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TM-When you go to abroad for seeking job, HE will also come with you in the plane for your help!

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1.It is pitiable to see that nowadays thousands of youths are going to abroad particularly the countries of Africa and Gulf for seeking jobs. Please think of that nobody from Gulf countries, Singapore, and Malesia come to India seeking jobs and why?

2. How many problems they have to face? They belong to Poor family, money problem, problems created by Agents, after reaching abroad change to the undignified job with less salary other than the guaranteed one and   doing work in a unbearable climate, less comfort in stay, the problem for the adaptability of those countries’s law, sending money to India, anguish about the well being of family, getting leave for returning to India and again to return to the abroad after expiry of leave period, if any war in those countries, no guarantee for life-thus they have to meet with a lot of horrible problems and live with them.    Whether they could be able to overcome those horrible problems and lead their families safely by working in those countries. Yes. It can be possible! Their present strength is the knowledge of the man. They have to manage all those horrible problems with that of the human knowledge only.

3. Based on the human knowledge as capital, you imagine, do planning and take decisions after deep thinking. The actions to be taken as per planning and decision are belonged to future tense. In future tense can you do things as per the scheduled time according to your planning! Anything may happen in future. It may not possible to do the planned thing. In such occasion, could you be able to bear the disappointment arising out of the failure?  

3A. Had you read the stunned news of ‘THE HINDU’ dated: 18-7-2014! Malesian airline plane was shot at and the travelers plus the crew members totaling 295 were dead. All the travelers had traveled for doing some planned and decided things. What had happened to their planning! Whether they had succeeded in their planned and decided things. Their efforts for planning, taken decision after deep thinking, drawl of money from bank, buying the plane ticket, timely arrival at airport etc were wasted. From that incident , the lesion you learn is that the future is not belonged to you. So you should not do planning and take decision for future actions. This is your first lesion.

4. You are sitting before the Agent who had promised you to send abroad for a good job of huge salary. You are ready to pay lakhs of rupees for that. How do you know whether the agent is good or bad? From your inquiry he was good until yesterday. You have no evidence that he is good today also. When greed had come, man will change for cheating others at any time in Imagination Life (IL). If it was so, you would become mad due to loosing of lakhs of rupees! In such circumstance, God will alone tell you about whether he is good or bad.  

5. The bus, rail, plane by which you travel must be safe. You must have enough safety at working sites in foreign countries.

 5A. As per the news of   THE HINDU dated: 2-7-2014- it was said  “Indian nurses (46) trapped in the besieged city of Kirkuk of Iraq have begged authorities to secure their escape, as Iraqi forces conducted helicopter strikes on positions just meters from their hospital. There had been bombs exploding around them all night and one of the nurses had a severe fit.”

6. Mr.Vijayakumar, 42, a diploma holder of Electrical Engineering, Mekkamandapam in kannyakumari who was working as a technician in Basra said “More Indians continue to languish as bonded labouers in iraq.” He had recalled his 10 month ordeal at the worksite where he was made to work like a bonded labourer by Korean engineering firm that employed 20,000 workers. Even when the temperatures soared to 48 degrees Celsius they were deprived of breaks and made to work 12 hours continuously.

In October last, a worker from Ramanathapuram district died at the worksite but the incident was hushed up by the firm. Explosions had been going on many days.

Corruption is rampant in recruitment agencies. The workers including professionals are charged a hefty fee with a promise of lucrative jobs only to be short-changed later. Several of his co-workers were paid only half of the salary promised. A large number of poor migrant workers continued to work especially on food supply chains without work visa due to the cheating of recruiting agencies.”
(Thanks- THE HINDU dated: 8-7-2014). From the statement of Thiru Vijayakumar, it is clearly known about the worst condition under which the Indian labourers including professionals are working. That condition must be changed. It could be possible. You must be prepared for the change.

7. During the holiday period, you must safely return to the country of workplace after completing your holiday period. Because expecting your income, your family is in your village. When you are in abroad, your family must not be cheated by others including relatives taking away your hard labored earned money sent by you. Without your presence, the development of your children in education etc must be gradual without any hindrance. You must work peacefully without their thought. For this, there is only one way and that way is that you must change your present Imagination Life (IL) to Attentive Life (AL). When changed to AL, then your knowledge will be changed from the knowledge of the man to the knowledge of God. After that all your actions or deeds would be operated by the knowledge of Him. He will also step off the plane along with you.   His presence is in all. So He would send one copy of Him to your family to look after them.

8. Almighty who came with you, would deal with the problems connected with your visa, passport, salary, colleagues, superior officers at worksite, residential place, food, friends, officials of that country, terrorists, internal and external war etc and help you in all respects. You would feel His presence very near to you when you are in problem.  You need not search for doctor and medical shop for any sudden unhealthy problem. You could make it alright by doing medicinal mental exercise at your room without any paise expenditure. You would hear the noise of bomb blast and war explosions. But you would not be hurt. During war, even though there would be scarcity in food, water, dress etc for others, they would be made available to you. He will talk with you and vice versa. You would be arrived at your native place safely and live with your family happily!

9. When you decided to go abroad for job, before taking effort for passport, visa, you must make the AL for yourself and the efforts would become successful without any hardship. What you have to do is that you must take training for conversion from IL to AL through Twin Medicine.  

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