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  1. Medicine for the disease develops the disease!
  2. Can Diabetes be cured permanently?
  3. Yes. Permanent cure is possible. People must belief that Alternative Medicine could cure the diabetes and take strong decision not to use insulin for diabetes. In this case, the ignorance and fear about diabetes should be removed first.  With both of these, business is playing a big deal. Even pharmaceutical manufacturers, drug dealers, and doctors are also affected much due to diabetes. I pray to the Almighty God that this article should be beneficial to all sections of the people.


  1. How does Diabetes develop?No one can deny that the flavor of food has increased due to fire. When the foreigners introduced the flavor of coffee and tea, people started drinking them too much without looking at the feeling of hunger. At meal time, they ate also the food without appetite. Thus they ate more than the capacity of the stomach in all three times without appetite. So the digestion was affected; inturn constipation was developed; they ate raw food along with cooked food; they have all eaten coffee, tea and meals hot; They drank a lot of water without thirsty; they were affected with constipation; they slept in the rooms of closed windows by the fear of mosquitoes and thieves shutting down for air circulation; after midday meals, they slept immediately; they were used to addict wrong habits like using betal nut, tobacco, cigarette, drug use etc
  2. As said above, due to the violation of natural laws the body was heavily weakened. That was the cause for the accumulation of permanent stagnate waste in the body. At that stage, when the germs are not able to destroy the above waste, the pancreas is repaired.

  3. In pancreas, the insulin harmone which is a natural gland secretion is secreted. In the absence of it, the body function will be affected. When you eat, the insulin harmone mixes with the blood and helps the cells of the body for accepting the glucose to transform into energy. When you do not need the glucose immediately, the insulin helps to store the latter in the cells of liver, tissues and fat.  Due to the wrong life style, the cells of the pancreas which secrete the insulin get repaired. Instead of repairing the cells by medicine or any other means, how is it right to inject the synthetic insulin directly into the body?

  4. The history of insulin!
  5. Research has begun in 1921 with regard to the use of insulin. First the insulin of dogs, pigs, cows etc was used in the human body. In 1980, synthetic insulin on par with human insulin was manufactured and used in the human body. After that Analog insulin has been sold.

  6. Various processes are adopted in the production; various inputs are added. The process and input of one firm is different with other firm. Thus there are differences in the insulin production of hundreds of companies. In these companies, insulin is produced in a large scale for the use of crores of the patients.

  7. One must see here; The processes and ingredients that are to be added for cooking for 1000 people and 5 people of a family respectively are not the same. So the flavor is also different. Likewise the characteristics of the insulin secreted in one’s body for his use, and the insulin prepared for the crores of the patients would not be the same.

  8. Synthetic insulin is said to be equivalent to insulin in the human body; but there are lots of differences between them. The insulin, produced from pancreas within the body, is derived from a biological source whereas the synthetic insulin is a chemical substance obtained from non living source.

  9. Humans who are living being are created by God. They are having indivigual mind, body, structure and function. So they are different from each other. The characteristics of secreted insulin would also be different from person to person.

  10. Humans are different in blood types of o (-), o (+), A (-) negative, A (+) positive, B (-) negative, B (+) positive, AB (-) negative, and AB (+) positive. When your blood is A (+), the pancreas secretes the suitable insulin to A(+); the latter will be blended with the blood that works when you eat.

  11. But the synthetic insulin can not be prepared to suit to all types of blood; definitely be defective. The salt is added to taste; so the body considers the salt as a foreign material and sends out of it by water drunk due to thirsty.
  12. When such is the case, how the body would accept defective synthetic insulin? It would not accept. That is why, allergic reactions resulted from side effects take place. .

  13. Types of Insulin.
  14. There are many types of insulin such as animal insulin, synthetic insulin and analog insulin. Animal insulin is made from animals; synthetic insulin is prepared in laboratory. If the insulin prepared in laboratory is made to act either moderately or faster. it is called as analog insulin.

