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TM-Diseases are the Angels who help you to live healthy (FA).

Diseases are the Angels who help you to live healthy. 
1.  People do not need to be afraid of diseases Diseases are not produced by viruses and Bacteria. I am not against medical business. The ideas to be said now are not belonged to me. It is one that is revealed by God. The facts I will tell will apply to all.
2.  600 billion people in the world will be suffering from some kind of disease. Drug producers suffer from diseases; A study suggests that 75% of doctors who have been treating the patients have been affected by illnesses; A Doctor had died by 'Heart Attack' in Operation Theatre. The retired doctor in Madurai had discovered that he had "diabetes" only after retirement. Drug sellers are not exempt from diseases Therefore; I believe that this article will remove the ignorance and fear for all kinds of diseases prevailing for long time among the people. 

3.  Germ theory states that many diseases are caused by the presence and actions of clean/specific micro-organisms within the body

4.  ,I am going to refuse and explain the above policy for the good of the world's people being ignorant since 1864. With the ignorance policy, the world's people are getting sick. It is also the duty of the ‘without drug medical’ to remove their ignorance and fear and restore their lost health.
5.  Diseases are not caused by Germs; no one should be afraid of diseases.  The afraid diseases are not the diseases to be afraid.

6.  The body has the power to purify itself!

When the factories produce products, the waste is produced. When we prepare food in the houses, the vegetable waste is produced. Likewise, when the food is digested, waste is produced. This waste can be divided into three categories.
7.  Normal waste:
The body has natural ability to protect itself and has the necessary energy to get back from sick. That energy is called immunity or maintenance power.
8.  These normal waste are eliminated daily by the body's immune system for an example, anger, fear, anxiety, tension etc are the waste produced by mind. When these waste accumulated, it will lead to depression. Body wastes are such as sweat, gas, urine, and stool etc. These are eliminated daily. During discharge  of normal waste we will be happy; there will be no troules; there will be no diseases; normal health is assured. Troubles created during discharges of accumulated waste are called diseases.. If the discharges and disturbances of this waste are within a range, the damage to the body does not. Otherwise death can happen.
9.  Stagnant waste: When the Aromani’s 9 rules of natural law are violated, the above-mentioned normal waste will be increased and become a stagnant waste. How do you know that this stagnant waste is accumulated? A newborn baby gets hungry; but there is no talking age. How, then, does the child reveal that she is hungry for milk? It expresses the hungry by crying out. Similarly, the body can not speak. To prevent damage to the body by stagnant waste, when it releases the waste, the latter exit by giving disturbance as the baby is crying. If not crying, you do not give milk. Similarly, when discharging physical waste you are disturbed. It gives pain during discharging; you go to the doctor immediately. Otherwise you will not see the doctor.

10.           Therefore, when the body is maintained, it expels the stagnant waste. Diseases are the only disturbances that occur when discharging for warning you about the stagnant waste. For example, depression is the accumulated waste of mind. Vomiting. Pain, sneezing, watering nose, mucus, wheezing, sweating excessively, fever etc are the disturbances of the accumulated waste of the body while discharging the same. 

11.        That is why the man saw these diseases and was afraid of them from early days He began to find out and use drugs, for an example such as the unbearable pain which made him to   fear for the lack of food for himself and his dependents. And then, business has grown ignorance among the people. Let's say one thing. even now it is believed that measles is being given by Atha Mariyamma (Goddess Mariyamma); the ‘Mantirithal’ is the medicine for this. This remains in existence today. Measles is also a disturbance while discharging the stagnant waste. Here the grace of God is used to get better. So we can not deny that too. Medical and Spirituality will come together. The Lord revealed to me that health is spiritual.

12.         Permanent stagnant waste: This is the permanent stagnant waste of waste, where the body can not be able to expel this kind of waste with the help of its maintenance capacity. For removing this type of waste, God's creative work is used. I'm going to tell you this in detail below.

13.         Is disease good or bad!
Tasteless natural food has become a tasteful cooked food after cooking. . Therefore, the habit of eating more than the correct level food due to addict to taste is infected with man. He changed the need to eat after appetite and came to the wrong policy to eat at regular time of interval. He went to the river and drank water with other animals after thirsty, found the pot, and brought water to the house. The result is that the illicit policy of drinking of two and three liters of water will get good health is flying. And yet he did not observe the other natural rules of Aromani and lost the strength of the body. The loss of strength of the body has hit the stomach; inturn it hit the digestion.  Consequent of this, the amount of food to be digested is reduced. The remainder has become huge waste.

14.        God has designed the body to protect the body by itself. According to this design, the body begins to expel the stagnant waste.. Some of the outflow of waste is vomiting, diarrea and drowsiness. The others are sneezing, watering the nose. Cough etc

15.        Why is vomiting?
Stomach is not able to digest; It is spoiled; So the body wants to send out the undigested food out of the body by vomiting and give the stomach rest. The body is doing well! Then why are you going to look for medicine to stop vomiting! In the medicine of without medication, when the stomach is hungry, and after eating, it will be okay. What you have to know from the above is to allow vomiting, . Make the stomach to be empty until it cures the vomit.

