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TM-Penanced Sages had led happy life with their wives.


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                                  AN APPEAL TO WOMEN

1.If there is no woman race there will be no reproduction on the earth. For the reproduction they are must. For every success of a man, there is a woman behind him. Similarly it is true that if there is a riot among relatives, there is a woman behind it.

2.The proud for changing Adam from Attentive Life to Imagination Life goes to Eval in Eden garden. For the first time, Eval had imagined the sexual actions with   her husband in the previous day night by extending thoughts and floated in joy out of it. From that day onwards, people are living the life of Imagination immersing with worries and diseases and the connection with God is disconnected. They are trying to have connection with Him in various paths of Spiritual. But nobody has ever talked with Him. Because of ignorance, God is worshiped by different methods, introducing rites. But they do not know the basis to be done to talk with God as Atham talked with God.

3. People cannot talk with God until they are in the life of Imagination. Because, they could not have had done harm to anybody by thought, word and action.  When there is ‘not’, then they cannot talk with Him and not possible to receive the blessings of Him. Those who had finished the Attentive Life and started the Imagination Life are the correct persons to finish the Imagination Life and start the Attentive Life. Yes. Women are the correct persons to finish the Imagination Life and start the Attentive Life.

4. God cursed Eval “You will give birth to children in pain” From that day onwards women carry babies for 10 months in their wombs and give birth to children. Their share for bringing their children is important. From the day of the sudden death of her husband, the burden of the whole family falls on her. When the husband ran from the family without bearing the family burden as a coward man and a hermit,  woman only carries the family without falling down. Even when her husband lived with other woman before her eyes, she would keep the children with her and bring her children without bothering her husband’s atrocities. Thus she is a woman deity. Even when her drunken husband beat her, she earn for family including him.

4A. When I was working as an Asst.Executive Engineer in the head quarters of TamilNadu Electricity Board, a lady Assistant was helping me in office work. Her age was 50. She was unmarried and belonged to a poor family. Her parents were not able to conduct marriage for her in time. They were passed away unexpectedly. She without marriage had brought up her younger brother giving education and conducted marriage to him. She had then stayed with the family of his brother. After knowing her true story, I was very much affected mentally.

4B. At the same central office I had been transferred to some other office. In that office also a lady Assistant (40) was assisting me in office work. She had two children of male and female. She had appeared always with smiling face and not got angry at any circumstance. She had got a younger brother who had married and separately living. Her parents and two younger sisters of school going (14 and 13) are living separately. Unfortunately, her parents had suddenly passed away one by one. Her younger brother had refused to take back her sisters in his family. As there was no alternate way, she had brought her sisters to her house. Under the above circumstance, there was a quarrel between her and husband, mother-in law. Her husband had threatened her that he would divorce her. But the brave lady had not bowed down for the threatening. Finally they had surrendered to her. When I had heard that true story, I had appreciated her firmness and determination. When I was writing this, my eyes were with full of tears when thinking of her sacrifice attitude (without thinking of her life) for the welfare of her sisters.  

5. There is no need to say about a working woman with additional domestic charge. Their burden is twofold. They have to face the sexual tortures in their working places. Teasing the girls going lonely, giving sexual tortures, raping and murdering, chain snatching, robbing, separating the girls who love youths and murdering, burning alive because of dowry problem etc are the some of the violence met by women. Apart from the above, trafficking and selling them to the prostitute home is still going on. As per THE HINDU daily news paper dated: 26-6-2014, the drunken father after consuming drug had given sexual torture and tried to murder his 15 year old minor daughter.

5A. Female foeticide (and infanticide) continue in India despite the Supreme Court formulating guidelines to curb the menace in March last year. The court at that time observed that eliminating female foetus after pre-natal diagnostic tests has pushed the female child ratio down nationwide. In this menace it is definite that mothers have no role. We can think of how much they would be grieved. It is actually an insult to motherhood.  This shows that people have not properly understood the spiritual and the existence of God. I wonder on seeing the stray dogs and cats in the street that who feed them and how they reproduce their race. After changing to AL, I am able to know the existence of God. He saves all beings of Earth on His own way. Similarly He will bless, save and give life to all the females of a family. The wife of my colleague in Tuticorin Thermal Power Station has 6 sisters. So her parents have got 7 women. They all are well settled by marrying Govt officers. Similarly I heard that the females of more than 5 of the poor and middle class families have well settled in their lives. Killing is a sin. By doing foeticide and infanticide more sins would be added to the families.

