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TM- Success behind an ordinary hunter to become a Great warriar of the world! How!

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Attentive Life-1

1.    Mind can enrich or destroy one’s life!.
Mental exercise is an exercise to the mind like the physical exercise given to the body. Both are for the wellbeing of human being. Mental exercise is to lead the life in the progressive path, establish a prosperous life, for emanating progressive thoughts, emanated thoughts for ready execution, and helps with physical exercise for progressive life. That is that when mind and body co-ordinates with each other, then only the actions for leading the life to progressive path come to practice. When the thoughts come, the body is ready to implement the former (thoughts). If so, we say that the body and the mind co-ordinates to each other for the production of the developed mind. Mind can enrich or destroy one’s life.

Spiritual Power does not come from swami idols !

2.     Our ancestors had constructed the temple with idol at the top of the hill to worship the God by walking along all the way to the hill (physical exercise) and worshiping (mental exercise) the idol at the top. Thus physical exercise and mental exercise are joined together and co-ordinated each other. Such worship offers the Spiritual Power to the people. Those who have got plenty of such Spiritual Power become the achievers; got prosperous life. So the Spiritual Power so got is not due to the swami idol placed at the top. Devotee carries out physical exercise as sacred walking all the way from his native place to the temple and mental exercise as singing the songs of God, and praying throughout his good sacred walking as “o! God, save my family! my son must get a job soon! My daughter must get a wedlock soon!”  Such above activities bring him some Spiritual Power. So the devotees must understand clearly that the Spiritual Power does not come from swami idols.

3.     When the husband and the wife co-ordinate each other, then only the family will enjoy much happiness. When the driver and the conductor co-ordinate each other, then only the passengers will travel securely. When the boss and the labourers co-ordinate each other, then only the industry will run in profit. Similarly when the physical exercise and mental exercise co-ordinate each other, then only the life of the human being will be going on to grow flourish. 

4.     We know from the life histories of M.G.R. and super star Rajani kanth that physical exercise and mental exercise have equal share of benefits. Further it is known that Brahmins who have used mental exercise as their profession and those who have got mental exercise from their profession have good status economically in society.

5.    Applying thiruneeru on the forehead is not the worship 

But those who apply thiruneeru on the head taking from the plate of‘thatsinai , worshiping the flame, on seeing the swami idols worshiping by crossly knocking the chin, breaking the coconuts, complete shaving the head, kavadi dancing, on seeing the swami idol after waiting and standing for a long time in ‘Q’, saying with satisfaction,”swami darshan has been got well”, the women who lift ‘molappary’  , those who take ‘theesatti’, those who pull the chariot, those who humbly receive thiruneeru, vermilion after bowing to the ground during the street procession of swami idol, those who show flame to the pictures of deities, worshiping by cooking pongal, those who spray the water in the house believing it as Divine water, those who conduct marriage between two swami idols, those who spend mony for conducting ‘homam’ in the house and act as on lookers during the chanting manthiras by the priests and many other religious cults which are physical in nature are belonged to backward communities. Why they are backward because they exit from the temple without mental exercise and do not do the same in the house also.

6.     The Queen of England had given punishment levying fine for not going to churches for worshiping God (for not doing mental exercise). That is why the English people had ruled over the larger area of the world.

7.     There is also one religion praying God for many times a day. In other religions, the king or the ruler and the people do the same mental exercise (worshiping the God). But in the Hindu religion, the priests chant manthiras and others are mere on lookers. The importance of mental exercise is hidden. The wrong belief for making fear among the people that trying to do mental exercise will become ‘Theiva kutram’ was spread. The word ‘Itheegam(அய்தீகம்)’ is only meant for spreading the wrong believes like possibility of wedding if gone to one temple, possibility of getting success in court cases if gone to that particular temple, possibility of child birth if gone to another temple and so on. Thus people are made to believe the wrong ones.