16.        What is Sneezing?
The excess waste of water that is collected in the head and face of the body causes the body to sneeze for sending out of it. When the waste water leaves your nose by sneezing, you will be comfortable, thus the body is doing good! As soon as the dust is packed, immediately you sneeze. Does the germ develop the sneezing so rapidly? To prevent dust from going to the lungs, physical security produces the sneeze and sends the dust out of the entrance. Why do you search medicine for sneezing?  For this, if you do MM for 10 minutes, it will be okay. If you go for walk regularly, you can prevent the sneezing.

17.        If you have sneezing like the above, you should take care of the water in your head. During bathing pour the light hot water (34 degree cigarette) over your whole body. Young hot water should not be too hot or cold. When pouring water on the scalp you should feel warm.

18.        What causes cough? It is a cough to take the waste material that is in the body. The cough circulates the air into the body and produces heat and releases the mucus sticking on the walls of the muscles of the body with the right speed. It is not bad for the body! The body does well!

19.        If you do not get out of the mucous, what will happen to you? I have explained as given below.. If you eat pain relief tablet, the pain will stop. But the you do not know how you were recovered.
    But I and my patients know well how the headache is cured by  
    the medicinal meditation.

20.        From the beginning of doing medicinal meditation for head ache, the mucous sticken from the stomach to the tongue in the muscles exits out of the mouth. The headache is going to decrease gradually during the outing of the mucous. When the mucous exhausts, the headache is completely cured If you have headache with fever, then the fever also will become well. After curing, there will be good appetite. What do we know from this?. If there is a severe cold in the body, headache and fever will occur; No hunger; there is bitterness in the tongue. Now you come to conclusion whether cough is good or bad!  Cough is a sign that it can tell a lot of caution and advice to your body (soul, intellect, knowledge). It warns that in the future he must prevent the waste by adopting Natural Laws, and suggests taking the treatment soon.

21.        If you have cough, you should take care of the mucous in the body. Avoiding milk and yoghurt in the treatment period can reduce mucous production and thereby the reduction of cough. During the mucous period, walking, a small exercise, will warm up the air throughout the body and ventilate the air into the muscle and thereby get rid of mucous out of the muscle. Medicinal meditation therapy can also get rid of mucous.

22.        For not catching up the diseases and curing the existing diseases, you must adopt the 9 Principles as said in the book “9 Principles for Curing Diseases”. The explanation about Medicai of Medicinal Meditation can be known from the book “Simple Procedure to Eradicate Mosquitoes”.

23.        Maintenance work is regularly carried out in the thermal plants. That's why the station works well and efficiently without power supply interruption. These maintenance jobs are divided by daily maintenance, monthly maintenance, quarterly maintenance, half yearly maintenance, and full year maintenance. In the yearly maintenance, all parts of the machinery are separated and repairs are undertaken; then the parts are assembled and the maintenance work will be completed and the machine will start production of power.

24.        As noted above, our body also performs daily maintenance work, monthly maintenance work, quarterly maintenance work, half yearly maintenance work, and yearly maintenance work.

25.        In daily maintenance work, physical exhaust waste: morning stools, urine, sneeze, small amount of sputum, gas etc. These waste items always leave when the morning arises. Before the lunch meal, the evening snacks and dinner the body is designed to evacuate the gas from the body. The stomach begins to get hungry only after the exit of the above waste products.

26.        When the food is put into the stomach, the energy of maintenance goes to the latter for aiding the digestion of food intake. During the digestion, the above waste is dumped as waste. Food is burned and takes four hours to digest. After sending the energy of the digested food to the blood, the maintenance energy, comes to get rid of waste. If the waste like gas is sent out through the mouth and anus, the mucous through the mouth, the urine through the kidneys and the other waste through the respective outlets. When these normal waste discharges and leave, there will be happiness; Do not be troubled. As soon as it leaves your body, hungry will get to start. If the above process is going on in right way, everyone can live with physical and mental health.

27.        Where do you get wrong and thereby get sick? Whenever I say diseases, you must take it as the troubles due to the consequent of the exiting of stagnate waste of the body.

28.        Mental waste accumulation due to ignorance
Mental waste
29.        Anger, fear, jealousy, hatred, anxiety, inferiority complex, trauma, anxiety, lack of confidence, always in confusion, irresponsibility, disappointment, unrest and other negative feelings are the waste accumulated in the mind due to ignorance.

30.        God has designed the body to live a life of two. One is Imaginary Life (IL). In this life, we have repeatedly committed sins and are repeatedly reincarnated. Another is Attentive Life (AL). Living in this life, adding a number of virtues, discontinue of reincarnation or in reincarnation, born in the upper levels, suffer less and enjoy happiness.

31.        From the time of man's creation there was a fantasy life which he lives. The Christian Scripture Bible says that Adam and Eve and their offspring had lived in imaginary life after eating the fruit of the tree of giving good and evil.

32.        The mind operates the body for everything. How you use this mind, then your life will be like that. It is the mind to decide the two ways of life. In IL, when you get up from bed in the morning, you never involve fully well in the actions like getting up, outing of faeces, bathing, walking, sitting, working and work. You will think about something always. When doing so, there are three kinds of defects.

33.        There is no nuance, order, and fine in the outcome of actions done in IL. As there is no awareness in actions, the Special Reserved Extra Blood without going to those organs engaged in works, goes to the brain. So such organs get weakened.  

34.        When doing things with careless, the thoughts at that time become thoughts of stress. Due to lack of attention on the activities / work, the stress will stay in the mind without exhausting and become stagnant waste of mind. In course of time, the stagnant waste will lead to depression.