  15. Insulin Function Types
  16. Insulin's rapid function, this type of insulin begins to work in five to fifteen minutes; It is at its top function in 45 minutes to 90 minutes. Its function would be from 3 hours to 5 hours. Insulin is required when you eat.  This insulin must be used in combination with long-term functional insulin. The United States has approved three types of insulin in this type of insulin.

  17. Short acting: this insulin must be taken 30 minutes before eating and used in combination with long acting insulin; It will act from 5 hours to 8 hours. It will be needed with in 30 to 60 minutes after eating. it must be taken twice a day.

  18. Intermediate Acting: it will be last for 18 to 24 hours; this type of insulin may be needed for half a day or required throuth out night. This insulin must be used in combination with long-term acting or short term acting functional insulin. Long acting: it will be last long for 20 to 24 hours.

  19. Fifth type acting or premixed type acting: This type usually requires three to four times a day.

  20. Apart from the above, there are other 8 types of functional insulin viz Animal short, Animal intermediate, Animal long, Human short, Human intermediate, Analogue rapid, Analogue long, and Analogue ultra long. So there are totally thirteen functional insulin.  

  21. Many types of sugar patients
  22. There are many types of diabets. First type sugar patients are those for whom insulin does not secrete. They should inject insulin through out their lives. If there is insufficient insulin for the body movement, they are second type diabetes.  About 90% of patients around the world are patients with Type 2 diabets.   Further there are many types of diabetes for conceived women, youth and other types like catch all.

  23. There are many types of diabetes mellitus that can be used to frighten people and not to heal the disease. Diabetes mellitus is just one diabetes in Twin Medicine and Acupuncture which can be cured. 

  24. Insulin sensitivity
  25. Insulin sensitivity describes how sensitive the body is to the effects of insulin. Insulin sensitivity varies from person to person and doctors can perform tests to determine how sensitive an individual is to insulin. Someone said to be insulin sensitive will require smaller amounts of insulin to lower blood glucose levels than someone who has low sensitivity. Low insulin sensitivity can lead to a variety of health problems. The body will try to compensate for having a low sensitivity to insulin by producing more insulin. However, a high level of circulating insulin (hyperinsulinemia) is associated with damage to blood vessels, high blood pressure, heart disease and heart failure, obesity, osteoporosis and even cancer. Periods of stress and illness can both introduce short term periods of reduced insulin sensitivity. In most cases, insulin sensitivity should recover once the stress or illness has passed.

  26. Side effects of insulin:
  27. Insulin is injected to reduce blood glucose levels and may lead to low sugar (hypoglycemia) due to overdose of insulin. The following reactions of low sugar (72mg/dl) are given below.

  28. The sugar patient may feel around the injection point 1. Inflammation, 2. Itching, 3. Sweating, 4. Fatigue 5. Feeling dizzy etc.

  29. Some more reactions: 6. being pale, 7. Feeling weak, 8. Feeling hungry, 9. A higher heart rate than usual, 10. Blurred vision, 11 Confusion, 12. Convulsion, 13. Loss of Consciousness, 14. In worst condision ‘Coma’

  30. Let's look at some more bad side effects. 15. A rash across body, 16. Breathing trouble 17. Nausea. 18. Drop in Blood Pressure. 19. Thickening or Pitting of the skin. 20. Swelling of the arms or ankles as a result of fluid retention 21. Eye sight problems 22. Headache occurs when some type of insulin is used.

  31. Diseases for women:  Vaginal and oral yeast infections and vaginal thrush, Urinary infections, Female sexual dysfuntion polycystic ovary syndrome etc.

  32. Common Diseases for Men and Women:  Additional thirsty and appetite,  Frequent urinary disease,  Increase or reduction in weight without cause and slow cure of wounds,  Skin infections, Patches of darker skin in areas of the body that have creases, Itching, Breath that has sweet, fruity or acetone odor, Feeling less in the hands or feet etc.

  33. Sin by one; punishment for another.
  34. See the differences between the insulin in the body and the insulin injected into the body
  35. Sl.No
    The natural insulin secreted in the body

    Artificial insulin injected into the body




    Chemical substance from a biological source.

