Thursday, September 20, 2018

TM-Preventing Kidney stone

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. Dear sir,
Vanakkam. I am subscribing to Dinathanthi. in the editorial / article section of the ‘Dhinathanthi‘ dated:3-9-2018. you have published an article entitled "What is the way to prevent kidney stones?” In it,, Dr.Soundra Rajan  said "3 to 4 liters of water must be drunk in the morning to prevent kidney stones." This is a misconception. People who suffer from kidney stones and patients with kidney failure are increasing year after year because they have been drinking more water without thirst..

When you drink water after thirsty, the whole body uses the water immediately. When drinking water without thirsty, it  erodes the minerals and vitamins from the muscles of the body and travels along with pollutants, accompanying blood and depositing the solution during the staying then and there. Thus formed deposits obtain the names of the stomach and kidney stone as appropriate for the depository locations. This is the history of stones.

The body does not require the water drunk without thirst. Therefore, the heart, blood, liver, kidneys, etc. have to work so much to get rid of that water. So those organs are exposed to exhausting illnesses. Heart failure, kidney failure, and various illnesses (clearly stated in my affiliate articles) are appeared by the cause of drinking water without thirst.

According to my research, I needed 500 ml of water in winter, 1000 ml in the summer and 700 ml in the spring. This may vary slightly depending on the level of weather change, labor, food and physical conditions. Drinking a sustainable amount of water in all the seasons will lead to illness.
Yours truly
Healer R.A.Bharaman alias Aromani

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