35.        You will be surprised if you know the God’s intricate design of the body. Two types of waste (body waste and mind waste) are designed not to stagnate when paying attention to actions / work. One, accumulation of stagnate waste of body, and the depreciation of the organs are prevented and thereby increased in strength. In the other, pay attention to the activities / work, the stresses are exhausted and thereby prevention of the formation of depression. Thus, the emotional outcomes produced by depression are exhausted. Thus man's careful functioning does not produce physical waste and mental waste, which means recovering the physical strength and mental from retardation. Thus God has physically and mentaly designed for functioning the body and mind in coordination with each other in Attentive Life.

36.        You need to know more about the three pillars that are holding the imaginary life. They are: to sit alone and imagine for a future, planning for a future, and thinking for salvation to the problems; this will often have tragic memories. These memories are only negative thoughts and emotions. These thoughts and emotions produce the multiple of the above negative emotions. This unwanted waste can be reduced if you try; Can do nothing without effort. The above unnecessary waste is attributed to our ignorance

37.        Mind waste due to self Ignorance!

The past is equal to worthless coins; you can not buy anything from the shopkeeper by them. . The future belongs to God. Planning to build a fort at that time would become occupation of God's own place. When it comes to occupation, you will be punished. The time we own is "LIVING PRESENTLY.. Hence, you should avoid the thoughts of past and future events. Your life must be used to live ‘presently‘that is living AL; this habit will lead to avoid of accumulation of unnecessary waste in the mind. .

38.        The first pillar holding the imaginary life is that sitting in loneliness and imagining life. In this imagination of few seconds, you can think of a beautiful imagination with your handsome wife,  two beautiful male and female children coming in the car and getting down in the portico of a beautiful bungalow. In real life you can not build a small house of your own; the formation of wife is God's gift ; Kids can be born or not.

39.        So the scenes we see in imagination are far from realistic beyond our effort. If things are not happening as per your imagination, you have a depressing waste of disappointment. So let's do some work and earn at the time of our imagination! Therefore please avoid imagination and prevent the accumulation of waste in the mind.

40.        The second pillar is the planning in imaginary life: is good if you plan for your future?, will the present moment given by God to live, be utilized for the events that will be held in the future? do you waste 'the time'? These are my questions! I have already said, "The future belongs to God! He keeps that future time for rewarding for good and bad things do by man in the present life.. When the future tense is encroached by the imagination of man, the man does not succeed in doing the job and fails to fulfill the things as per his imagination.  The failure is likely to cause accumulation of waste in the mind like frustration and disappointment. Therefore avoid planning and thereby accumulation of waste in the mind. Swami Vivekananda had stopped the planning of his final term in knowing that his plans were not fulfilled.

41.        Third pillar is thinking a problem long for the solution. A long time thinking will not give solution but it starts to accumulate the waste in the mind. Take a few seconds without guessing for a long time to find a solution for the problem. Then forget. The result will come automatically. Hence avoid thinking of something always, imagining, planning and of long time to find a solution for a problem and thereby accumulation of waste in the mind due to ignorance.

42.        The inevitable, real mental illness.
If the above mentioned waste accumulated is due to ignorance, the actual and inevitable mental waste is now to be discussed. If you see a horrible accident or murder, the shock of the incident then stays in the mind for a long time as stagnant waste. Similarly shocking events and when doing bad things to you in thought, word and deed by your family members, relatives and friends, you get anger, shock, fear, anxiety etc which become  stagnant wastes in your mind.

43.        Women who watch television series, see the scenes of murder, robbery, kidnapping, grievous scenes at police station, maternity tragedy in the hospital and many other tragic events tend to accumulate the above mentioned mental illnesses. These are the inevitable real waste. You have to take care of this waste not to accumulate. TV viewing time should be reduced..

44.        If the above deductions are within a limited range the mood will not be affected; when the waste exceeds the limit, depression is caused; the frequent chemical additions affecting the brain can also cause depression. When the depression exceeds the limit, it ends with mental disorder.

45.        The mind is not an image. Hence the treatment of the mind may be treated with the same imageless mind like taking the thorn by the thorn. Tablet is an image. Treatment of imageless mind with an image or figure, such as a tablet, does not seem good. So if you want to treat mental illness without any side effects, it is best to treat it through medicinal meditation therapy and acupuncture.

46.        Let's see where the ignorant temptations mentioned above, and  true and inevitable mood stagnise. If you know it, you can clean it up. The two psychoses are combined in the center of the chest area, where they are concentrated.

47.        How can one avoid ignorance and lack of genuine and inevitable mental retardation? Doing medicinal meditation (MM) practice towards the breast area is the best method. MM of 15 minutes duration should be done daily in the morning, afternoon, evening and night bed. Because man is infected by the fate, there will be repeated collection of stagnant waste in the mind. It is only the AL that you can get out of the daily routine from the stagnant waste.  I have been in good care under AL since 2006. I do MM towards the chest whenever I felt discomfort due to the inevitable collection of waste and eliminate the same.

48.        What are the proofs for greed, anger, fear, jealousy, hatred, anxiety etc as stagnant waste?
When the pain, one of the stagnant wastes of the body, is treated by MM, the gas, mucus, lumbar, urine, stool, sweat and saliva are excreted and the pain is cured. Likewise, when the above negative feelings appear and collect at the center of the chest in the form of srress; the chest is increased with weight. At the time of MM practice towards the breast, the above weighed mind is gradually cured by exiting the gas, mucus, belching etc.  After cure, the mind is clean and becomes weightless. Therefore, the above negative feelings are the stagnant or chronic waste. 