    Artificial chemical material derived from non-living source

    The secretion does not go wrong.

    Mistakes can be made in the preparation

    Human blood is associated with insulin in the blood groups o (-), o (+), A (-) negative, A (+) positive, B (-) negative, B (+) positive, AB (-) negative, and AB (+) positive.

    Human blood groups cannot work together to fit with the synthesized insulin.

    There is only one type of insulin..

    There are three types of insulin namely animal insulin, synthetic insulin, and analog insulin.

    This insulin has the same functionality.

    There are thirteen types of functionalities.

    If insulin is less or not secreted, it is found in blood in the bloodstream. Therefore, only one type of diabetes..

    There are several types of diabetes. Diabetes 1, 2, pregnant women's diabetes, diabetes in young people,

    Insulin sensitivity does not change to humans; Automatically function. (Insulin Sensitivity). Insulin, which is sensitive to health benefits, does not work wrong in any situation
    Insulin sensitivity can be found. by ‘Test' only. In this case, the wrong choice of artificial insulin can be possible due to human errors and test equipment disorders leading to misdiagnisation with wrong selection of the type of insulin for the patient.

    There is no side effect
    There are about -23 side effects
    There is no need to select the insulin here

    Many types of insulin, diabetes, many organizational products, many types of activities, insulin sensitivity, and side effects can be taken into account which may lead to making the mistake of choosing wrong insulin. Quantity etc.

    The body does not secrete much insulin. Only it will secrete the required amount of insulin only.

    If the insulin is increased, there will be severe consequences, including less sugar, and bringing it to the coma. If the blood sugar was high due to insufficient dose of insulin, there are also a lot of side effects including faint, loss of too much fluid from the body etc.

    If you eat less food, skip meals, or eat more food than usual, different dose of insulin will be secreted according to the need.
    Exercise or increased activity may also change the way the body uses insulin. The required insulin will be secreted according to the exercise program.

    If you eat less food, skip meals, or eat more food than usual, you may need a different dose of insulin.
    Exercise or increased activity may also change the way your body uses insulin. Your dose may need to be adjusted if you start or change your exercise program. In both the above cases, the patients are dependent on doctors for dose determination.

  36. According to the above comparative chart, there are thirteen differences between insulin secreted in the bodies of the sugar patients and artificial insulin injected into the bodies of them. These are the main causes for diabetes not to be permanently cured and to damage the organs and other side effects..

  37. We use salt for the taste of food; but the body produces the salt by digestion; after using the salt the body converts the excessive salt into waste and sends out the same in urine. So the salt added in the food is not required to the body; the body considers the salt as foreign material. By more thirsty over the usual, more water is drunk to send out the excessive salt. That is why people who have excess salt are suffering from salt related diseases. I have said this in my book “Simple Procedure to Eradicate Mosquitoes”.;
  38. The body considers the insulin injected into the body as foreign material like salt. It converts the insulin into waste and expell the same from the body in the form of the above side effects, reactions cum diseases. 

  39. The body's, differential theory
  40. In a thermal power house, generator I is generating power and distributing the same to the consumers; its parameters are voltage 11 kilo volt, phase sequence RYB and frequency 50 cycles per sec. Now the second generator is ready for generation after completing the annual maintenance; it has to be connected with the first Generator on a common grid. For this synchronaisation, the 2nd generator’s parameters must be the same of the 1st generator. That is that the voltage, phase sequence and frequency must be 11 kv, RYB and 50 cycles per second respectively. Even one parameter was changed the 2nd generator can not be connected with the 1st generator. When such is the case for lifeless machines, how the body of the human being would accept the artificial insulin which has thirteen differences with the human’s insulin.      
  41. .
  42. It was the time of my suffering from cold and wheezing; I was attracted by the articles of magazines favouring for eating raw vegetables and fruits to cure the cold and wheezing. I had eaten raw vegetables and fruits for three months. I was not able to continue the raw food; I had changed my raw food to cooked food. All the previously eaten raw food had been converted to cold and wheezing; that conversion had led me to the worst condion say to say death condition; I had been admitted in a private hospital on 10-3-1997. On that day, after completing the research on me, Almighty had revealed me the 2nd Aromani Principle of raw food with scientific explanation.  