 6. “India is in The Gender Inequality Index at 132 out of 146 countries.
As per the National Family Health Survey, the statistics say that crimes against women doubled between 1990 and 2011, in this, 40% of these are injuries inflicted by husbands or family members.
Married women and widows face a much higher prevalence of violence (37% and 38%) than that of the unmarried women (16%).
The women who were employed at any time in the past 12 months (39-40%) have a much higher prevalence of violence than the women who were not employed (29%). This statistic is against the opinion that because of the income of employed women, the violence against them is reduced.” Thanks: Shamika Ravi and Anuradha Sajjanhar ‘THE HINDU’ dated: 21-6-2014

7. “The controversy has reinforced that the fact that the allegations of abuse of women are not restricted to the lower or middle strata of society. The fact that Ms.Zinta is a successful actor and a co-owner of Kings XI Panjab, and the person who allegedly abused her is not only wealthy business man but also belongs to an illustrious family has made the episode, the likes of which are quite common, exceptionally interesting. It has also driven home the point that empowered and educated women are equally vulnerable to abuse, and ugly scenes can unfold in elite cricket stands too.
(Women can achieve anything if they were collectively and unitedly acted which is proved from an incidence happened in Nagpur.)

“While it may not be the best examples, it may be worthwhile to recall the case of Akku Yadav, a notorious gangster of Nagpur, who was lynched by a group of women in the district court premises in 2004. Yadav had raped many women and murdered at least three of them in Kasturba Nagar slum and the police had done virtually nothing to rein him in. On the fateful day about 200 women attacked him and hacked him to death. Writing on the incident, The Gardian (September 16,2005) said “Yadav and his gang had terrorized the 300 families of Kasturba Nagar for more than a decade-every woman living in the slum has claimed responsibility for the murder. They have told the police to arrest them all.” The trial in the court is on. Thanks- Mythili Sundar, ‘THE HINDU’ dated: 23-6-2014    

8. Many leaders had involved themselves for women’s freedom. Among them, Thanthai Periar is the notable leader. Government have passed many bills to safeguard the rights and security of women. But, a lot of violence against women is from and by drunken men. Even then the Government is reluctant to enact law for total prohibition.

8A. “Oommen chandy, Kerala Chief Minister has taken welcome and appreciable bold steps towards total prohibition in the state. In the first step, decision taken to close more than 700 bars, 418 bars had already been closed. He has announced that the remaining 312 bars will be closed at the end of this financial year. Kerala Govt. has stated of first day leave and from October 2, all the Sundays would be holidays for liquor shops.

It is to be appreciated that Oommen Chandy has visioneries towards implementing the total prohibition in Kerala state in the next ten years.

Drinking can cause enormous impacts. It will not only spoil the economy of the family but also eroding the family harmony. It not only creates the knots in the mind but also affects the body health. It makes to increase the criminals in the society.” Thanks kalki dated:7-9-2014

9. Whether is it possible that the law can establish the rights of the women. No. cannot. There are enough laws to protect them. But the abuse and violence against women are continued, why? People are living Imagination Life with enormous stress. For reducing the stress, they shall do mental exercise or meditation daily. For getting sufficient mental exercise, there must be a change in the method of worship. When there is an increase in mental exercise, there would be reduction in stress level, increase in mental fertility, decrease in ignorance, and increase in knowledge of knowing good and bad things and in adoptability of laws. At this stage only, the violence against women will descend. For an example, Brahmins do good mental exercise by chanting manthras before deity. In their homes also, they do mental exercise by chanting ‘santhia’ manthiram. Further they get good mental exercise from the chanting of manthiras in all kind of rituals for good and death. So as far I know, there is no much of violence against women in their community.

10. The Attentive Life (AL), the stress less life is the whole life, the optimum life, enjoyable life, and full spiritual life to be lived by man. In the society, the share of the women is important. They are brought up in disciplined manner. So their expectation in their married life is much. But they get disappointment. This is the first stress for them. Because men have not been brought up by disciplined manner. So the first stress they get from the conjugal act. Because of addict in drinking habit, men become infertility in child birth. But the bad name as ‘childless women (மலடி)’ comes to women. This kind of stress is also added to them.

10A. “Madurai city doctors have expressed concern over the increase in infertility among men. The first and one of the main reasons is the stress.” Thanks: THE HINDU dated: 30-7-2014.

11. There is no need to say about the stress of the two women married to a single man. For the women working in offices, the stress comes from the superior officers as well as colleagues, abuses due to the burden of the work, the problems to be created by husband, children, husband’s family, own birth’s family, relatives, friends etc restriction in finance, space in rented house, clothes, various problems to be met with from the time of exit from the house until return to home. It is shocked to know that acid attacks upon girls and women are increasing.

“The daughter of P.T.Rajan, a BSNL employee was set ablaze by her in-laws for not meeting her sister-in-law’s demand for gold bangles. Her husband had forced her to drink acid a month before her death.

Kavitha of North Chennai had underwent four surgeries after an acid attack six years ago.

