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How are Brahmins, Mudaliars, Pillais, Nadars, Chettiars, Naidus developed!

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1. Nowa days, people are having different views on spiritual. These views are coming from our ancestors of Stone Age. They had created the stories and worshiped the heroes of those stories as Gods. That worship method is even now continued. Several saints had appeared. Based on their preaching, different religions are established.  The languages of the birth places of the saints, life style, culture etc. had also spread along with religions to other places. Due to this, religious disputes, life and property losses are going on abundantly even today. The teachings of the saints and the supreme opinion of their established religions are one and same. That is that no harm shall be done to anybody by thought, word and deed and thereby to drive the eternal joy out of it. The aim of the spiritual is to establish permanent joyfulness in mind. Thought appears in mind; the appeared thought emerges as word and action. So the spiritual acts on mind; Nature alias God acts through Mental Fertility Hence the proverb “Mind is temple”, is circulating among people long back.

2. Some people derive happiness by doing harm to others through thought, word and action. That happiness is not permanent; it would bring destruction; it is not the spiritual happiness

3. What is Spiritual?
a.   In human life there is one of the twins in opposition as labor*rest. There is no food if there was no labor; there is no body if there was no food; there is no bio if there was no body; there is no Athma and Paramathma if there was no bio. So labor is the basis for human life on earth; labour includes physical labor and brain labor. From the above two, we get physical exercise and mental exercise respectively. When we do both, we gain mental fertility. This mental fertility gives to us the true growth. God expects such growth from all beings.
b.   Please look into the live of animals closely. After awaking from sleep, they go for food by walking or running (physical exercise). The animals like lion, tiger, wolf etc hunt the deer, rabbit, zebra etc and eat. During hunting, they determine the place of ambush and the angle of lurching to grip the prey (mental exercise). Similarly the deer, zebra, elephant etc which eat grass and leaves search (physical exercise) for food, knowing (mental exercise) the fertile place, food of taste etc and then eat. In between, they generate their race by the inducement of sexual feeling. With this, the story of the animals ends. The story ot the man is not different. The ancient man taking the rough weapons along with him ran and chase (physical exercise) after animals for food, hunted them and ate. He determined (mental exercise) the angle and direction for successful with least time the hunting a animal. Then by the inducement of sexual feeling, he and his female partner generate their heir. After that he withdraws from the earth. With this, the story of a man ends.

4.   The story of the modern man is not different. He had run after animals for food. This man is running (physical exercise) by bus, train, ship and flight for food. He had acted by determining (mental exercise) the angle of the weapon to apply by which the prey would fall. This man choses by thinking (mental exercise) the branch of education which would give him food, gets education on that (mental exercise) and joins in a job. Here also, modern man and his wife joins together and leave their heir on the earth.

5.   So the mental exercise and physical exercise are in collaboration with each other. No man on earth can live without thinking (mental exercise) and labor (physical exercise).  If we developed those well, we would get fertilized mind or fulfilled mind. By this, we would get fulfilled life. In this birth by which you would get the eternal joy which is the aim of the human being. God also wishes the man to be happy on this earth.

6.   The scientific process by which one multiplies his energy manifold from mental exercise and physical exercise (medicinal exercise) is the Spiritual. The energy thus obtained is the Spiritual Power. This energy includes the energies of mind, body and universal. The Creative Intelligence which includes the energies of the beings on earth, the energies for the ever lasting enlargement of the universal and the Natural Laws is called as God.

7.   The consequence of the efforts taken to obtain the above energy is the formation of religions. Whether the religions have fulfilled the expectations of the Saints! By increasing the rituals the time allotted to mental exercise is diminished and the importance of mental exercise had been hidden.. By this mistake, mental exercise and physical exercise are not co-ordinated to each other, separated and gone away far. By this reason, man has possessed the negative characters having with angry without justification, jealous, betrayal, greedy on money, land and woman etc, gripped with diseases, accidents and destroying each other making the world horrible.  The root cause for all those things is the wrongful understanding and ignorance of the spiritual.   

