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1.There are different kinds of people affluent, middle class, poor, very poor, begger etc. what is the basis for all these difference in economical position, status etc. The Bhagavad Gita explains that each of us born according to our past karma and further karma is  accumulated through actions in the present life (Guide par excellence diary March 17, 2012) . What is the aim of  God towards human beings on this earth? He wish the man to live on earth virtually and leave the earth after generating his heir on the earth. But man deviates from virtuous path and gets accumulated karma (sins). This is the basis for inequality of people among human society. Without knowing the theory of karma, communism had tried to bring equality among people in society but failed to do so.  

2. Under what circumstances, the man deviates from virtuous path and gets accumulated sins?
From the existence of human being, man has developed to think freely with oscillation of mind and enjoyed with day dream having comfortable living as he liked. As per his dream of imagination he has planned and taken decisions for hurdles to his planned actions for his comfortable life. So he comes under the control of mind instead of his consciousness which is the representative of virtuous path. This leads to non coordination and co-operation between mind and body and the consequent is accumulation of karma (sins) and the arrival of diseases of mind and body.  Thus people now live Imagination Life which is troublesome and worrisome in nature.

3. Whether is it difficult for him to walk in virtuous path? There is no difficulty for the people to walk in virtuous path.
Lord advice people through Bhagavad Gita to be devoted to their individual duty sincerely and this involvement leads to perfection in a gradual manner*(Path to God realization-diary August 14, 2012). Devoted to their individual duty means that people shall do their duty/work/action with full attention without giving room for oscillation of mind extending thoughts and immersing in imagination Thus people will be with full attention in their work/action from awakening from the bed in the morning and to going to bed in the night. This helps the mind under control and is a safe path to human beings. This life is called Attentive Life (AL) which is troublesome free and worrisome free; it is enjoyable; people will find heaven on earth.

4. People can be easily changed from Imagination Life to Attentive Life by learning and doing medicinal meditation for any disease. The learner would be cured from his disease and then it is easy for him to change from IL to AL.

5. What is meant by ‘surrendering to the feet of God’? 
where God resides? He resides in deep mind or subconscious mind. So if anyone wants to surrender to His feet then he must travel inwardly to deep mind and surrender to His feet. The man who lives AL would surrender to His feet many times daily and get His blessings. God would speak to him and vice versa.

6. Group meditation of 2 times of 15 minutes each time daily would elevate individual family to a higher plane of life equal to the life of affluent country and change India to a mighty country.

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