8.    There is no remedy for the sin committed.

Astrologers play an important role in spreading wrong believes among the people. At the beginning of the astrology written, there is no word ‘remedy’ found in the astrology. Later on, the word ‘remedy’ was inserted in the astrology in order to turn the people to the temples. The Hindu religion’s Vedha tells “there is no power (even power of God) in the world to turn the bad to good by doing ‘remedy’. He can not escape from the punishment for the sin of him” but the astrologers cheat the people by saying that bad can be changed to good by doing ‘remedy’. There is a connection between astrologers and the priests of the temples. The astrologer of us had recommended to one priest known to him of Devipattinam near Rameswaram for undertaking remedy for my daughter to get early marriage. The priest had conducted a marriage between two banana stems assuming as one stem was bridegroom and another one bride by chanting manthiras. The ritual had been completed within half an hour. He had got Rs.200 as fee (1993). Then we were asked to 9 times walk around 9 swami idols situated in sea water. We (me, my wife and my daughter) had done that as he asked. But after 5 years only my daughter’s marriage was taken place in 1998.  It is astonished that no Head of the Hindu religion has opposed the ‘remedy’ which is against Vedha. Thus the conflicting ideas of scripture are allowed.

Why our Gods could not stop to become from free India to slave India?

9.     There is no proof that if people had gone to the temples, fortunes will happen as per the ‘itheegam’. The consequence was that the unity of our kings was blown up with dynamite. No new war weapons were found out due to the lack of mental fertility. When our man rotated the sword, he fired shots with his gun. When our soldiers used country weapons like vel, wiley and arrow, they killed en mass by shells. Even our people could not reach to him for fight. The morale of our men was buried in their born earth. The consequence was that our nation was ruled for 400 years by the foreigners whose worship was based on mental exercise. Why our Gods could not stop to become from free India to slave India? Where was wrong? Please think over!

10.                        Knowing the weakness of Indians, our national father Mahatma Ganthi had not taken the weapons to send out whites from India. He had taken the weapon of ahimsa on hand and got freedom without shedding blood. India had completed 70th year of freedom. However the status of Spiritual Power of the people has not risen. The old method of worship without mental exercise (prayer, songs of God, deep meditation etc) is going on. The governments are giving a lot of concessions for improving the lives of the backward communities, but they are in backward condition. Because there is no place for mental exercise in their worship. In short, due to lack of mental fertility or mental development their minds are under developed. No improvement in life could be achieved with under developed mind.

11.                       Why the worst things happen to Indians especially to Tamils?

12.                         Under the above condition, lakhs of youths from backward communities who seek employments at rich countries having religions based on mental exercise have lost their family lives; they have not heard the prattle of their own children; they could not be participated in the functions of family get together and relatives. They were cheated by the recruiting agents. Their wives left lonely have gone out of way in sexual matters which end with murders.

13.                         They were further cheated by the bosses of their companies. They have not got the agreed salaries. Fewer salaries are given. And that too not for every month. They extract work for more than 8 hours in the desert of high temperature. Due to poverty, the women going for domestic works have been starved and beaten. There is no security for their chastity. One hand was broken to a woman of 50 years old belonged to Andra who had gone for domestic work and treatment was given to her in a hospital of Anthra. Another woman of over 50 years old belonged to Pollachi; Tamilnadu gone for domestic work was treated here for body injuries due to the assault by the owner.

14.                         When those who go to search of work on a false steamer, caught, they undergo hard punishment of tortures in the underground prision. Whether youths of the nations of religions based on mental exercise have come to India seeking employments and undergo any severe punishment! No! Why? Please think over!

15.                         The Tamilans in Malaysia had agitated to establish the rights of the Hindu religion but not succeeded in their goal. The people of the Hindu religion who have not given importance to the mental exercise in their worship could not succeed by agitation in other countries. What happened in Sri Lanka? The ruler is belonged to the Buddism, a religion of mental exercise. But Ela tamilians are belonged to Hinduism, a religion of non-mental exercise. They apply thiruneeru on their head in their worship and are having less Spiritual Power (SP). How could they get success in the war with inadequate SP. 1.5 lakh people had been killed in the war? Thousands of youths had been disappeared. There are 99,000 widows.