8.   Our ancestors were intelligent. They had built up the temples at the top of the hill so as to climb the mount (physical exercise) and worship the God (mental exercise). By climbing to the mount and worshiping the idol God on reaching the top the man gets experience on both physical exercise and mental exercise. But what is happening practically now. People after reaching at top, they look into the idol and apply thiruneeru on their forehead and return with the belief that God would save them. What actually they have to do is that after reaching at the top, they must prey or sing songs of God or doing deep mental exercise etc for about ½ an hour.

9.      It is better to talk about late MGR in this regard. He had done physical exercise regularly throughout his life and got fame in life. But it seems that he had not done mental exercise. So he had obtained only 50% of the total Spiritual Power. Due to this shortage, he had taken full attention to maintain his cinema image throughout his life. In his roles as hero in films, he had avoided the drinking and smoking etc. Whenever he had participated in public functions, he had appeared with a cap on head and black eye glass. In the beginning he had been developed by the DMK party. Later on DMK party had been developed by MGR. 

10.  In contrary to the above, super star Rajanikanth acts on drinking and smoking scenes. He had not taken any effort to maintain his cinema image outside his cine world. He had participated in public functions as he is without any make up. His appearance is just like an ordinary man with partly bald head, face without saving and cigarette in his mouth. In the television interview, he had accepted the drinking habit in the past and been trying to stop the smoking very soon.  Due to his open talk of truth about his bad habits, his fame has not been reduced. Actually his fame is going on increasing. For attaining fame he has not dependent on any political party. What is the basis and reason? He is doing yogasanam (physical exercise) and meditation (mental exercise) regularly for the past 40 years. By this, he is getting 100% Spiritual Power.

11.  Gaining mental fertility by the developed communities through their professions.


As per the Hindu religion, Bramins must live Spiritual Life by obtaining the knowledge of veda, spreading the same among people and work as kurukkal in temples. However they have involved in other professions also. During chola era, they had worked as musical vithwans, business men, civilian administrators and employees and then as soldiers and chives in army. Thus those professions had developed their mind and increased their mental fertility. That mental fertility had been transferred to their heirs also. They derive mental exercise by chanting manthras in temples as kurukkal. Apart from that, they further gain mental fertility by saying ‘santhia vanthanam’ in three times, morning, midday and evening. Further they chant mantras by 108 times by rotating pasi garland. They join with mental exercises in all occasions of weddings, giving tithes’ to those dead. Sun namaskaram, singing divine song by coming around Basil plant, subrapatha song, sakasranama manthiram, kayathri manthiram etc are famous and play an important role in gaining mental fertility for them. Thus they had developed and increased their mental fertility. So their community has got best musicians, educationists, administrators, doctors, engineers, advocates, judges, industrialists, politicians, researchers, preachers etc.

12.  One man was in the highest post of United Nations. A lot of Tamil language manuscripts in palm leaves escaped from the destruction by termites and the same were published as books. The whole credit goes to U.Ve.Saminatha Iyer who is belovedly called as ‘ Tamil Grandfather ’ by all the Tamils. His name would be there until the Tamil exists. A poet for poetry’ Bharathiyar at his 14th age had started to write poets. C.V.Rajagopalachariar had brought fame to Tamilnadu as first Governor General of India and Chief Minister of Madras state.    The first nobal prize winner from Tamilnadu is Sir C.V.Raman. The aim of this article is not showing the list of eminent persons. So doing the mental exercise regularly by Bramins has lifted them to the higher plane of life.
13.  Muthaliar
a.       During chola era, the persons who were in the highest posts in their administration were called as first men. Later on this word was introverted to call as Muthaliar. Thondaimandala Saiva Vellalar and Thondaimandala Kondaikkati Vellalar are belonged to muthaliar. Saiva vellala muthaliars had worked as ministers, army chives under Chola, Pandia and Pallava kings. During English ruling, they had served as clarks, goldsmiths, and then changed to land lords. Their ancestors also must have had got mental fertility naturally by their professions and lived with better life. The mental fertility of them had been transferred to their generation. Former central government ministers P.T.Rajan, O.V.Alagesan, former chief minister of Tamilnadu Bakthavathsalam, former ministers of Tamilnadu Nedunchelian and Anbalagan are belonged to muthaliar community.