  43. 99% of cooked food and 1% fruits were eaten from the time the man discovered the fire So the cells of the body accepted the cooked food and rejected the raw food; the rejection is in the form of waste which emerges as disease. That was happened to me on that day. The vegetables and the fruits eaten by me had been converted to the waste in the form of cold and wheezing.

  44. He explained for not accepting the raw food like vegetables and fruits by the cells of the body that there are a lot of differences between raw food and cooked food; those differences are opposing the fruits to synchronize with the
  45. cells of the body. Some of the important differences are given below.
  46. Sl.No.
    Cooked food
    Raw food e.g fruits.
    It has possessed heat energy.
    It has not possessed heat energy.

    After absorbing heat energy, it changes from physical to chemical form; a new product is formed.

    No heat absorbtion and chemical change.

    Change is permanent.

    There is no change.

    Early and easily burning; so the cells of the body receive the energy early.

    Delay in burning and so energy for the cells of the body.

    Food materials receive additional internal energy due to heat energy.
    No additional internal energy.

  47. So I am requesting the patients coming to my clinic to cook the fruits and eat since the cooked fruits have additional heat energy. I have mentioned in my book “9 Principles for Curing Diseases” about agreeing the above my finding by the researchers of western countries.

  48. When you have eaten the natural food say fruits along with your usual food, the cells of the body rejects the fruits and converts into waste; this waste exits from the body as disease. When such is the case for raw food, how the cells of the body would accept the artificial insulin which has thirteen differences with the insulin secreted by the cells of the body?  

  49. Your body’s temperature is 37 °C. but you have eaten hot coffee of 50°C, rice of 48°C , fridge water of 22°C, ice cream of - 10°C etc. The food of the different temperatures is not accepted by the cells of the body, the latter rejects the food as waste. In turn the waste is expelled as diseases of food zone like teeth ache, gum ache, tonque tumour, throat pain etc. Based on this only Supreme Power had revealed me the 3rd Aromani Principle. That principle stipulates “According to the difference between temperature of the body and the food, the disease would appear” As per this principle only I have requested the people to eat the food which has no hot and cool. For details please go throuth the book “9 Principles for Curing Diseases”  

  50. As per the above body’s differencial theory, the organs, veins, tissues, harmones and cells of the body will accept the foreign material only if the parameters of the latter are the same with that of former. If any difference exists between the both, the body converts the forein material as waste and sends the same as disease. This principle is the body’s differencial theory.

  51. The body does not accept synthetic insulin
  52. As per the above theory, there are thirteen differences between the insulin secreted by the Pancreas and the artificial synthetic insulin. So the cells of the body oppose the injected synthetic insulin; they produce reactions cum waste; the latter is expelled in the form of the above 22 diseases. Even if there is one difference, the body will not accept the synthetic insulin. 

  53. The body is very intuitive and sensitive. It will not stop and sleep until it expels its dislike material. The mater which I am going to tell you, comes under 9th Principle in my book “9 Principles for Curing Diseases”  I was suffering from slight head ache and wheezing for one year and confusing without knowing the cause. Due to intervension of Supreme Power I came to know that the above diseases had been troubled me by the use of synthetic bedsheet for covering my body during sleep. When such is the case for a synthetic bedsheet, how the body would accept the synthetic insulin!‘.

  54. Insulin is taken and the controls are properly applied and the organs are damaged. This is why and how?
  55. If high sugar in the blood is controlled, it is said that one can escape from stomach troubles, kidney damage, blindness, nerve problems, loss of limbs, sexual dysfunction, heart attack and stroke.

  56. To control the high sugar, the sugar patient takes insulin along with related medicines regularly. Even then, no patient has got correct value of sugar level (120 mg/dl).

  57. It is said that due to non secretion of insulin, the same quantity of synthetic insulin is injected into the body. If it is so, the sugar patient must be cured and taken any kind of food. In practice, the sugar patients are restricted with diet control restricting them not to eat rice, fruits, mutton, oily food, ghee, fat items etc. why there is diet control? With diet restriction and regular insulin intake, why organs get damage?. This is why and how?