Rani (48) had been poured acid over her by her husband 20 years ago. She said “I make ends meet by tailoring. But the wounds of the past have not healed yet. I still suffer from fatigue and head aches and cannot work long hours like a normal, healthy person.” Thanks: Vidya Venkat, THE HINDU dated:30-8-2014
Thus women are facing many violations and walking tent of the stress. So they are resorted to suicide attempts. In recent days, school girls suicide themselves for less marks, failure in examination, abuses they met with in schools,

12. What kind of action they have taken to reduce the stress? They go to the temples weekly once or twice and complete the worship in 5 minutes. There is no mental exercise gain in the worship of 5 minutes. So there is no chance of reducing the stress. Just like the women of Brahmins, verses about God may be read by sitting in the temple. They may be participated in mass prayers or done individually and heard the lectures on virtues and katha kala sebam if any conducted there.  These are the methods of worship reducing the stress. Such kind of worship methods must be followed daily, and then only small quantity of stress will be going on reducing.

12A. Sister of the friend of Tirchy Sakunthala said,“Christians will go to church on Sunday. Muslims will go to mosque on Friday. As they are participating in mass prayers, all time is good for them. But in our religion, each worship each idol. So time, opportunity, amends, future fortune asking are required.” Thanks: Tirchy Sakunthala, Aval Vikatan dated: 26-8-14.   
“The body is my temple. The target is the soul”- Global yoga icon B.K.S.Iyengar. Thanks:Shoumojit Banerjee, THE HINDU dated:21-8-2014

13. All thoughts emanated from deep mind when extended are changed into stress. House wives will be going on thinking something by sitting alone and accumulation of stress is much in them. So the stress is daily gradually accumulating in the mind of women from all walks of life.  When the accumulated stress is saturated, the depression comes. Hence God has designed our body in such a way as to send out the accumulated stress and prevent the accumulation of it while we are in actions (when we live in Attentive Life). Without knowing this, we are struggling with the stress.

14. When a correspondent asks Jen hermit “What is your principle,” The Jen hermit says “You are with stress bag in all times including the sleeping time so as to not able to sleep. But we put down the stress bag and sleep well. This is our principle!”

15. The scientific method of multiplying our energy out of physical exercise and mental exercise is the Spiritual. That energy is called as Spiritual Energy. When the body and mind co-operate with each other in both physical exercise and mental exercise we get the maximum spiritual energy. But the body and mind did not co-operate with each other in the present Imagination Life (IL) living now. So people get very less spiritual energy and are suffering a lot in their lives. Particularly there is no sufficient word to say about the hardships and sufferings of the women.

16. Many Mahans had got birth for preaching the people to walk on virtuous path. Based on their preaching, religions are established. Some other Mahans had propagated meditations of no religion. They are Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Ozo, JK, Ravisankar shree and Jakki Vasudev. Another one of them in Tamil Nadu is popularly known as Vedhathri Maha Rishi.

17. I had taken initiation for Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s Transcendental meditation (TM) and its higher course ‘Siddi’. The continuous adoption of TM and Siddi regularly had become the ladder to attain Attentive Life which enabled me to talk with God and vice versa.

18. How the women will descend the burden of stress bag!! God had revealed me the Twin Medicine(TM). Out of two, the first medicine is called as Living Mother Medicine (LMM. In it the 11 Aromani Principles are very important. When the principles are deviated, due to the affect of digestion followed with accumulation of the waste or excretory materials and stress the diseases would appear.  The second medicine is called as Medicine of Medicinal Meditation (MMM). This medicine at a time acts in two parts as scientific part and spiritual part and cures the diseases. In the scientific part, the energy in the blood is transferred to the disease and In the spiritual part, the feeling of the disease (eg. pain) and the stress are sent out.   

19. If one had an acute head ache for long time and done medicinal meditation for pain continuously for one week (6 hours per day) she will be cured from pain permanently. The stress would also be exit considerably. This training is enough for her to change from the present Imagination Life to Attentive Life.  After changed to AL, all other diseases of her would be descending. The immunity of the body would be increasing. There is no necessity for the tablets. The food of allergic may be added in her food programme. Thus this is the one way for changing to AL.

20. Attentive Medicinal Meditation for stress (AMMS) relieving for women, Procedure:
Please first keep your mind blank without thoughts for few seconds; close your eyes slowly; focus your mind on the expansion and contraction of your chest where stress collects; whenever other thoughts come, bring the mind to focus the chest up and down movements. This exercise must be done one hour continuously for the first time and after that please read the following. It would remove your stress astonishingly.