49.        Body wastes in the body:
The body is weakening because we do not observe nine natural rules. We are also physically weakened due to our professions. While working in the spinning mills, engaging in cement industries, the painting industries, cleaning works Sculptural works etc the body weakens. In short, when working in air dust industries, water industries, hot industries, the body weakens. While working longer on the computer and using the cell phone working in the A.C. room, at all times, and long hours at television stations, body weakens.

50.        ’THE HINDU’ dated 4-2-2015 English daily has reported that more time teenagers between 16 to 19 years old spend on computers or mobile phones, the less they sleep-- especially if the gadget is used just before bed time. They were to need more than 60 minutes instead of 30 minutes to fall asleep as per the research finding.

51.        “Watching an average of five or more hours of television a day can block one of the key pulmonary arteries in your lungs, leading to a fatal lung condition called pulmonary embolism, researchers said”—Thanks to ’THE HINDU’ dated 31-8-2015  

52.        The above weaknesses attack the digestion; this reduces the measure of the digestion and increases the amount of waste. If the quantity of waste is not within the normal limit then the waste start to accumulate without leaving the body. Such stagnant waste is discharged during quarterly maintenance as Vomiting, fatigue, dizziness, cough, cold, etc. This maintenance can take up to a week. Whenever the natural 9 principles are violated, the body releases the produced waste then and there as diseases. 

53.        The chemicals we eat through processed food, medication, drinking alcohol etc, add to waste. In addition, when the violation in adopting the 9 natural principles increases the stagnant waste also. This stagnant waste is discharged in half yearly maintenance. You can catch up to one month or more to complete this maintenance. That is, the intensity of the illnesses can take a month to heal.

54.        In the thermal plants, annual maintenance will always start during the monsoon season. Because in the rainy season dams are filled up with water. So the power supply from the water starts; there is no interruption in power supply. Likewise, the annual maintenance work schedule of your body will always start in the cold, winter month of November. The reason is that people's activities in the rainy season will be less...  For example, building and other construction jobs, brick kiln jobs, will not happen. The quarterly and semi-annual maintenance works will also almost take place only during cloudy and rainy season. The reason is that during the cold, and the rainy season, the body is itself squeezed by cold, releasing waste materials. That is why in the cold rainy season, there is a crowd of the patients in the hospital. Deaths are much more than other season. I was surprised when God revealed me that the season is playing a major part of our health.

55.        Last year, I did not remember exactly when the quarterly maintenance work started. In the last year, on 25, May, 2016, my half yearly maintenamce work was started. On that day it was started with sneezing, coughing, and watering nose many years have passed since the freedom got from wheezing. So it does not come into this maintenance care. I used the MM and acupuncture medicine for this maintenance work. After 15 days,. I had been cured fully. 

56.        During each annual maintenance of thermal plants, the station operators (OPERATORS) will stop the movement of the machines and hand over tha machines to the persons of maintenance wing. The operators leave the job and point out what job is important to the caretakers.

57.        As explained above, on November 11, 2016, my soul handed over my body to the body for maintenance. The soul will be watching the maintenance works until the latter is over. From that day the maintenance work started. Sneezing, coughing, cold, and watering nose were started and continued with me. Continuous medical care by MM and acupuncture therapy looked at those diseases.

58.        At the same time, the above-mentioned therapies helped the body to drive out the waste materials. The cough and cold were until February 2nd. After that the body has been cured by the exiting the final waste through itching. The body ended its maintenance work and handed itself to the soul on March 5. With the completion of the maintenance work, the body, life, Soul and Paramatma have come together to work for another eight months in the united co-ordination.

59.        Do I need four months to get out of waste? The question may arise in your mind that even both treatments were taken. If the amount of stagnant waste is low, it will not be needed for four months. I am seventy-four years old when I work in the computer everyday for about seven and a half hours, huge amount of stagnant waste accumulated.

60.        I have to work on the computer for a lot of time to take up the matters revealed by God on health to the people. I can work only in summer and spring. I will stop working on the computer in the course of the winter when the body is in maintenance. If I do not stop working on the computer, the maintenance work will be prolonged. That is why my body took 4 months to maintain my body. In the year 2017, I had continuously worked in the computer during the four months period of maintenanre by adopting some improved technique. The same will be explained in the next article in the next book.

61.        I mentioned two therapies. Acupuncture therapy pulls the energy from the universe and releases to the affected organs, and sends out the stagnant waste in the form of cough, mucus, sneezing, watering nose etc quickly. Reduces the pain caused by disturbance of exit. MM therapy also performs the same job and makes it painless and cures. Thus, both the medicines helped the body to fulfill its maintenance work quickly.

62.        In MM, mental power is used to cure diseases. Mental power means spiritual power; By the order of the mind, the blood goes to the illness location, transfers the energy brought to the affected cells for exiting the stagnant waste (gas, mucus, belching, urine, stool, saliva etc) from them and cures.

