across the country, forcing scores of hospitals to put off scans and surgeries, even uncertainty looms large over future supplies.
The shortage not only caused a delay in treatment but also led to a steep hike in diagnostic costs because of a huge increase in the costs of medical isotopes. Because of price is shooting up, the common man is affected”  

15. “There is a pace of new drugs coming out of the pharmaceutical industry in USA, because they have neither the will nor the resources to undertake the effort. So the Obama administration has decided to start a billion-dollar government drug development centre to help create medicines”.
Thanks to ‘THE HINDU’ dated: 24-01-2011

16. “A doctor (60) having blood pressure took one pain killer tablet for himself, the pain killer tablet made things worse for him and led to renal failure giving anxious moments to his family and friends” Thanks to the ‘THE HINDU’ dated: 14-02-2011.

17. “The serious threat posed by the newly discovered microbe, NDM-1, resistant to many antibiotics, triggered alarm and panic”
Thanks to the ‘THE HINDU’ dated: 09-03-2011

18. “Antimicrobial resistance challenges the control of infectious diseases. Infections caused by resistant microorganism often fail to respond to the standard treatment, resulting in prolonged illness and a greater risk of death, thus potentially spreading resistant microorganism to others. This threatens a return to the pre-antibiotic era increases the costs of health care owing to the longer duration of illness and treatment, often in hospitals, and increases health care cost and the financial burden to the families and societies”
Thanks to the ‘THE HINDU’ dated: 10-04-2011.

19. “Study of Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), New Delhi, Govt. of India and India Diabetes (INDIAB) reveals that 62.4 million people live with diabetes in India and 77.2 million people are on the threshold with pre-diabetes in 2011”.
Thanks to the ‘THE HINDU’ dated: 30-09-2011.

20. “Nikhil Thorat (16), a student in Mumbai used 4-5 painkiller tablets a day for severe stomach and back pains which led to drilling holes in his stomach”. Thanks to the ‘TIMES OF INDIA’ dated: 18-03-2012.

21.  “A retired medical college professor went to a doctor complaining of sudden uneasiness. The test result showed that he was found to have an advanced stage of diabetes. He had a diabetic foot. Kidney failure was imminent and there was an internal bleeding in the eye. Yet there were no symptoms at all. Despite intensive treatment in a leading diabetes care hospital in Chennai he died”. Thanks to the ‘THE HINDU’ dated: 13-08-2012

21A. “Just as the Industrial revolution did a lot of damage and is still doing, drugs will do the same if left unchecked”- Dr.B.M.Hegde, cardiologist Thanks to the ‘THE HINDU’ dated: 12-05-2013

22. In view of the above, the emergence of Twin Medicine found by me is the compulsion of the time. Because it requires no test, drug, herbal etc. and nil medical expenditure; Waiting time for the treatment and treatment starting time are negligible; After 1 hour treatment in the clinic, patient has to take self treatment at home until cured fully from disease; Daily bread earning works of the patients will not be affected at all; Permanent cure is guaranteed

23. The second medicine, namely, Medicine of Medicinal Meditation (MMM) Part II develops the immune system in the body to resist diseases and build it to be strong which leads to super higher plane of life called Attentive Life

24. At age of 72, I am in good health of body and mind without taking any medicine and eating the food as I like without omitting this and that. For this the credit goes to the Twin Medicine and Attentive Life. I wish that this new medicine must reach the Government and the people before the end of my life.              
25. Twin Medicine has simple theory of learning. So higher qualification (10 th standard enough) is not necessary. Short term course only to learn this medicine will be required. It acts as medicine to cure as well as preventive medicine. It is just like that the conventional medicines, namely, Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Siddha etc give a man a fish for feeding him for a day but the Twin Medicine teaches him to fish for feeding him for his life time.

26. After knowing the merits of the TM and AL, RHEAD FOUNDATION, a trust had been established. God’s order is that this trust must be utilized to propagate TM  by which the poor and all other people around the world might be benefited to have good health and thereby changing themself to AL which would releieve them from all sufferings and lead them a prosperous life. In order to fulfil His order, I am working hard at the age of 72. 

27. I cannot do the above big task of taking up the TM and changing the people to AL alone. By God’s decision, I would be going to give training in learning of TM and changing to AL for others who are willing to come forward to serve the people. I had got the approval for the same from Government of India. I request that the donation may be contributed liberally  and receipt issued for the donation obtained. After learning this medicine, you can do medical practice and change the people to AL through your practice.  Through this noble service, you can relieve the people from all the diseases and sufferings of life by making them to receive full blessings (100%) of God. Further they will be blessed   to have direct contact with Him. When they get an experience of help to be rendered by God at all their deeds, the enjoyment derived out of it can not be explained in words.


28. Other details may be had from direct contact or through phone.

29. I am happy to inform that the following donar had contributed fund to the trust.
Regional Director/Municipolities/Administration,
Thirunelveli Region,  Thirunelveli.
Healer, Medicinal Meditation Expert, Researcher ; Er.R.A.Bharaman Superintending Engineer (Rtd),Tamil Nadu Electricity Board. cell: 9442035291.
Copy right to        Er.R.A.Bharaman @ Aromani
Please visit the websites:   
nomedicine-tamil.com ; twinmedicine.com  Email:twinmedicine@gmail.com

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