16.                         Over two lakh Tamil emigrants from Malaysia and Burma were forced to labour between 1940 and 1942 on a 415 km railway track between Thailand and Burma including a bridge in kwai, as part of Japans Greater Asia plan. Only 35,000 returned. Over 1.50 lakh Tamils perished. They fell victim to snakes and insects, cholera, malaria and Beriberi. some of them committed suicide, unable to bear the burden and the Japanese torture. Thanks to R.Kurinjivendan, THE HINDU dated:27-8- 2016 

17.                        Why such worst things happen to Tamils? Please think over!  Nepal which is the only country of the Hindu religion is the poorest country of the world,

18.                         The Great Warriar Sengishkan who conquired a larger part of the world, before proceeding to war, had worshiped (mental exercise alone) for 3 days at the nearby his Gods mount. At the same time, the soldiers of his army had done mass worship (mass mental exercise) in the plain. So he was able to win in all wars. O! The world over Tamils! Please think over!.

19.                         I had read one article at the time of the releasing of the Tamil film kapali.  The contention of the article was that there are underground thathas among Chinese origin but they are changed as thathas to protect their people. But the Tamils who have changed as ‘thathas’ are after money and for money.  On reading this information, I was plunged into grief.

20.                       What does it mean for ‘Doing by not doing’.

Generally Chinese people seem developed. It is said that there are only few Chinese working in lower jobs and more in higher jobs in Gulf countries. I researched the circumstances behind which they had developed..

21.                         In 5th century, Lao Tsu and Confucius had lived Their philosophies are called as Taoism and Confucianism.

22.                        Both philosophies are for uplift of life. Confucianism explains how must be the most important 5 relationships between Ruler and citizen, husband and wife, old and young, among friends and father and son.  The Golden rule of Confucius say, Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself. Thiruvalluvar say in kural 316 as “what his own soul has felt as bitter pain, from making others feel should man abstain”, the meaning for this kural “Let not a man consent to do those things to another which, he knows, will cause sorrow”.

23.   Taoism advices to live in harmony. Lao Tsu, the father of Taoism says “Instead of achieving things in wrong ways, achieving in natural way  will show the path for happiness; you must give sufficient time to Nature to do things for you; that is the easiest way to achieve things; after that every thing would happen favourably with ease. This is said as “doing by not doing” 

24.                        In the philosophy of Attentive life offered me by God for the welfare of the people, He says the people as doing by not doing. As per their fate, the good and bad things of them are already registered. According to the registeration only all things happen to the people. Kanian poongundranar, Tamil poet says “ All are our place! All listen! Good or bad does not come from others! (You are responsible for what you get/face). He further says “That o’er huge boulders roaring seeks the plain tho’ storms with lightning’s flash from darkened skies Descend, the raft goes on as fates ordain”. Fate would be born with every bio. As per the regiteration in the fate, one would do harm to you. For that you need not hate him or to think to revenge him.

25.                         Thiruvalluvar in kural 379 says “When good things come (due to good fate), men view them all as gain, when evils come (due to bad fate). Why then should they complain?

26.                        Translation for this kural is that how is it that, those who enjoy pleasures with good fortunes due to good fate, worries themselves when evil comes due to bad fate.  In short it can be said as By taking the misery on bar with pleasures, doing by not doing.

27.                         In different kurals, it has been said to give meaning as doing by not doing,

28.                        “if saved the things gained in wrong ways by hard means, they will go out due to bad fate. If the things gained in good ways poured in street, it will not go?.  So you need not take any effort to save the things and doing by not doing.

29.                        “if one accumulated crore things in wrong ways, he could not enjoy them”. Valluvar says through this kural, Do not worry for not enjoying the accumulated property earned in wrong ways and doing by not doing.

30.                        “What power surpasses fate? If do remedy to overcome it, it will prevent it and stand before the sinner” So, if any remedy done for the sin, there is no use. One must experience compulsorily the effect of the sin. No power in the world can stop it. So Valluvar says, “doing by not doing”, It can be said shortly as All are Gods action! All happenings for good! So you  do doing by not doing!

