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TM-When will India become mighty?

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1.15-2-2006 was the day unforgettable. At that day only I had again entered into the garden of Eaden; the day of coming into the safety circle of God; the clear understanding day of the Upanishads and Geetha; the changing day to the Attentive Life (AL) from my past Imagine Life; the changing day to the life of Adam and Eval lived before eating the fruits of the tree giving good and bad things. Only after entering into this life I was able to bear the sufferings of the scary tests met with by me in life. People have no alternative remedy for the sins done in the previous birth. The only remedy is that you do not do any harm to anybody at all times by thought, word and deed at this birth. I came to know well that that kind of remedy could be achieved only through by adopting to AL. After changing my life to AL, my health was improved fast and much. The contact with God was increased.

2. I was staying with my daughter’s house at Udumalpet. The Ministry of Human Resources Development had published an advertisement in Dinakaran Tamil daily news paper dated on 23-4-2012. In it, it had been informed that as per copyright rule, the holder of the copyright has every right to propagate his findings to the public. Until seeing the advertisement I was afraid of propagating my findings. Because the latter (my findings) were against the principles of the health practices adopted in vogue. I had cut the portion of the advertisement from the news paper thinking that it would be useful in future for my practice and kept it safely. On the next day I had a call from the inspector of police of my native town to face an enquiry against a complaint that I am a ‘duplicate doctor.’ Thus God had known in advance tha a complaint was received at the police station against me. So HE had arranged to publish the advertisement before the date of enquiry and also made me to read the advertisement. Thus he had saved me from a test of my life.

3. For the past 6 years I had letter correspondences with Central Council for Research in Yoga and Naturopathy, Govt. of India (CCRYN), New Delhi for the approval of my finding Twin Medicine (TM) to be annexed with Yoga and Naturopathy. Because I was in advanced age (68) and at that age a single person could not propagate this wonderful medicine to nook and corner of the nation for the benefits of the poor as it (TM) has no medical expenditure. I was in confused stage whether to continue the correspondence or not to continue due to the red tapism,  because the correspondence swallows my time, labour and money. When on one day I had been seeing a previous letter, it was deleted instantly without my knowledge; I had not known which I had touched the key in the key board.  HE had informed me clearly that there was no use to continue the correspondence. Thus my confusion was come to an end. My time loss and money loss were avoided..

4. There was another problem to which I was not able to take a decision with confusion and fear. In that also, one related paragraph was deleted without my knowledge instantly. I had then understood the language of God and so dropped the idea of continuing the particular subject. The confusion and the fear were gone away from my mind. Similar to the above, HE is helping me in all walks of life. As HE spoke to Adam and Eval, HE speaks with me and vice versa.

5. HE made me to understand clearly the philosophy of spiritual. We say “Oh God! Save me!” from the thought coming from the deep mind!. Prayer, the songs praising HIM are from involving our mind!. This is the spiritual!. Our worship must involve the mind! I wonder that If so, in what way the materials like thiruneeru, coconut, flower, fruits, ghee, milk, curd, cloth, holy water etc used in idol worship will bring the spiritual to the worshipers!. Until today the business made and making the people to belief that the above materials have connection with the spiritual!  

6 If so I had asked God what are the worships! HE had answered that prayer, singing songs praising HIM, hearing the lectures on spiritual, music, education, physical exercise, mental exercise (meditation), giving full involvement in actions/works, going to hospital for taking treatment for diseases, and keeping the house and surroundings clean for good health etc. are the worships.

7. How the above could be the worships?
Spirituality acts on mind. The entire said above are the actions of the mind. The main philosophy of spiritual is that no harm shall be done to anybody by thought, word and deed.  The above philosophy is adopted during the duration of the above worships. By this, mental fertility develops. From the increased mental fertility, the worshipers get HIS blessings

 8. How the going to hospital for taking treatment for diseases and keeping the house and surroundings clean etc would be worships?

9. God is within everybody’s body as PARAMATHMA. HE is staying in our body by giving rent for sometime (until the fate ends). During that period, HE want the house (human body) to be comfortable for staying.

So HE has made the health of the body and the mind as the spiritual and attached the same in the human body. You go to the hospital for curing the diseases and cure the same. Thus you make your body to stay comfortable by HIM. By keeping your house and surroundings clean your house (body) becomes comfortable for stay by HIM. This is like a house owner provides facilities for his tenants. For this, HE offers HIS blessings to you. So all kinds of actions leading  to keep your body and mind in good health are worships. HE will give generous handouts (blessings) as wage  

10. Whether is there any benefit for the long spiritual walking? The benefits would be depending upon the duration of the adoption of the main spiritual philosophy during the patha yathrai (long spiritual walking), and the previous days of fasting.

11. How the AL is differing from the life of Imagine?
Important differences:- In Imagine Life, the consciousness is in the grip of the mind, whereas in AL, the mind is in the grip of the consciousness.   Imagine life has the capability of inducing all the sins. What is the status of today? Wherever we are, we see the harms to the women, sexual tortures, rapes, kidnapping of children, girls and young women, corruption, cheating, the sins arising out of the great desires for property, land and woman, caste related sins, severe accidents, murders, robbery, various diseases, draught, severe flood, debts, starvation, suicides etc- such are the endless sufferings of the people. There was no such suffering in AL. Adham and Eval were living happily without sufferings before they ate the fruits of the tree giving good and bad things.

12. If in the total populatin of 120 crores in India, the people of 1.2 crores had changed to AL, India would become mighty India. 

                       Er. R.A.Bharaman (Healer Aromani). and

முந்தைய விளம்பரம்
அடுத்த விளம்பரம்

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