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TM-In your own country, you are living slavery life!

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 1. There is a Super Power to help the Tamils! Have you had forgotten that! Due to the absence of the above power, Tamils had been defeated! Lakhs of people including children, women etc had been killed! Youths had been abducted and murdered! Girls and women had been raped and then murdered! Find that Super Power and posses it to you! Then you will see that the world will be under you!    

2. What is meant by Spiritual? The scientific process of multiplying the energy of humans  many fold by medicinal physical exercise and mental exercise (meditation) is known as Spiritual. The energy so derived is called as Spiritual energy or Eternal energy. No energy will be equated to this energy in the world.

You do actions or deeds/ works from the time of wake up to the time of going to bed in a day. They are all physical exercises. There is no co-ordination of mental exercise with those physical exercises. So you have not received any Spiritual energy from your actions.

3. The people of one religion are involved in mass prayers many times in a day (totaling of 50 minutes mental exercise in a day). They go to the place of worship by walking (physical exercise) in all times.  When dig at any place of their countries, the oil is bursting out. After conquering many countries, occupying and converting the people of those countries to their religion, they had become mighty people.  

4. The people of another religion do prayers in the morning and evening at their homes daily (half an hour mental exercise) and participate in mass prayers (mental exercise) on every Sunday for one and half hours. They go to individual house and conduct mass prayers. The information that the Queen of one of the countries of the above religion had punished the people who had not attended the mass prayers shows how much they give importance for the mass mental exercise. They also found new weapons of war, conquering other countries and brought wealth to their countries. Even now due to the ability of finding new things, they live luxuriously by selling the new thing found worth of Rs.100 to Rs.1000, 10,000 and so on.  The east countries whose religion is based on meditation are well off and mighty. When the people of their religion were suffered at the hands of other religion in other countries the former have never hesitated to oppose the same. Even they will resort to conduct war on those countries.

 5. But what is the position of you! Even in your own country, you are living slavery as refugees with hunger, poverty after losing your tradition! You go to foreign countries in illegal boats! Sometimes the families drown in the sea by the sinking of boats! When you caught in those countries, then you are imprisoned, beaten and other third rate treatments in the prison. Your traditional country is full of orphaned children and widows.

6. What is the reason for the above pitiable position? If you applied thiruneeru, your worship is over! When you showed the lamp before the picture of the deity, you go with the belief that God will bless you! You think that shaving the head is the worship! Your worship is full of rituals! There is no chance for the mental exercise in your worship! The effect is grief of no words! Failure! Lengthy night without seeing dawn!
7. For the sake of alleviating your sufferings, God who is within you is ready to help you., preached the greatness of the mental exercise (meditation). He revealed me to understand that diseases can be cured by mental exercises by curing my all the diseases. By His guidance I found Twin Medicine (TM). He had elevated me to the higher plane of Spiritual through TM. This is the top step of the ladder of the latter i.e. the full Spiritual. What is the whole Spiritual? The life style of collaboration between the physical exercise and mental exercise from the awakening of the bed in the morning and going to bed in the night is called as Attentive Llife. You may think how the grave problems of yours can be solved to your favour! 

8. How the conductor Rajanikanth elevated to the position of Super star having wealth and crores of fans throughout tthrough out the world? He has acquired the Spiritual power by doing 60 minutes mental exercise and 20 minutes Yogasanam daily. When plenty of oil is available for 50 minutes mass prayer, please think how much benefit you will get for 1000 minutes(161/2 hours*60min=1000 minutes ) of mental exercise (Attentive Life)!

9. Barak Obama is born from American white lady and an African. He belongs to black race and comes as President of America.  Why the Tamils who live spiritual life or Attentive Life cannot become the future President of America. Because, they have got 100% Spiritual energy or Eternal energy. Similarly the migrant Tamils can gain political power and become people representatives of the parliaments of those countries where they had migrated. They can be rich by finding new things, selling them in the world market. Nobody in the world could slave you of mighty power!

 10. I must  tell another important one to you. Can one who is in very high position talk with you?  For an example could you talk directly with President of America! And even could you approach him very near!  But the Creator of the world who is mightier than the President of America would talk with you and vice versa if you are in Attentive lifeL! This is the specialty of the Attentive Life.

10A.  Medicinal Meditation for stress (MM) relieving for you, Procedure:

Please first keep your mind blank without thoughts for few minutes; close your eyes slowly; focus your mind on the expansion and contraction of your chest where stress collects; whenever other thoughts come, bring the mind to focus the chest up and down movements.This exercise must be done one hour continuously for the first time and after that please read the following. 
  This exercise would remove your stress astonishingly.
20A. The above exercise has to be done for morning, and evening, 2 times of 20 minutes duration each and 3rd  time during sleeping until sleep comes and for life. In between any incident happens within the house or outside, and disturbs mentally, you must do the MM-6 until the stress is relieved completely (no time limit). If you want to change your present Imagine life to Attentive Life, it (MM) has to be continued for 3 or 5 months regularly without fail. Then it is easy to change to AL.

11. You have migrated to other countries with the plight of grieve and leaving the born soil. Under the above circumstances there is no need to say about the depression, confusion and anxiety of yours undergone! Due to the injury of your mind, your active power has been affected! Dear brothers and sisters! Please come forward without hesitation and prepare yourself for the mass meditation (MM) of three times each of 15 minutes duration. It (mass MM) would speed up your development and flourishment, Cleared thought will emanate from clear mind. Active power would be speeded up. Then change from the present Imagination Life to Attentive Life. Then you will retrieve all the losses except loss of deaths. 

The visitors are requested to donate  for conducting free medical camps to treat the poor in remote villages which are out of reach of health facilities. I find difficult to publish my findings due to lack of fund and therefore request to donate for publishing my findings for the welfare of the people.. The donor would be issued a certificate for transfer of power for the propagation of Twin Medicine (TM) by which he can practice the TM . Please send the money to the following account. 


If one changed to Attentive Life, the benefits out of changing will go to 100 persons related to him ie. his family, relatives and friends.

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