14. Saiva pillaimars
a.   Saiva pillaimar is one of forward community. They were land lords and are now also land lords. First they had worked in important higher posts as ministers, army chieves under Pandia kings and later on as poligars and jameenthars. Apart from that, they were as kanakku pillai, village judge and nattanmai in village administration. Their posts had developed their mind leading to the increased mental fertility. That mental fertility had increased their ability to take correct decisions. Nature had also helped them to elevate them to high in all walks of life. So they are able to obtain a better position and status in Tamil community. Ramalinga Swami, Arunachala kavirayar, Nammaalvar are historical fame persons. Out of 5 saiva chithantha nayanmars, Abbar alias thirunavukarasar is famous. V.O.Sithambaram pillai stands in history as kapplottia suthanthira porratta veerar. Jeeva was a leader of communist party struggled for the independence of India. Mrs.Navaneetham pillar was a Judge in South Africa and later on worked as human rights commissioner in United Nations. Manonmaniam Sundaram pillai is one of the creators in Tamil Literature. Maraimalaiyadigalar, Puthumaipithan, Jeyakanthan etc are the some of the famous writers born in this community. Business, politics, music etc are the other areas of their eminence. They has derived their mental fertility which elevated them to the higher living standards and status through their professions..

15. Nadar
a.   Nadar community plays an important role in the rise of economic of Tamilnadu. They are leading in higher posts in government departments, business, industries etc. They are giving better education to the people of Tamilnadu by establishing many educational institutions through their society ,Nadar Uravin Murai. When education was not much, even ordinary man had learned Tamil through ‘Daily Thanthi’ Tamil daily news paper established by C.P.Athithanar, former minister of Tamilnadu. Karma veerar, Kamarajar had proved that ordinary man from poor family could get government posts of any rank through education. Mental exercise derived through their profession is the reason for the forward position attained by this community  

16. From their business, particularly the crocery business, they account for hundreds of items of materials, stock plus incoming items, sales and then accounting the sold items to the consumers. In this business they have very good experience of mental exercise which accumulates as mental fertility. Their genes of business with mental fertility are transferred to their heirs. From the above Nadar community has improved very much in wealth and status through the mental fertility derived from their business.

17. Nagarathar (Nattukottai chettiar)

Nagarathar alias Nattukottai chettiar had multiplied their mental fertility  by their businesses like financing and industries. Later on they had established educational institutions like Annamalai University and karaikudi university. Annamalai chettiar, karumuthu Thiagaraja chettiar, Alagappa chettiar etc are some of the jambavans in this community.  

Kongunattu vellala gounder
18. Kavirayar Kambar had sung poetry that kongunattu vellala gounders are farmers of simplicity, humility, integrity and characters of high quality. They had also involved in business in kongunadu.  So they have seemed as a community of mental fertility derived from their characters. Former central government minister C.Subramaniam and industrialist Mahalingam are born in this community. They had occupied in high posts in India, England, America (developed countries) etc.

19. Naidu
a.   During the era of vijayanagara emperor, the persons of naidu community had in high posts like district governors, jameenthars, land lords and industrialists. The administrative posts had given them mental fertility. Eventhough they are minority in Tamilnadu because of their mental fertility, they had changed Coimbatore as one of the industrial cities of India. C.T.Naidu is well known researcher and scientist without education. They had developed in all fields.

b.   As the profession of other communities is based on the labor, they are unable to gain mental exercise through their profession. Their method of worship (applying thiruneeru in their forehead) is also not going to  help for gaining  mental exercise to them. So due to paucity of mental fertility they are backward, most backward in society.

20. The developed communities as said above, without further developing their mental fertility through the worship, they also think that applying thiruneeru is enough for worship and getting the blessing of God. So in their communities also, incidents of grief are happening much. Like sudden death of women or men or both happens making the husbands or wives as widows, and children as orphans, separation of husbands and wives for long time making the children to suffer, fatal accidents leaving the children as orphans, severe diseases making the family unstable etc. The sudden loss in business makes them to suffer a lot.  This shows that the mental fertility now they have is not enough for their well being. Their final aim must be to attain or change their lives through mental exercise of worship from Imagination Life to Attentive Life leading to live without sufferings, ‘all possible’ life, supreme spiritual way of life, effortless life, timeless life etc. 

21. In some countries, oil is coming out wherever they dig. But what is a pity here! There is not enough rain here; draught prevails; ground water has gone deep below the ground level; people particularly ladies wander here or there for drinking water! Please think over!                     
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