63.        Is there no way to reduce the time of the exiting the above waste?  If you adopt the nine natural rules scuruplously, the weaknesses can be reduced and the quantity of waste to be accumulated; accordingly the maintenance period can be reduced to two months or a month. But it is not possible to reduce the deterioration of the body happened due to the professions in the industries and offices and thereby no reduction of the accumulation of stagnant waste. So the body will take appropriate time to send out the above accumulated waste.

64.        Can any other medicinal drugs be eaten and not reduce the maintenance period? Before taking care of the above diseases by the above two treatments, I took medicine pills from all the medications in the periods of such diseases, including wheezing. The pills were taken from November to March. If I leave a day or two without taking pills as a test, cough, cold and wheezing will come back. When I was not aware of the maintenance work of the body at that time, I thought, "Due to the starting of summer, cold, wheezing and itching are gone." But now I know well that the maintenance work was over, the above illnesses have gone.

65.        How the third kind of Permanent Stagnant Waste
The body is not able to discharge the permanent stagnant waste. At this stage, God alias Creative Intelligence creates germs; the latter eat the waste and thereby destroy them. The medical business refuses to accept the above great action of God; hides the fact.  This is a betrayal of business against God. It is making money from the people, by keeping them in ignorance and fear.

66.        Germs that cause and spread illnesses.
In the above mentioned, I have explained that the body has stagnant waste of body and mind; when the former was sent out by the latter out of it, we feel troubles during discharging the waste which we term as diseases. The trade has against the truth. What does business say? Business says diseases are caused by the germs produced in the body and the germs spread through air and water. It is not true. If it was true, there is no survival of the human being on the earth.

67.        Louise Pastor In 1864 concluded the study of his research at the Vienna University of Paris that the bacterial disease of microorganisms found in the body. Before him, Dr. Pechamp discovered that the germs are found in the body. He denied Louis Pastor's theary, namely, that diseases in the body were caused by germs and Proved. Many Scientists like Dr. Bettin Gaber (Bavaria, 1892), Dr Radermand Wiscon, Dr. John P. Bigraser (Canada, 1916), Dr. M.Beto Belie and Douglas Hume, declared that diseases were not produced by the Germs.

68.        When Louis Pastor was in his bed of death, he said against his own theary "The body is everything; There is no production of diseases by germs". Despite, the business is succeeded by adopting the theary that diseases being caused by the germs and earning the money from the ignorance and fear of the people.

69.        I have a strong and unmistakable proof!
Diseases are not caused by viruses; I have strong evidence to prove that it is caused by stagnant waste. I thank God who provided that evidence. I had gained the courage to write this article because of the evidence.

70.        I had found Medical of Medicinal Meditation (MMM) on 12-12-2000 as the second medicine in Twin Medicine (TM). I first cured the head ache by the Medicinal Meditation (MM). In the next couple of months, Pain caused by insecticide, the feeling of uneasiness in the stomach due to over eating and then wheezing were cured by MM. After that only I started to notice the events of the body when my attention was on MM.

71.        Warm-up spreads throughout my body whenever I do MM. Then sweat excretes; The intensity of the disease begins to decline; Then the gas exits; The belching blocking the chest exits; Urine secretes much too; Saliva secretes much; If the faeces are high, it will eventually exits. When it (stool) exits, the pain will be entirely cured. I have been cured from the following illnesses by MM given below.

72.        I start from my head. Headache, headache with fever, nasal block with head ache, ear pain, sneezing, colds, watering nose, tooth ache, toothache with head ache, palleeral pain (பல்லீரல் வலி),, uneasiness feeling in throat, shoulder pain, heart burn, chest pain, choking in the throat, uneasiness feeling due to over eating, stomach pain, groin pain, hernia pain, urination pain, nail tumor (நகச்சுத்தி), tumor in the palm of the legs (கால் ஆணி) etc.

73.        Once insect bite me. When getting down from the bus, I fell down three times hitting the head: when I get up from the bottom of the window, it hit twice in the head. Twice my fingers were crushed by the door during closing the door.. When traveling in the bus, fingers of my leg have been crushed by the conductor and passengers many times. Once the mixy fell down on the feet. This kind of minor accidents would give unbearable pain. Immediately the parts of the accidents will be swollen up. Whenever such accidents happen I would do MM and cure the pain then and there; there would be no swelling on the parts of the accidents.

74.        When the mind is in a lot of grief, I will do MM pointing towards the chest to come out of it and alright in 20 minutes. As I am in Attentive Life, the stress collected in the chest would exit then and there.. The depreciation of the body organs while working will decrease, and the normal waste is not to accumulate; they will leave from the body then and there.

75.        I will cure all the above illnesses, including the pains caused by the above accidents by doing appropriate MM. when doing so; the above normal waste is eliminated and cured. So no disease is cured due to the killing of germs.

76.        I ate food without washing my hands for six months!

For the past six months, I have eaten food without washing my hands to remove the ignorance and fear of the people about the germs with diseases. I washed my hands while using things of ugly and disinfectant fluid. I have not got any illness yet. And It's not going to come anymore..

77.        Evidence in modern medicine.
In modern medicine also, the germs are not killed by the medicine and diseases cured. So it can be proved that the diseases are not caused by viruses; It is caused only by stagnant waste materials; There is evidence for this. If I had winter before 2008, I would take modern medicine for sneezing, nasal block, watering nose, headache, and mucus and wheezing. For that I had taken continuously Amaxlin 500 mg, paracitamol 500mg and Citizen 2 mg for 15 days. Diarrhea would take place in the last day; the stomach would be clean. The next day, cold and wheezing would have gone. This means that as the stool waste is out completely by the happening of diarrhea and the stomach becomes clean cold and wheezing are cured.

