Friday, October 24, 2014

TM- Simple procedure to eradicate mosquitoes

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When I was in deep sleep on 21-3-2014. I was awakened from the bed at midnight by the voice within me “Switch off the lamp”. I had switched off the lamp; the whole body was sweating well. After a few minutes, I had slept well with reduced sweating and bites of mosquitoes. In the next day morning, He had given the explanation about the lamp that when the lamp attracted 10 mosquitoes from outside the house, it kills 5 mosquitoes and leaves the balance 5 mosquitoes inside the room to bite. There was dull light in the room and sweating of the body gradually increased due to ultra violet ray of the lamp. Thus He had revealed that the EMT lamp was not a correct equipment for the eradication of mosquitoes. I therefore had put the emt lamp in the loft. My wife had not known that I had bought the emt lamp for my research and so grieved much for the loss of Rs.1500/-.For more please click---

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