  58. At this juncture, the body’s differencial theory comes to answer. Apart from that, the proverb “Sin by one; punishment for another” also comes to support the above theory. None of the above mentioned diseases comes from the level of high sugar in blood. Three sugar patients had taken treatment in my clinic. For three months they had not taken any medicine including insulin and come to normal health condition. They themselves had taken the test; the test showed 475 mg/dl. Even then they are with good health without any symptom and diseases for high blood sugar. What is meant by that. That is that the above 22 side effects, diseases for women and common diseases for men and women are not due to high blood sugar in the blood but insulin intake.  

  59. The body opposes the synthetic insulin. Without utilizing the synthetic insulin, the body sends the synthetic insulin to the liver for changing the synthetic insulin to chemical waste; the liver converts the synthetic insulin into chemical waste and expels the same as above diseases.

  60. Diabete started for a rich person at the age of 35. Until the age of 76, he had taken treatment for diabetes with regular tests in a popular diabetic hospital; he was very punctual with medication. Even then 96% of his heart had been blocked at the age of 76. Why that had happened?

  61. The above block was the result of the intake of synthetic insulin used for the past 41 years by him. It is true! It is true! It is true! Why I have stressed the truth three times! Because I have no other way for creating the awareness of the diabetic patients about the danger of insulin intake.. People have been frightened by showing an ordinary, simple and curable disease as killing demon disease. Let them be brought to light from the fear and ignorance of darkness.

  62. Repairing insulin cells or sending artificial insulin into the body - Which is better?
  63. We take a toy that is close to a creepy baby and throw it some distance away from the baby. Immediately the baby crawls and takes the toy. This is how we bring the child  to crawl up, stand up and then walk up. Without doing this, the toy is in the side of the child and the child will not crawl. It becomes a non active child. Similarly, the damaged cells must be repaired for secreting the insulin. Instead the synthetic insulin is injected into the body to prevent cell growth. Now the same is happening. If diabetes started at any age, insulin is injected from that age. It may be good for business but it is against nature and truth. 

  64. Can repair and develop the damaged insulin cells ?
  65. Yes it can be possible.  I am 76 years old now. I am relieved after 49 years from colds, cough, nasal congestion, migrain, watering nose, constipation, hernia, wheezing and many other diseases that started in 1969. I eat all the vegetarian and non vegetarian foods. if the cells did not grow, can I get well and eat all the dishes!

  66. How is mucus produced? Due to the damage of nasal mucous membranes and lungs, mucus is produced. With the development of my oldest repaired cells, I have been getting rid of mucus production and cured from wheezing.

  67. Cells develop after surgery!
  68. There are daily millions of surgeries taking place around the world. Broken bones are stitched and tailored;
  69. The cells of broken bones grow and develop and the cells of the muscles in the upper part of the bones grow and develop.. An accident patient begins to function properly after surgery.

  70. "open heart surgery for a 76-year-old heart patient is carried out and cured. Cardiac transplant, kidney transplant, eye surgery, split skull, surgeries in other organs, removal of tumors, surgery to reduce obesity, surgery in the spine, surgery on the stomach surgery for joint pain, surgery to repair damaged organs, surgical removal of the mass growth in the nose, surgery on the affected organs in accidents and fire accidents, surgery for uterus removal and pregnancy surgery- such crores of surgeries are carried out daily around the world.

  71. In the aforementioned surgeries, nerves, blood vessels and muscles are cut. After surgery, as the cells of nerves, blood vessels and muscles are more likely to develop, the patients are cured.

  72. When the above all develop, do the cells producing the  insulin not develop? Yes. Develop! But the researchers were encouraged to produce artificial insulin providing with all facilities; They do not have the facilities and economic allocation to do research on the development of cells through surgery or by medicine..