78.        For years I had been treated in English Medicine. So I had the above experience. The Lord blessed me by giving the sixth rule of Aromani, after imparting me that experience. The Sixth Rule states “The body becomes weak proportional to the stagnant waste and accordingly diseases appear." It is clear that in Modern Medicine also, after the elimination of the waste material, the diseases are cured and not by killing the virus'. I tested using the Ayurvedic medicine and found that it cures the disease after discharging the waste. In my further research with the therapies of Acupuncture and Reiki, I also found that the diseases are cured due to exiting of waste and not by killing the virus.

79.        People and Medical world will accept that those who are doing themselves regularly in any one of these activities viz hard labour, exercise, walking and yoga will not be affected by diseases. Suppose it may be accepted that due to the doing of walking regularly, germs will not be produced and so diseases in the body. But the diseases may be spread to the regular walker by the germs coming throuth air and water; no such disease will come to him. Why? We can say only one reason that during walking, the waste like sweating, gas, the belching blocking the chest, execretion of urine etc exits and thereby no diseases. Hence there is only one truth that diseases are not spread through air and water. In short, there is no disease producing germ in the world. If the same exists, then there is no God.   

80.        God creates the germs to protect human health
Dr.Anthony Peachamp published his findings as "The germs are formed from stagnant substances in the body. These germs eat the waste to benefit the body. After completely eating the waste, the germs themselves are destroyed when there is no feed for them.

81.        Lorry hit a dog on the road. Dead dog is dragged along the road and put on the side of the road. In a few days the dog will have an irrefutable odor. If you go to the side and see a lot of small size of the blukkal (புளுக்கள்) like termite on the flush of the dog. After a few days, no odor; There will be no blukkal. The flesh is nothing. The dog has dried up. "Now there are some questions; Where did the blukkal come from? Where did they go after some days? Where was the flesh that was rotted?.

82.        The version of Dr. Anthony Peachamp is right. The blukkal are created to eat the rotten flush of the dog. After eating the flush, they die as no flush to eat. For preventing the diseases, God creates these blukkal in the dog’s body to keep the atmosphere clean.

83.        You would have an experience in your home. You will put some grocery things like rice, dhal etc in pot, small boxes etc. you would be forgetting the above due to some pressure of works. After three or four months if you saw the above after opening the jars,  there would be beetles among those things. Those food items had spoiled and so unfit to eat. God therefore created those beetles to eat the spoiled things for preventing you not to eat. Still do you think “God creates germs to produce diseases in human body!”

84.        Already in my book 'Simple Procedure to Eradicate Mosquitoes', I said "God created the mosquito, fly, and ant, not to disturb the man but to be aware of the need to keep the house and the surroundings clean. The reason is that He should stay in human’s body until the time of his fate. When He was in such a thought how He would create germs in him for producing diseases! 

85.        I wondered about the wonder of the creation of God.  The crocodile in the water opens its mouth. A small group of baby fish comes and eats waste in the mouth of the crocodile. To remove waste, this is a strange arrangement!

86.        I had remembered an incident happened in my childhood. One blue (புளூ) of half foot length had fallen down along with my stool. I was afraid of it and cried after seeing it. Before falling down, I had got pain inside the stomach due to biting by something. I had told my mother. For that she said “The blue was biting and it would come out along with stool in another one or two days; until then you tolerate” My mother was a mother of ten children. As she said, the pain was for two days; no pain in third day; it had fallen down along the stool at the fourth day. The reason for the pain was that the blue was eating the accumulated waste of the stomach. After completely eating the waste, it had fallen down.  

87.        You feed the child with a lot of food, biscuit, sweet, fruit etc without appetite. Consequently much waste accumulates in the stomach of the child. God creates blue in the stomach to eat the waste for giving good health to the child. Without knowing this, you kill the blue with medication! This is the peak of ignorance!

88.        You need not afraid of fever.
There is only one fever. It always accompany with other diseases. When head ache is severe, fever will accompany with it. When tooth ache is high, head ache and fever will accompany with it. When there are sneezing, watering nose, nasal block and mucus in the chest, the fever will come along with them. When I do MM for pain and mucus, they would be gradually cured and accordingly fever also due to exiting of gas, mucous, belchnungs blocking the chest, excretion of more urine and saliva.. When the pain and mucus are fully cured, the fever gets well cured.  The fever does not come alone. When treating by MM along with Acupuncture, the above diseases are cured soon. 

89.        From the news paper I come to know that there are Dengue fever, swine influenza, bird flu, and nipa flu etc. It is said that dengu fever comes from the bite of dengu mosquito. In the research conducted by God on me for the eradication of mosquitoes. I had permitted several times the mosquitoes to bite me. During those times, itching at the point of biting would take place. At those occations I did MM to cure itching. I did not have fevers due to biting of mosquitoes.

90.        Before taking treatment for fever, fasting must be observed. The patient of fever shall think of the food only after appetite. The body gives the feeling of bitterness in the tonque to prevent the patient for taking food.

91.        The above fevers are the fevers of business and not the true body fevers. The fevers of the body are the fevers due to the discharge of stagnant waste through severe head ache fever, toothe ache fever and cold fever.