31.                        The matter stipulated as above in Taoism, Kural and Gods blessed principle of Attentive Life offered me are same. As per the above principle I requested the people in my  Tamil book Aromanis 9 principles for good Do not do imagination, planning and take decision after deep thinking. Leave these three to Nature (God). Because they are the happenings of the future. Future tense is to give the gift or punishment to be awarded by Nature as per the good or bad things of the people done in the past and present tenses. When the people encroached the future by imagination, planning and decision taken, they will meet with defeat and get experience of misery. As the jothidam tells the getting of fortunes in future, it is not good for the people to see jothidam The Attentive Livers without doing hard efforts, will do necessary efforts only and get success in life.  They will wait calmly until the Nature comes to help.

32.                         The Taoism of China has included Medicine of Acupuncture. In this medicine the invisible bio-energy (Universal energy) running in the human body cures the diseases.

33.                         Attentive Life has included Twin Medicine (TM). In it, the first medicine (Living Mother Medicine) insists on living naturally by adopting the natural 9 principles in life. The second medicine (Medicine of Medicinal Meditations) cures the diseases by mental exercises utilizing the mental power (Gods power).  When continuously one experienced in the second medicine, he can be changed easily from the present Imagination Life to Attentive Life. So here, TM is used for changing the people to Attentive Life. I have learned the medicine of Acupuncture. Through these three medicines, God has revealed me clearly that Health of body and mind is the Spiritual.. So if one who had not taken any medicine and was in good health, he will be a Spiritualist. He need not go to any temple; all in this material world will be possible for him.

34.                         The people of China have adopted another religion of Buddah which has the basis of meditation (mental exercise). Buddah explained as given below:  “All our problems come from the mind having negative state. All our happiness and good things come from the mind having positive state. He had taught through the meditation to overcome gradually the negative mind having the anger, jeolous, ignorance etc and to develop the positive mind having love, compassion, wisdom etc.One who has got the developed wisdom; he can overcome the day to day problems easily".

35.                        Similarly, one who has got developed wisdom through twin medicine and Attentive Life; he can easily overcome the day to day problems apart from the diseases cured.  

36.                         Do meditate focusing on heart to see Nature (God) and make all possible!

Jen Buddism is different from Buddhism. Bothidharma (528 AD) says about Jen, “ Not dependent on the written word,
Transmission apart from the scriptures;
Directly pointing at one’s heart,
Seeing one’s nature, becoming Buddha.”

37.                         As Jen, Attentive Life does not dependent on the written word; from the time of birth of human being, there are only two lives one Imagination Life (IM) and another Attentive Life (AL). From that time on wards, Man is living in IM. He did not know about AL. that is why wars are going on and thereby destruction. The sufferings of the people have never reduced. In AL, one who does meditation focusing on his heart as Bothidharmar said, gets experience. The experienced man easily changes from IL to AL. In AL, he sees his nature and all in this material world are possible for him in life.  

38.                         Taoism and Jen Buddism without knowing the AL have known the changes experienced in it by them. They have taken hard procedures for changing from IL to AL. But God has blessed me by showing easy way by giving me TM through which people can esily change from IL to AL.  When people were cured from diseases by TM, they could easily change to AL. So the AL is the heir of Taoism, Buddism and Jen Buddism. Hence the progress attained by the people of China, Korea and Japan is due to the adoption of the above 4isms (Thaoism, Confucianism, Buddism and Zen Buddism ) in their lives

39.                         There is another reason for the increase of Spiritual power among Chinese people. Acupuncture medicine is included with 8000 years old Taoism philosophy. In it, if induced or touched one blocked point among 60 points belonged to 12 organs of our body. it (the blocked point) opens to let the universal energy to flow into the body for repairing the defective organ. Thus the Chinese people receive the Spiritual power through this medicine also for the past 8000 years.  

40.                         The sanga literatures like Tholkappiam, Thirukural, Pathupattu, Kalithokai, Seevagasinthamani, Kundalakesi, Valayapathy, Silappathikaram, Manimegalai, Purananuru, Ettuthokai etc. had been created at the period of 2000 years ago with no electricity, light, fan, paper, pen etc. So the poets viz Tholkappiar, Thiruvalluvar etc had got wisdom. They must have had been lived AL to have wisdom of God. They had understood the Nature fully well and lived with it amicably. The poets and the people of that period had contact with God directly. That is why they had created the literature of astonishment of the world. After that period, no creation of literature to be compared with has come. Why? Please think over! And act!

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