20A. The above exercise has to be done for morning, afternoon and evening, 3 times of 15 minutes duration each and 4th time during sleeping until sleep comes and for life. In between any incident happens within the house or outside, and disturbs mentally, you must do the AMMS until the stress is relieved completely (no time limit). The mass AMMS would speed up your development and flourishment. If you want to change your present Imagine life to Attentive Life, it (AMMS) has to be continued for 3 or 5 months regularly without fail. Then it is easy to change to AL.
21. Women generally do not like the mental exercise or meditation, because of wrong opinion about meditation. In our country, there are a lot of stories about sages. They strongly think that the sage throws away the family life and goes to the forest to do penance. The men who do penance or meditation would leave from the family life. When they afraid for 15 minutes meditation, how much they would afraid for 1000 minutes meditation ie. for the whole day until go to bed! Yes. God has designed our body in such a way for the body and mind to coordinate in all deeds in a day from getting up from bed to going to bed for good health of body and mind in AL.  
I want to share my experience with you in this regard.

22. Whenever my friend had done meditation, his wife would pour water on his head to disturb the meditation. So he had stopped doing the meditation. Another friend belonged to other religion, had regularly participated in the mass meditation and suddenly stopped the participation. When I had met him, he told me that he had stopped from participation because of the opposition by their religion people. Another friend’s wife had threatened him that if he had done meditation, she would part with him and go to her mother’s house. So that friend had also stopped doing meditation. I wonder that as the physical exercise is meant for good health of body and similarly, mental exercise or meditation is meant for good health of the mind. What is there in meditation to be afraid of!

23, Women do not know the life history of the sages. Gowthama sage had lived a long happy life with his wife Akalya. Uthalaga, a married sage had one son.  Sage Vashister was a father of eight children. Yayati was a king and he had got married the daughter of sage Sukracharya. When Sukracharya comes to know of the second marriage of the Yayati, he curses to lose his youth and accept the old age. Women  afraid of that due to the mental exercise, the men will lose interest in conjugal act. But the truth is otherwise. The men and women with stress cannot find satisfaction in conjugal life. For having happiness to both in sexual actions, good health of mind is very important. Only the mental exercise will give the good health of mind. Nowadays, the psychiatrist and psychologist recommend the meditation for depressed people.

24. Sexual feeling is the basis for reproduction. When this feeling was used in a correct place at correct time, both sex can derive a lot of benefits out of it. The world famous actor and one of the wealthy women, Elizabeth Tailor had disappointed for not getting good conjugal life.. Late princess of England, Diana under a peculiar circumstance had met with an accident. Why one elite woman, wife of an ex-central Govt. Minister, the rich woman of 100 crores should have died under mysterious circumstance in a hotel? The basic reason for all the above is the sexual feeling. Sexual feeling alone cannot satisfy a woman. The man should have the capacity of retaining the semen until the other sex prepares her for the final action. Until then the penis should have been erected. For this, both should have less stress. Stress can be reduced through the meditation only.  

25. You get favours from your parents until you get married. After those parents, brothers, sisters, relatives, friends and Govt are there in help line for you. But how much and how long the help line will extend!  There is a limit for the helpline to be rendered by the above. The only person who will help you without limit in all walks of life is the creator of us, Almighty. After getting the whole blessing of Him, you can live happy life without fear. For that you must practice Attentive medicinal meditation for 3 to 5 months and after that change to Attentive Life. After becoming Attentive livers, your husbands cannot think of other women. No man can approach you wrongly in office, and other places. You would feel the presence of God very near to you for your security. The dream of our National Father Mahathma Ganthi will be achieved. You can walk on the road without fear by wearing jewels at the midnight of 12 ‘0’ clock.

26. At one time, my wife had walked by wearing jewels and went from Periyar bus stand to railway station in the early morning of 2.30 hours at Madurai. At another occasion, my wife and daughter had walked by wearing jewels to a village which is 12 km away from Nagerkovil  on a unconventional mud path of short cut route of about two kilo meter at 7pm.

26A. You will not be cheated financially by anybody or financial firm. Because God will inform you well before about the genuineness of the person or firm. Your financial position will always be good. Your husbands will utilize the whole sexual feeling upon you only. Both will have the attraction of kindness with each other. There will be a gradual growth in all aspects of life. Almighty would speak to you and vice versa.

27. Hallow sisters! You are now living Imagination Life which is full of stress! The stress produces the un attention and ignorance. The both (un attention and ignorance) lead to committing mistakes, wrongs, crimes etc. The latter brings you sufferings and diseases.  Because of the above, your energy thereby your capacity and happiness gets reduced by which you further do a lot of wrong things; your sufferings are more. Due to the above, you are not able to contact directly the Person who had created you and get any help from Him.  

28. Please change your life to Attentive Life; there will be no stress; there will be increased mental fertility, ignorance exit; full cure from all diseases; immunity of the body increases; working capacity increases; wealth increases. From getting up from bed to going to bed (Attention of 1000 minutes), you will not do any harm to anybody by thought, word and deed. This is the supreme principle of Spiritual. By adopting this principle, you would get whole blessings (100%) of God. At that stage, all possibilities are possible without any effort.  You would speak with Him and vice versa. 

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