92.         I want to share with you an information got recently.  A 70-year-old woman with good health had gone to her daughter's house. She had complained her daughter that she was lightly affected with fever. Her daughter gave her mother first one idly to eat and then one tablet for fever. The patient had vomited within few minutes after idly taken. Shortly after the vomiting, the speech slowly broke down and fell unconscious. The whole idly came out fully but not tablet. What does that mean? It means that the tablet is working on the body.  Immediately she had been taken to the hospital. Scan was taken. The scan result showed that blood vessel of the head was broken and the blood was oozing out from the blood vessel. She had died in a short time.

93.        This death was seemed to be strange to me; before fever come, she has no BP and not taken any tabtet for the same. There were no other troubles in her. She had only cold with slight fever. If so, why does brain tube burst? In another 24 hours I had got answer for that including explanation from Him. The explanation is given below.
a.  ,
94.        If tbe cold is light, then there will not be any fever. As the cold was severe, there was fever. Cold is the stagnant waste; the accumulation was much; so the body was sending out the same through fever. In this condition the body organs might be exhausted, including the stomach. It means that if eaten food, there would be no digestion. At that condition, the patient was given an idly for taking fever tablet. The stomach had rejected the idly through vomiting but unfortunately not the tablet. The latter was reacting with the body. If the tablet was exited, the blood tube of the brain would not be bursted. The body was trying to cure itself from cold and fever by sending out the stagnant waste of cold. At the same time, the tablet was reacting with the body. There had been a fight between organs of the body and the tablet. Consequently, the blood vessel of the brain was bursted. I explain the above with an example given below.   

95.        In recent times, public including a large number of women agitate against liquor shops opening is going on through out Tamil Nadu. In such one agitation, there was a fight between the public and the police. In this fight, one unfortunate thing had happened. One woman was attacked. Likewise, unfortunate thing of death had happened in the fight between the organs of the body and the tablet. Whenever there was fever, first treatment must be fasting

96.        The plague is not spread by mice
The plague is said to be infectious with people from the bacteria of the affected mice; there is a Hindu goddess in a desert town in Rajasthan two hundred kilometers away from the city of Jaipur. It is a belief that the goddess blesses the mice as her children. Thus, in the temple for the last six hundred years, rats are grown and maintained.

97.        At present, more than 20,000 rats are living there. Devotees offer food for mice. In the temple pool, they drink water along with mice. Sofar for the past 600 years, nobody has been affected with plague. If there was plague, they would destroy the mice. So it is wrong opinion that plague is spread by the affected mice of plague bacteria, .

98.        Medical scandal.
Dr.B.M.Hegde is an allopathy heart specialist having M.D., credential. He had served as Vice Chancellor of Manipal University. He is credited with awards of R.C.Roy, Padma Bhushan, Padma vibhushan etc. He advocates the harms of the modern medicine by writing and lecturing.

99.        “He had exposed the biggest medical scam of the century. In his article he said “In fact, human metagenome has just about 25000 human genes while it has more than two and a half trillion germ genes. We are basically germs genetically. It is not therefore difficult for an intelligent crook to find a novel virus in any one of us using the vairal markers.

100.      A couple of years ago a big scare was created by one such ingenious method. During the influenza season a drug company wanted to make hey when the sun shines. They had a group of scientists to create one such variant of the usual virus and called it a HINI for short. They called it also as swine flu and the same drug company had the resources to influence the WHO (World Health Organisation) to officially declare the same as a pandemic. That would make it mandatory for all governments to stockpile their wonder drug “Tamiflu” thus hitting the jackpot of a cumulative market of 18 billion dollars!

101.      It all started with the all too willing Dr.Flu (his original name was Austerhauss) who provided the company with all the help in creating this monster, the swine flu. Of course, he was adequately compensated for his help to the company. The company also brought out a diagnostic kit which was put into the market to fish for positive patients. The scare was such that one could see masked men, women and children everywhere fearing that they will catch this “deadly” virus. While the specificity and sensitivity of this viral diagnostic test was lower that 50 percent, the test was allowed to be marketed before it even got its authenticity tested! Infact most of those tested at a phenomenal cost in Indian context were positive thus getting a large number of swine flu victims all over

102.      .”A Tamil film song comes to be remembered at this juncture
“If son got angry, I may go to King; if the king got himself angry, where I will go? (மைந்தனுக்குக் கோபம் வந்தால் மன்னனிடம் போகலாம். மன்னனுக்கே கோபம் வந்தால், நான் யாரிடம் போவேன்?)” When the people of the world have sought remedy for the diseases from WHO the world body itself became sick, where will the people go? Only one person who is never sick is God. You can approach him through spiritual energy. The same could be multiplied and obtained by doing regularly physical exercise and mental exercise. That spiritual energy will save you from diseases and lead to prosperous life.

103.      So there are no germs producing diseases in the body. The germs created within the body eat the permanent stagnant waste accumulated and die after eating the waste completely. Thus they sacrifies for the good health of the people,. We will thank and bow to them.     

104.      A vaccination is the injection of a killed or weakened organism that produces immunity in the body against that organism. Tamil poet Ganian poongundranar says “Every living thing goes along with fate similar to the boat goes alongwith the flood”; Thiruvalluvar Peruman says “Fate is the strongest in the world”; Ilangovadikalar says “Fate come and play”; Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism,and Samanism preach that life will form according to fate. One of the plays of the fate is to produce diseases in human body.  The policy of the fate is that there is no remedy for the sins committed and to undergo punishment for the same. So the production of diseases is mandatory in human life. Hence saying that diseases can be prevented by vaccination is nothing but to ridicule the Creator.  