  73. Is it necessary to do 'Test'?
  74. Mucus in cold and wheezing is a waste material; Do you measure how much of the mucus once in three months by tests?. The waste material mucus goes out of the mouth and nose. Similarly  Sugar is a waste product in diabetes. Due to insuffiecient Insulin secretion in the pancreas the sugar can not be converted into glaicogen, but it can be transmitted into blood as a waste product. Blood transfers the waste to the kidney and releases the same along with the urine.

  75. I do not understand what is the purpose of measuring sugar in the blood only once in three months, when mucus is not measured once in three months. In the present days, 'test' has become a test of fear for people.

  76. Due to the above reason, now people do not consult the doctors and go to the medical shops and eat pills. They do not know the side effects of the antibiotic drugs. Therefore, the government should arrange to print in large letters indicating the side effects in the strips of 10 tablets and drug bottles. People who have read it will have to take medication only after the doctors' consultation.

  77. What is now preventing the growth of insulin secreted cells? Artificially injected insulin prevents the growth of insulin secreted cells. Do you want to continue? You have to decide whether you want to continue as a sugar patient all along your life.
  78. Impotence

  79. Patients of diabets who come to me will ask, "Sir, how can I    be cured from impotence and will you be able to cure it?" Immediately I said “it will be cured! Are you a diabetes?” They said, "Yes. Now we are taking insulin. " I said  "I cure your diabetes. But You need to stop the insulin injection,"  They said, "They will come back after thinking and consulting with their family members!” But they Will not come back.

  80. They are unaware that the impotence is due to injecting the insulin continuously into the body. If you stop putting insulin, you will be able to correct the lack of fertility. The inadequacy of femininity is also caused by insulin in women. My mind is worried that both the young and the middle ages are losing their happiness in the relationship of the couple by puting the insulin artificially. God has made man's body stronger to enjoy sexually with his woman partner even in old age.  

  81. Treatment in Twin Medicine and Acupuncture:
  82. Two diabetic patients were treated with Twin Medicine (TM) and Acupuncture. I asked them not to take drug pill. I told them further not to add milk and curd in the diet until the end of the treatment period. They accepted it and acted on it.
  83. They had said that they had received good progress in a week of treatment. They said good appetite, sleepiness, thirst is not often, and urine does not come frequently during the night and there is no fatigue.

  84. You might be surprised to see whether it can be possible such fast progress within one week of treatment. In Delhi, police had released two Nepalese women who had been sexually abused continuously for three months. How will their mood be at the time of releasing? First from which did they get rid of? First they got rid of stress and strain accumulated in their mind from the date of their disappearance. After that only, the happiness will start to fly off the wings.

  85. Similarly, all the organs of the body are heavily affected by unbearable depression by continuous injection of insulin. Although the body has resisted through side effects, diapetic patients can not come out from the circle drawn by the business due to ignorance and fear.

  86. After listening to my advice and stopping the insulin, the stress and depression that had occurred in the body first departed. Then my therapies started to work easily. Two men had been treated for two months. The third person has been in my therapies for more than a year. In these times they did not put insulin. Even then there were no disturbances due to not taking insulin.

  87. Both took 'test'. It showed the '475' ml / dl unit of sugar in the blood. Everyday, daily, through the TV, the press, is going on to scare people by saying, "If one day insulin does not take, the leg will go, the eye will go away." Besides, those who do not develop their mind through the exercise of their minds will advise by putting the nose in the matter of the others and be willing to spread rumors. Some of them said, "Yes! If you do not take insulin one day, you will be coming with drowsiness and other dangerous diseases” The fear of this kind of propaganda was brought to that they stopped treatment without telling me. If they had come to me, their doubt and fear had been cleared. Third person, he has been undergoing treatment as he has no trouble with my treatment.

  88. Both took 'test'. It showed sugar level as '475' ml / dl unit.. Everyday, daily, through the TV, the press, is going on to scare people to say, "If one day insulin does not take, the leg will go, the eye will go away." Besides, those who do not develop stress through the exercise of their minds will be advised to put the nose in the matter of the next ones and be willing to spread rumors. Some of them said, "Yes! If you do not take insulin one day, you will be coming with drowsiness and other dangerous diseases” The fear of this kind of propaganda was brought to that they had stopped treatment without telling me. Third person, he has been undergoing treatment as he has no trouble..

  89. What I am telling you now is for them also. If they read this article, I'll be happy. Because they are the catalyst persons to induce me to do research on diabetes and write this article. I pray the Lord for them to see this article and give that happiness to me.
  90. Treatment in Twin Medicine and Acupuncture
  91. I explain how diseases are especially diabetes treated with Twin Medicine (TM) and Acupuncture (AP) by an example..

  92. Suppose a sore that has pain in your front hand. Pain is stretched out to one foot in the hand. At one foot away from sore, the pain will be less. Now the medicinal meditation (MM) will first cure thinner pain at one foot away; Then when you reach half a foot, the pain is slightly higher in the mind; The mind will take this pain for treatment, After curing the pain half a foot away, the mind is very close to this sore area. At this point the pain will be very high. When the mind continues to do so, you will get rid of the pain completely. When you go near the Sun, will you feel much heat or less heat?.

  93. As said above, the medicinal meditators for pain will ask me “The pain is going on increasing instead of decreasing during MM doing. What will we do” I will explain them the above phenomena and advice them to do MM continuously until the pain vanish.

  94. Like the ones above, diabetes will first benefit from the symptoms given below. 1. Increased urge and appetite 2. Frequent urination 3. Weight loss or supplements without any reason. 4. Exhaustion 5. Debilitating Vision 6 Injuries Recovering 7. Nausea 8 Diseases of the skin. 9 Appearance of black strokes in the skins of the body 10. Irritability 11. Breasts of sweet fruit or acetone odor when breathing. 12. Feel less sense in legs or hands.

  95. Once treated with Twin Medicine (TM) and Acupuncture (AP), the above disturbances begin to decrease. It will take a certain time. With the end of the period, the development of cells secreting the insulin will begin. After that, '475'  ml / dl starts to decrease.. Until then no test is required; There is no need to take it. The body will tell you whether you are recovering from the disease. There is nothing better laboratory in the world than the body. If your insulin cells develop and decrease the amount of sugar in the urine, you will be told by your body that you will be improved from the impotence and increased femininity. What's the necessity for the test then?

  96. The attainment of wellness from the treatments of TM and AP will be like that we do not know how the children and plants grow everyday; But the development is going on. Similarly, those treatments are well behaved in the body. All the organs are energetic and get well. It will make the patients feel better.

  97. If you organize a research, it can be proved that "insulin is the cause for removing the the leg, foot, eye problems, heart block, kidney failure etc." Selecting 20 diabetes patients and using 10 diabetes regularly supplemented with insulin and adjuvant pills. The other 10 people should do '9 natural laws to be properly followed.' This research should not be less than six months. I have already said, "There is no better laboratory in the world than the body. So there is no need to take 'test'. The two groups should be only asked for disturbances in their body. I assure you that the insulin used patients will say that there is a lot of disturbances. The other 10 people will say “there are no disturbances as were when they used insulin. "

  98. Let's make another clear. The patients taking treatment in TM and AP begin to loose weight; Weight gain will increase after the disease is cured.

  99. I would love to eat ‘Uluntha vadai’. The absorption of   oil will be much, and it will be nice to see the new hot vadai; stimulate the desire to eat. If the same was produced in private shop, the oil would not be good for health. For that purpose, I'll put the vadai in between two hands and take the oil by crushing the vadai. The vadai will loose weight and become thin. After that I'll eat it. Similarly, you will be more weight before my treatment. The long-term stagnant waste products in your body will be the cause for your apparent weight. With the expulsion of waste products, your body will be visible as thin. Once you are completely free from the disease, your weight will begin to increase.

  100. Sugar patients can take treatment in any medical therapy like Twin Medicine, Acupuncture, Ayurveda, Siddha, Homeopathy, Unani and Natural Medicine including modern medicine without using insulin. They will be cured.

  101. Stop putting insulin immediately! Save your manhood and femininity!

  102. Let live Attentive Life! Grow prosperously!

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