105.      According to the research finding that God has given me, that there are no germs that cause disease; the germ theory is just like "asking for a way to a village that does not exist". Further, God blesses with the born children providing more immunity than actually required. Because the necessity arises for Him to stay within their bodies until the end of their fate.. So there is no need to provide immunity artificialy from outside.

106.      Furthermore, any thing except food is foreign thing to the body. So the body does not accept it and exits it as allergy. Therefore fever comes to the vaccinated children. Is it correct to impose a thing opposed by the body? As the body did not accept the medicine of vaccination, it sends the same to the liver. The liver converts the medicine as waste for excretion. Would the parents be the cause for the damage of livers of their children?.

107.      Wisdom grasps the truth”
The Social activists for the health of the people say that Government is imposing compulsorily the vaccination on the people. People also are vaccinating their children believing that government will only do good for the people. There is nothing wrong in the belief of the people. The governments of all nations of the world pass laws for the benefit and development of the people. But the top men in the buracrazy only do wrong things when implementing the laws. Please read this news of “THE HINDU” dated: 9-4-2017 to know the truth.

108.      “In the last decade, on account of all clinical trials conducted by various pharmaceutical companies, nearly 2800 patients are said to have died between 2005 and 2012 in India. A parliamentary panel report found all parties involved of gross ethical violations- the ministry, Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI), Indian council of Medical Research (ICMR) and those conducted the clinical trials.

109.      In 2009, a prominent international NGO had launched a $3.6 million human papillomavirus (HPV) trial in India and tested two vaccines on 16,000 tribal girls in Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat, apparently without informed, consent from the girls’ parents. After allegations were made that the girls had suffered adverse effects, the 72nd Parlimentary Standing Committee Report, in a scathing indictment of India’s then booming clinical trial industry, implicated the DCGI for licensing the vaccines without adequate research on safety and efficacy; the Health Ministry for not questioning violations in the licensing process, the ICMR for promoting a drug even before it was approved and the NGO for setting up a trial without following basic protocol. The Parliament Committee found commercial interests were influencing government policy and that authorities were “over enthusiastic to act as willing facilitators to the machinations” of foreign institutions.

110.      In 2005, an important change in the Drugs and the Chemicals Act allowed drugs discovered abroad by multinational pharmaceutical companies to be tested on Indians, without the results coming in from the tests abroad. But clinical trials in India have been accompanied by large scale criminality as doctors, officials and pharmaceutical companies understand well enough that India is a cesspool of corruption where clearances can be had for a pittance. 3,300 patients were subjected to 90 clinical trials that followed no protocols at a hospital in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. In American law, such violations automatically attract the clinical charge of battery. In India, the poor don’t count al all.

111.      Clinical trials ought to be done under calibrated statutory regimes where- among other things- there is full disclosure to the patient undergoing the trial, the right to withdraw at any stage without any consequence, comprehensive medical insurance, meticulous monitoring after administration of the drug for serious adverse effects, and free access to the drug for the trial participants when it is cleared for commercial use. Despite several crimes of enormous proportion where the poor are tested as guinea pigs, nothing has ever been done. The patients continue to die or suffer severe adverse effects, monitoring is never done, compensation is seldom paid, medical treatment is seldom provided, and prosecutions are the exceptions to the rule.

112.      The case is under hearing before a Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court.
Thanks to “THE HINDU” Dated: 9-4-2017 

113.      Central government has made a law for the benefit of the people undergoing medical trials; but the top men at the place of implementing the law do wrong things. The reason for doing wrong things is that our worship method is not formed to fertilize our minds. The thought “Wrong things will attract equal adverse effects and so they should be away from wrong things” must come from the depth of mind.. The present surface worship will not develop virtuous thoughts and stand firmly on them for longtime. So the worship which develops mental fertility must be like prayers, singing songs about God, reading the pages of Bagavat Geetha, Thiruvasaham, Thirukural, medicinal meditationsetc. 
114.      You need not to confuse to accept or reject any instruction or advice coming fron anybody. You can get clear idea from Thirukural as “Wisdom grasps the truth
Of whatever and whomever said”.
To discern the truth is everything, by whom so ever spoken, this is wisdom
(எப்பொருள் யார்யார் வாய்க் கேட்பினும் அப்பொருள் மெய்ப்பொருள் காண்ப தறிவு).”.
so whoever said, you must find out the truth and act accordingly..    

115.      What does the vaccination do? It is said that it prevents the production of virus and saves the body from disease. As said above, disease is nothing but the trouble or uneasiness felt during the discharge of stagnant waste by the body. So the appearance of disease is good. The prevention of good thing by vaccination is ignorance! For an example, destroying the intestine blue (புளு) which does good thing to the body by injection.

127.      When you repeat this”Disease is not produced by virus; the trouble or uneasiness felt during the discharge of the stagnant waste by the body for good health is the disease!”, you don’t get afraid of the diseases. Diseases are the angels who help you to live helthy.

128.      Let us live Attentive Life and grow prosperously!

முந்தைய விளம்பரம்
அடுத்த விளம்பரம்

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